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Round white pill 8 on one side arrow on the other. is it subutex 8 mg?

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25 Feb 2011

Buprenorphine HCl sublingual tablets
8 mg - White, round, biconvex uncoated tablets with "8" debossed on one side and a dart "→" debossed on the other side

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29 Nov 2011

Subutex new generic about size of a k4 diluadid. 8 on one side and arrow on other hope its easier to inject less trash it appears

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dwhiteboy 27 Aug 2013

Yes its a tek and yes its much easier to inject

1234yuh 5 Jul 2014

I have been on this for over 2 years and they just switched me to these little ones and they are terrible compared to the larger one .
They do not dissolve all the way and they almost the whole pill is swallowed every time .As a result I keep having to take more and more of them and as you know that is a major problem.. As a result I run out of medicine too soon and never feel right ..
I am very upset with my pharmacy switching me to these pills without even telling me first .. I am very upset this pill should be taken off the market it is not a good replacement for the larger ones.

gellified 26 Jul 2014

To the person whose pharmacy switched them to generic (round) pills, you can have your doc mark on the script (Non-generic or Brand - name only) to get back to your regular medication. I had this problem with Keflex and it's generic brand - it just didn't work.

Chief 53 10 Oct 2014

Didn't have no problem dissolving.

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