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Does anyone else have BOTH Fibromyalgia AND Chiari malformation(type 1)?

Posted 7 Dec 2009 3 answers

I have been diagnosed with both fibromyalgia and chiari malformation(type 1) in August/September of 2009. I'm trying to find out... read more

Does anyone experience the "heavy legs" thing?

Posted 3 Jun 2013 2 answers

At least that's what I call it. It is probably muscle weakness but legs feel a hundred pounds. I am wondering if it is the neuropathy or... read more

Random electric shock feeling?

Posted 8 Feb 2019 1 answer

A few months ago I got this random electric shock feeling from my right shoulder diagonal across my back, I yelled because it was so bad. I get it... read more

I keep hearing fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine? no way! not even close for me?

Posted 8 Oct 2011 2 answers

f course I have had a failed brain surgery for chiari malformation and a fusion with hardware in my cervical spine which was not done... read more

Percocet 10/325 - Can I take percocet and vyvanse?

Posted 15 Feb 2013 2 answers

Percocet 10/325 - Can I take percoct and vyvanse? I have a chronic pain condition (Chiari Malformation) and was recently diagnosed with... read more

What is the best over the counter probiotics, vitamins, etc for a 70 yr old women?

Posted 25 Sep 2013 3 answers

I have been ill for several months with one thing or another (Colds, bronchitis, anemia) and finally starting to feel better, and I'd love to... read more

Why do multi-vitamins cause my vision to blur?

Posted 25 Sep 2009 1 answer

The vitamins I've been taking are Natures Plus, Source of Life Multi-Vitamins and Mineral Supplement. 3 tablets daily.

Are there any medications or vitamins that cannot be taken with sertraline 50mg?

Posted 6 Apr 2011 1 answer

Recommended by my cardiologist and I am on coumadin,diltiazem, synthroid, protonix, symvastatin, calcium, niacin, magoxside, lutein, vitamin d, b... read more

While taking Zantac and prenatal vitamins, client and baby tested positive for Amphetamines and?

Posted 13 Jan 2010 1 answer

... opiates. Is this possible

Is it ok to take prescription drugs & vitamins all at once or should they be spaced over the day?

Posted 7 May 2011 1 answer

The prescription drugs I am presently taking are: Tamoxifen (20 mg/day), Effexor (75/day), Savella (50 mg-2x/day), and Vitamin D (50,000 iu/week). ... read more

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