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Strongid T

This page contains information on Strongid T for veterinary use.
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Strongid T

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Zoetis

(pyrantel pamoate)

Equine Anthelmintic Suspension

Strongid T Caution

Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.


Strongid T is a suspension of pyrantel pamoate in a palatable caramel-flavored vehicle. Each mL contains 50 mg of pyrantel base as pyrantel pamoate.

Pyrantel pamoate is a compound belonging to a family classified chemically as tetrahydropyrimidines. It is a yellow, water-insoluble crystalline salt of the tetrahydropyrimidine base and pamoic acid containing 34.7% base activity. The chemical structure and name are given below:

(E)-1,4,5,6-Tetrahydro-1-methyl-2-[2-(2-thienyl) vinyl] pyrimidine 4,4’ methylenebis[3- hydroxy-2-naphthoate] (1:1)

Strongid T Indications and Usage

For the removal and control of mature infections of large strongyles (Strongylus vulgaris, S. edentatus, S. equinus); pinworms (Oxyuris equi); large roundworms (Parascaris equorum); and small strongyles in horses and ponies.


It is recommended that severely debilitated animals not be treated with this preparation.


Do not use in horses intended for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children.

PRECAUTION: This product is a suspension and as such will separate. To insure uniform resuspension and to achieve proper dosage, it is extremely important that the product be shaken and stirred thoroughly before every use.

Dosage and Administration

Administer 3 mg pyrantel base per lb of body weight (6 mL Strongid T per 100 lb of body weight). For maximum control of parasitism, it is recommended that foals (2-8 months of age) be dosed every 4 weeks. To minimize potential hazard that the mare may pose to the foal, she should be treated 1 month prior to anticipated foaling date followed by retreatment 10 days to 2 weeks after birth of foal. Horses over 8 months of age should be routinely dosed every 6 weeks.

Directions For Use

Strongid T may be administered by means of a stomach tube, dose syringe or by mixing into the feed.

Stomach Tube: Measure the appropriate dosage of Strongid T and mix in the desired quantity of water. Protect drench from direct sunlight and administer to the animal immediately following mixing. Do not attempt to store diluted suspension.

Strongid T is inactive against the common horse bot (Gasterophilus spp.). However, Strongid T may be administered concurrently with carbon disulfide observing the usual precautions with carbon disulfide.

Dose Syringe: Draw the appropriate dosage of Strongid T into a dose syringe and administer to the animal. Do not expose Strongid T to direct sunlight.

Feed: Mix the appropriate dosage of Strongid T in the normal grain ration. Fasting of animals prior to or following treatment is not required.

EFFICACY: Critical (worm-count) studies in horses demonstrated that Strongid T administered at the recommended dosage was efficacious against mature infections of Strongylus vulgaris (>90%), S. edentatus (69%), S. equinus (>90%), Oxyuris equi (81%), Parascaris equorum (>90%), and small strongyles (>90%).

SAFETY: Strongid T is well tolerated by horses and ponies of all ages. No adverse drug response was observed when dose rates up to 60 mg of pyrantel base per lb of body weight were administered by stomach tube nor when 3 mg base per lb was given by intratracheal injection. The reproductive performance of pregnant mares and stud horses dosed with Strongid T has not been affected.

RECOMMENDED STORAGE: Store below 30°C (86°F).

How Supplied

Strongid T is supplied in 1 quart (946 mL) bottles.

NADA #91-739, Approved by FDA

Distributed by: Zoetis Inc., Kalamazoo, MI 49007


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