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Anybody else experiencing weight gain? Been on Harvoni a little over 6 weeks. Numbers were excellent

Posted 18 Apr 2015 30 answers

... at 4 weeks but my weight is creeping up. Eat well, exercise a lot, and drink a lot of water. Not happy with the weight and wonder... read more

Does harvoni cause weight loss or gain?

Posted 23 Dec 2015 3 answers

Harvoni - Is it bad to be late on a dose?

Posted 2 Feb 2015 3 answers

I've been taking Harvoni for almost 8 weeks now. When I first began treatment, my doctor directed me to take my dose at the same time... read more

Does Harvoni cause hair loss?

Posted 4 Mar 2015 13 answers

I'm on a 12 week treatment plan design to rid my blood of the HCV using the drug Harvoni. Does Harvoni cause hair loss? Has anyone... read more

Harvoni - How much is the typical co-pay when you have BCBS?

Posted 3 Sep 2015 4 answers

I live in Ga. Have BCBC of Ga HMO probally a 12 week treatment . Just disgnosed

Who has headaches after finishing Harvoni?

Posted 1 Mar 2016 4 answers

I am reading alot about ppl who have sever headaches after Harvoni. Any one out their who has finished treatment? And please tell me ur... read more

Does Harvoni cause cold-like symptoms?

Posted 15 Feb 2019 2 answers

I've been taking harvoni for 7 days now and I have cold-like symptoms. My nose is stuffy and I have a bit of a cough. Is this normal?

Harvoni - After 2 1/2 weeks of treatment, I went to undetectable from 10,300,000. Sometimes a dull?

Posted 18 Mar 2015 1 answer

... headache lasting less than a minute, some flatulence, but nothing else, no insomnia. Have had Hep C for at least 40 yrs if not longer. On blood... read more

I am starting Harvoni on March 4th for Hep C. I was told I won't be able to leave the country.

Posted 13 Feb 2019 1 answer

My son is getting married in America in March and now I don't know what to do? Does anyone know why I was told not to travel?

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