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What is the common ingredient in tramadol, ibuprofen and asprin?

Posted 6 Dec 2012 8 answers

At a young age i had an allergic reaction to asprin causing my lips and face to swell. Over time i have had the same reaction with... read more

Can ibuprofen cause an allergic reaction?

Posted 16 Jul 2012 6 answers

Last yr something similar happened 2 my grson, now again?My grandson had a fever Friday evening and I gave him ibuprofen. In the morning he... read more

Can I take naproxen if I am allergic to ibuprofen?

Posted 2 Nov 2015 2 answers

I came out with hives when I last took ibuprofen. I can tolerate aspirin (if that information help at all). My doctor has now... read more

I'm allergic to ibuprofen, can I take methylprednisolone?

Posted 5 Dec 2015 1 answer

Ibuprofen causes my lips and face to swell

Has anyone here had allergic reactions to Concerta?

Posted 11 Feb 2011 1 answer

I have a severe allergy to polyethylene glycol. I get hives, tightness in my chest, difficulty breathing, swollen mouth, gums, tongue. I have been... read more

Can I use numbing cream if I am allergic to ibuprofen?

Posted 11 Sep 2018 3 answers

I have a very low pain tolerance and would like to try out numbing cream for waxing and tattoos. I've been looking at different numbing creams... read more

Can I take aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol along with tramadol?

Posted 25 May 2010 4 answers

If the pain is really bad?

I'm allergic to penicillin and aspirin can you tell me what I can not take?

Posted 22 Oct 2016 2 answers

Been all over the place on the internet and for some reason I can't find me answer

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