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Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - ADHD recent law grad suffering for years, help?

Posted 7 Aug 2016 1 answer

ADHD recent law grad suffering for years, can't figure out what helps or doesn't anymore even with my doc. I've been on Lexapro... read more

How much 20mg Adderall can you take a day?

Posted 29 Nov 2018 3 answers

How much 20mg Adderall (not the XR) can a 5’3 180-190lb female take?

Adderall: how long does it last and taking different amounts??

Posted 16 Sep 2014 1 answer

I've recently been prescribed 15mg of adderall instant release for my ADD. I'm 19 year old, female, college student. ... read more

ADHD - Does adderall make your brain chatter go away?

Posted 5 Jul 2011 1 answer

Good morning everyone. I have a Question for you. I'm badly ADHD. I even tried going without my meds for it for about three days. Then... read more

Adderall XR 20 and other medications (and ADHD in general)?

Posted 24 Jan 2019 2 answers

Hello, I am a 19 year old male living in the U.S. I've recently started taking Adderall XR 20mg once a day for recently diagnosed... read more

Diagnosed with ADHD, taking Adderall XR 20mg and focusing on a single topic. Is that normal?

Posted 8 May 2015 2 answers

I have been taking Adderall off and on over the past several years, and while it does make be me able to focus and accomplish tasks in... read more

Adderall - makes me moody & can't stand myself, causing family problems, anyone else felt like this?

Posted 6 Aug 2012 21 answers

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - hello.i take 25 mg of adderall xr in the morning... and... read more

Taking Adderall XR for ADHD but also Bipolar, is this dose/med safe?

Posted 27 Aug 2009 5 answers

My 20 yr old daughter is taking Adderall XR 60 mg 1x/day. We've just discovered that she may be bi-polar. Is this dose/med safe for her?

Adderall XR - I've recently been wondering if I may have ADHD & should get tested?

Posted 20 Feb 2013 4 answers

How do I go about getting tested for ADHD? I have many friends that take adderall and they tell me it's amazing and I really... read more

Please Help!!! Hello. Just diagnosed with adhd. I was prescribed 20mg Adderall XR?

Posted 2 May 2014 2 answers

... I've been on this dosage for about 5 days. I take one capsule every morning. I've noticed a bit of slight swelling in my lymph nodes on... read more

Adult ADHD - I take Adderall XR 30mg, it no longer works for me. I thought of increasing dose, but?

Posted 15 Apr 2015 4 answers

... doctor suggested stopping the medicine for a couple of weeks then restart. Stating that I was building up tolerance to the dose and stopping... read more

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