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What foods and drugs can't I take with Xadago?

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Official Answer by 5 Jul 2017

Xadago (safinamide) is a monoamine oxidase type B (MAO-B) inhibitor approved for "off" episodes in Parkinson's disease. Complete dietary tyramine restriction is not required during treatment with recommended doses of Xadago. However, if you take Xadago for "off" episodes in Parkinson's disease, there are some foods that are very high in tyramine content that you should not eat. Foods and beverages that are high in tyramine such as aged, fermented, cured, smoked and pickled foods (e.g., aged cheese, pickled herring) should be avoided. Use with certain foods that contain very high amounts (i.e., more than 150 mg) of tyramine could cause severe hypertension (high blood pressure) due to release of norepinephrine.

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