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I had a MRI in 2010 which said I have Spinal stenosis.My lower back pain is so bad in the morn. I?

Posted 2 Aug 2013 7 answers

... have to roll out of bed. It seems to be getting worse.I finally have my Medicare and have an appointment with a pain management Dr.... read more

How often should you have an MRI done if you have bulging discs?

Posted 30 Oct 2013 6 answers

My neurologist wants to do another MRI on my back. He was surprised to learn that my pain management doctor has not... read more

My daughter 17 is suffering back pain and leg, hip pain for 4 years?

Posted 14 Mar 2014 3 answers

seen alot of specialist but no luck, recently Lumbar specialist- studied the MRI result and everything look great but she still keeps... read more

I have a titanium rod in my back. Can I have an MRI?

Posted 3 May 2011 3 answers

I was told by one of the clerks at the MRI clinic that I can have an MRI as long as it is titanium and no other metal including screws.... read more

Naproxen 500 not working for sciatica pain?

Posted 1 Jun 2017 5 answers

I had X-ray and MRI done showed I had budging disc in L4 and L5 also mild arthritis and when I when to er they said I had sciatica so my... read more

Did I tear my ACL again? Is an MRI worth it?

Posted 20 Dec 2018 1 answer

I felt a pop and pain almost just like the first time I tore my ACL. I had reconstruction back in 2015, and was wondering if I... read more

How long can you safely take 300mg. Gabapentin, 3X daily?

Posted 29 Apr 2015 1 answer

I have had 2 back surgeries including a double-fusion using my own bone. After 20 years I developed terrible back pain... read more

Could I have ms? 3 white spots on my mri?

Posted 19 Sep 2015 3 answers

I have been suffering with many of an on symptoms, weakness in my legs, burning and pins and needles in legs and hands and face. Eye... read more

Has anyone had a TMJ MRI?

Posted 5 May 2015 2 answers

I've had ongoing ear pain for a year and pretty much everything I've tried (meds, alternative treatments, ruled out... read more

I had a cortisone shot in my arm, but now I have pain in my neck, back and shoulder what do I do?

Posted 21 Jan 2015 1 answer

started out with tennis elbow and they put a shot in my mussel, did an mri and since then my back, neck and shoulder is in so much... read more

Back Pain - I fell off a ladder and broke my back resulting in five fused vertebrae. My injury was?

Posted 6 Oct 2011 2 answers

... six weeks ago and I have been taking percocet 10/325 as prescribed by my dr. It makes me nauseated. I take medicine for the nausea. I hate taking... read more

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