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What color are the beads inside a generic adderall XR 10mg capsule?

Posted 14 Nov 2012 5 answers

it is a blue and white oblong shaped capsule with the imprints R-3059 R-3059

How full should my blue 20 milligram Adderall capsule be?

Posted 25 Oct 2018 1 answer

How full should my blue 20 milligram Adderall capsule be?

When I picked up my prescription for Adderall XR it looks like the beads are not filled to the top?

Posted 24 Aug 2015 3 answers

Is it normal for the beads inside the capsule to not be filled to the top? My prescription is for Adderall XR 30... read more

Adderall xr description?

Posted 25 Jul 2015 2 answers

Does anyone know the answer to this... half orange half clear capsule, adderall xr is,printed on orange half, and 30 mg... read more

I have taken five 30 mg Adderall capsules in 24 hours- not all at once. Will I be OK?

Posted 11 Nov 2018 2 answers

I took 5 30 mg Adderall in 24 hours 0 not all at once of course bur a few hours apart. I work overnights and I just don’t have... read more

Has anyone any info on Adderall XR vs Adderall? The cost has gone through the roof for the XR and am

Posted 2 Aug 2011 3 answers

... thinking about switching to either regular fast acting Adderall or something else. Can't take Ritalin at all!

Adderall XR - Would it be bad to take one Adderall 10mg xr in the morning and another later?

Posted 6 Apr 2015 1 answer

So I was recently diagnosed with ADD and have been taking one Adderall 10mg xr pill every morning. The problem is that I take it... read more

What's the difference between Adderall XR and plain adderall?

Posted 7 May 2013 8 answers

I've been taking Concerta 56mg for 6 years. My Dr. put me on Adderall 10mg twice a day. I'm not sure if it works as well.... read more

Adderall IR 30 mg 2 times a day is equivalent to how much Adderall XR? For many years I was taking?

Posted 3 Apr 2015 1 answer

... Adderall IR 30 mg 2 times a day and I asked my doctor to switch me to XR. When he did so he prescribed me 30 mg XR... read more

How much different are the effects of Adderall XR when compared to Adderall IR?

Posted 22 Aug 2018 1 answer

Just a little background before my actual question! So I’ve been taking adderall on and off since my junior year of high school... read more

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