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Magnalax Powder

This page contains information on Magnalax Powder for veterinary use.
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Magnalax Powder

This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: Vedco

Active Ingredient(s): Each pound contains:

Magnesium oxide

10.35 oz.

With kaolin and flavoring agents (capsicum, ginger and methyl salicylate).

One pound contains magnesium hydroxide equivalent to one gallon milk of magnesia.

Magnalax Powder Indications

A mild laxative, anti-acid and detoxicant for simple indigestions of ruminants.

Dosage and Administration

For mature bovine: Mix one (1) pound thoroughly with one (1) gallon of water and administer as a drench or with a stomach tube. Dose smaller animals according to size and weight.

Sheep or Goats: Two (2) ounces mixed with water. Shake well before administering.

Precaution(s): Do not store above 86°F (30°C).

Caution(s): Keep out of the reach of children. Frequent or continued use should be avoided.

Warning(s): Milk that has been taken from animals during treatment and for 24 hours (2 milkings) after the latest treatment must not be used for food.

Presentation: 1 lb. and 25 lb. containers.

CPN: 1094122.0

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Toll-Free:   888-708-3326 (888-70VEDCO)
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