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I’ve been taking mirtazapine (30mg) for about three weeks at night for sleep.

I also take mirtazapine for appetite (I need to regain some weight). I’ve been told it’s supposed to help with day... read more

Taking mirtazapine at night for sleep?

I’ve started with mirtazapine due to GAD and weight loss and am up to 15mg at night. I sleep through the night well. I... read more

How long for mirtazapine 30mg nightly to reduce daily anxiety? My GP is expecting that I will...

... eventually be able to reduce clonazepam.25/2x/day. I have just upped the mirtazapine from 15mg and am on day 29. I still spend much... read more

When does stamina return?

Just stopped Prozac and was put on Mirtazapine. I’ve lost too much weight due to anxiety. I find that trying to... read more

Anxiety meds that do not cause weight gain or increased appetite?

I am looking for a drug that fits the description above. I have tried Prozac, celexa and abilify.

I’ve been on mirtazapine 30mg for 40 nights. I’ve had some severe side effects…more anxiety...

... chills, sweats dizziness, weakness. My GP isn’t sure of the cause - the mirtazapine or the low dose of clonazepam I have to... read more

How to reduce clonazepam at .5mg/day?

I am currently taking Mirtazapine 15mg before bed at night. I’ve needed clonazepam .25mg 2xday for anxiety.... read more

Mirtazapine - Anyone taking Prozac & mirtzapine? I have been on it and I feel great, eating and?

... sleeping. Is this a bad combination? My doctors say that they want to try this med and do far do good but I don't want any surprises. So far... read more

Is there a way to prevent weight gain while on mirtazapine?

My doctor prescribed an initial dose of mirtazapine 7.5 to help with insomnia & long term general anxiety. My hope is that... read more

Mixing Mirtazapine and Clonazpam?

My dr prescribed me 30mg of mirtazapine and 1mg of clonazepam to be taken at night to help my sleep. It seems to be working... read more

Would drug taken for anxiety cause chills all day?

I’m taking mirtazapine (30mg) for 33 days now. I have GAD and wasn’t sleeping or able to eat. For that it has helped. I also... read more

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