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What can help to reduce joint pain while taking Accutane (isotretinoin)?

Posted 9 Oct 2016 by Kotik 1 answer

Hello, I started to take low dose isotretinoin (10 mg) yesterday. Today - the next morning - I can already feel some joint pain. What can help to reduce them? Is it ok to take glucosamine sulfate with the isotretinoin?

When I turn 18 can I go to the doctors and get an acne treatment accurate without my parent consen?

Posted 1 Jan 2017 by Ellaxx 1 answer

I'm 17 and my parents don't want me to take it because of it's side affects but it's the only medication that works since I toke accutane 4 years ago and it completely cleared it up. I remember the doctor saying that I might need to take it once or twice for it to stay away ...

Xulane - Thick curd like discharge?

Posted 4 Nov 2016 by Butters_big 1 answer

I had to start birth control because I'm going on accutane anyways I noticed that I started getting lots of discharge really thick and kinda like cottage cheese it's off white and it doesn't smell but it does bother me because at any time in the day my underwear are just full of it ...

Accutane--My grandson is on 60mgs a day. He will be going into his 3rd month. Due to Dr's vacation?

Posted 9 Dec 2016 by dj100 0 answers

he will be without medicine for 10 days. Spoke with Dr. no options. Should he take one a day some days this month so he has 5-10 left for those 10 days without or should he maintain the 60mgs a day and go without any medication for those 10 days. This is happening now so any timely reply would be ...

What are the most common side effects for a second round of Accutane?

Posted 28 Oct 2016 by user96 0 answers

I went through my first round of Accutane during the Spring of 2015 and was on it for nine months. I had huge initial breakouts and horrible cystic acne for the majority of the treatment. My skin got a lot better by the end of the treatment, so my doctor thought it would be okay for me to stop ...

Accutane - I wondered once your skin clears up, do the little scars from previous acne fade?

Posted 28 Jan 2013 by Krissy E 1 answer

I am starting Accutane, but I have a lot of red spots on my face from previous acne. I usually use retin A or another OTC treatment to fade these spots, but the DR said not to use those products for the next year (and no more peels). Has anyone had the old spots fade, and has anyone had a peel ...

Accutane - Should I take accurate again?

Posted 26 Oct 2016 by bsfeuerhammer 0 answers

Suffered with severe acne from my early teens to age 30. At that time I started to take accutane for 5 or 6 months. It cleared up my acne and also dried out my feet which where sweating continually. Now more than 20 years later, my feet are sweating again and some of those old zits are coming back ...

Has anyone been on Accutane more than once my bad acne is coming back after 4 years of 1st round?

Posted 3 Aug 2016 by jess_nicole 1 answer

I had severe cystic acne when I was younger. I am recently getting painful breakouts on my forehead and chin. Most are white heads but I also have a few big swallen ones under my skin. It is getting painful to wash my face and not going away no matter what I am given to help it. I was wondering ...

Does Zenatane (Accutane) cause wrinkles?

Posted 3 Oct 2016 by nwierback 0 answers

I am 51 years old and recently finished 5 or 6 months of Zenatane. At the end I noticed deep creases/lines on my chin and my skin seemed to have lost its elasticity and dropped. It gathers loose at my chin especially if I look down. The only thing I liked about having oily skin all my life was the ...

Isotretinoin - why accutane stopped working 3 months after I stop using it?

Posted 20 Aug 2016 by h1e2l3p4 0 answers

I did 6 months of isotriotin 4 for 40mg, 1 for 80mg and the last one for 20mg. after 3 months of finishing I had pimples and acne again is that normal

Accutane - Is a breakout after treatment finishes normal?

Posted 25 May 2016 by Shaggybob 1 answer

Did anyone get a flare up after coming off accutane. I've been off it for about 2 weeks and noticed it coming back and after being on it for a few years and worried this is it for me. My skin oil production is coming back. Overtime I started reducing it id get a flare up hence why i was on it ...

Should I try taking accutane or go back to doxycycline?

Posted 22 Jan 2014 by decisions 1 answer

I am 20 years old and have been battling with acne since puberty. Luckily in HS I was prescribed Bactrum which kept my skin clear for most of my teens. After graduating and going to college the drug stopped working for me and had bad acne first semester of college. I was then prescribed doxycycline ...

How Accutane help oily skin?

Posted 7 Aug 2016 by A hameed 0 answers

How it helps oily skin and if it really shrink the oil gland and reduce the production of oil , Will I get back oily skin after stoping Accutane

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