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Romet 30

This page contains information on Romet 30 for veterinary use.
The information provided typically includes the following:
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Romet 30

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Alpharma

Sulfadimethoxine & Ormetoprim Type A Medicated Article (medicated Premix)


For trout, salmon and catfish

Active Drug Ingredients

Sulfadimethoxine 113.5 grams per pound (25%), ormetoprim 22.7 grams per pound (5%) in a carrier suitable for incorporation in feeds.

For Use In Manufacturing Medicated Feeds Only

Romet 30 Indications

For the control of furunculosis in salmonids (trout and salmon) caused by Aeromonas salmonicida and of enteric septicemia of catfish caused by Edwardsiella ictaluri strains susceptible to the sulfadimethoxine and ormetoprim combination.


Administer medicated feed daily for five consecutive days to provide approximately 50 mg of active ingredients per kg (23 mg/lb) of live body weight of fish per day.

Preparation Of Medicated Feeds

Establish the weight of fish to be treated and calculate the amount of feed needed per day according to fish size and water temperature. Calculate the amount of Romet® 30 required for medicating the feed at the rate of 16.7 g of Romet® 30 per 100 kg (7.6 g of Romet® 30/100 lb) of fish body weight per day.

Medication Of Feed Before Pelletizing Or Extruding

Thoroughly mix the calculated amount of Romet® 30 into the mash feed prior to pelletizing or extruding. Refer to the dosage table below for recommended levels of use.

Feed Intake Of Fish As Percent (%) Of Body Weight

Lbs Of Romet® 30 Per Ton Of Feed













Medication Of Feed After Palletizing

Prepare a liquid slurry by suspending Romet® 30 in edible vegetable oil or 5% gelatin solution. Coat the pelleted fish feed with the slurry, which should be constantly agitated to ensure uniform suspension of the Romet® 30 during addition. As a general rule, one gallon of vegetable oil or gelatin solution is required to coat 200 lbs of pellets. For example, to medicate 6666 lb of fish for one day, with a 3% body weight feed intake, mix 1.1 lbs of Romet® 30 with one gallon of vegetable oil to prepare a slurry to be used for coating 200 lbs of pellets. Pellets may be placed in a cement mixer (if fifty lbs or more are to be coated) or spread on plastic or a smooth concrete surface for the coating process. The pellets should be mixed constantly but gently while the slurry is being slowly added to insure even distribution without undue pellet breakage. The coated pellets are then spread out and allowed to air dry for several hours. Rebag and store under proper feed storage conditions.

Romet 30 Caution

If fish show no improvement within 2 to 3 days, or if signs of disease reappear after termination of treatment, reevaluate management practices, diagnosis of outbreak, and establish susceptibility of the bacterial isolate(s) to the drug.

Warning: Withdraw 42 Days In Salmonids And 3 Days In Catfish Before Slaughter Or Release As Stocker Fish.


Labels for feeds containing Romet® 30 must contain appropriate indications, limitations and warnings as well as required feed ingredient information.

Nada 125-933, Approved By Fda

Marketed By Alpharma, animal Health Division, alpharma Inc., One Executive Drive, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024

Net Wt 50 Lb (22.68 Kg)

Made In Usa

770301 0103

Nac No.

Animal Health Division

Order Desk:   800-221-5398
Fax:   908 566-4131
Switchboard:   908-566-3800
Technical Information:   908-566-3860
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