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Has anyone tried Acupuncture for anxiety and depression?

Posted 4 Oct 2013 by Beverleya 3 answers

I have been on the forum discussing Prozac. Last nite a friend suggested I try acupuncture. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it and did it work? Thaks in advance for any response I may get. I am so desperate ...

Fibromyalgia - struggling with muscle pain (twitching, spasms, mind & body weak from fighting)?

Posted 13 Jan 2014 by 1fibronut 9 answers

had... inj.'s, pain meds that worked only for short time? Well, I could write the book!I'm certain Dr.s thought I just wanted pain meds. I became pro-active, basically diagnosing myself. I took all the info to new Dr.I finally started on Lyrica,tai chi ex., better diet.Am on 75 mg 4 a ...

I have peripheral neuropathy that is both painful and severly inhibits my ability to walk.

Posted 5 Aug 2017 by piltakor 1 answer

Has anyone had any experience with acupuncture?

Can acupuncture damage your nerve?

Posted 12 Nov 2016 by Yeranui 0 answers

Urinary Tract Infection - At age 80 I have had quite a few uti infections especially in this last?

Posted 12 Jul 2016 by hazelk 1 answer

... 6mnths I have discovered that acupuncture is a recognized treatment, I have found that it does work, why is it not suggested by GPS' ??

Burning Mouth Syndrome - My solution is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Posted 26 Mar 2016 by janeink 1 answer

I found practioners with 5 years of training in China who use acupuncture and herbology. Started salivaing in the middle of the first treatment. Pain has dimished from 8 to about 2 on 10 point scale. Root cause is heat in left kidney. Has anyone else had any results form this? (My MD Korean trained ...

Burning Mouth Syndrome - Patty C.I have had bms for 25 yrs.I have tried acupuncture, pain mgmt and?

Posted 21 Mar 2016 by nanapatty3 1 answer

... received shots in my head and face.Each area was at least 25 shots.I have been to many hospitals in Boston.Tufts cranial facial clinic.Brigham and women's clinic,and Beth Isreal in Boston.Lahey Clinic.I have used cymbalta,clonazepam,amatriptoline.I am currently on Oxycodine.A small dose.I ...

Anyone else had great relief for their migraines from acupuncture?

Posted 18 Aug 2015 by sara12345 4 answers

I had acupuncture treatments 6 years ago that did nothing for my severe migraines. Now with a different acupuncturist, I have had amazing results.

Botox - Any dangers? Having procedure soon?

Posted 26 Jun 2015 by Drucy 4 answers

Tried two medications with no success. Also a procedure similar to acupuncture in my ankles. With limited success. My doctor is trying Botox soon. Are there any serious side effects?

Hi, has anyone used off label medication and found some relief for neuropathy?

Posted 20 May 2015 by Sandiln 1 answer

I have been to tons of doctors and tried so many medications, patches, creams,acupuncture, massage, tens unit, and more and the pain is getting worse. Unbearable at times. Thank you for any insight you have. Much appreciated.

I have been on prednisone for over 30 years, since age 16, for severe asthma. I usually am able to?

Posted 15 Jun 2014 by melaniez 3 answers

... get down to 20 mgs alternate days but am finding it harder now that i am in my late 40's. i take theophylline, ventolin, formoterol, omeprazole, flucticasone inhalers everyday, and do acupuncture regularly. are there any new drugs to help me so i don't have to keep on taking the ...

Electricity gave me nerve damage, now I can push an "air bubble" in my abdomen causing pain. Ideas?

Posted 20 Feb 2015 by leeroyjenkins30 1 answer

I had a hernia years ago, which was diagnosed wrong, so doctors decided to run electricity through several instruments and even through acupuncture. This caused all the nerve damage. It feels like an air bubble where my T11 nerve meets the stomach meridian. I can feel the sensations of my toes on ...

Ever tried acupuncturte, massages,or even hypnosis to help manage Generalize Anxiety Disorder?

Posted 23 Jan 2015 by Anxiety_ridden 5 answers

I am into trying different approaches such as acupuncture or even have thought of trying hypnosis to help manage my anxiety. I find it very hard to focus on breathing techniques when I am having an anxiety attack Its almost like I can't concentrate long enough to breathe in and out slowly ...

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