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Biosol Liquid (Canada)

This page contains information on Biosol Liquid for veterinary use.
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Biosol Liquid

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Pfizer

(neomycin sulfate solution-mfr. std.)

For Veterinary Use Only


Biosol Liquid Indications

Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Horses And Dogs

As an aid in the prevention and treatment of bacterial enteritis.

Chickens And Turkeys

As an aid in the prevention and treatment of bacterial enteritis, enteritis associated with chronic respiratory disease (CRD) and other neomycin sensitive infections.


As an aid in the prevention and treatment of bluecomb (transmissible enteritis).


Give BIOSOL liquid once daily for 3 to 5 days (except as noted below) as soon as symptoms are observed. If no improvement is seen after 3 - 5 days of treatment the diagnosis should be redetermined.


Biosol liquid Should Be Given As Per The Dosage Levels Described Below And Should Be Administered For No Longer Than 5 Days.


Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Horses And Dogs

1 mL BIOSOL liquid per 20 kg body weight once daily. Give dose directly by mouth or mix the daily dose for affected animals into the feed or drinking water consumed daily by those animals.

Example For Swine

since swine drink approximately 1 litre of water per 10 kg body weight daily BIOSOL liquid should be added to the drinking water for affected animals at the rate of 0.5 mL per litre. For automatic medicators set machine to deliver 7.8 mL of stock solution per litre of drinking water (1 oz. per US gallon) then prepare stock solution by adding 0.5 mL of BIOSOL liquid to each 7.8 mL of water (or 100 mL BIOSOL liquid to 1.5 litres).

Dosage For Chickens And Turkeys

Add BIOSOL liquid to the drinking water at the following rate:

Age Of Bird

Without Automatic Medicator add the following amount of BIOSOL liquid to each 180 L (40 Imp. gal.) of drinking water.

With Automatic Medicator set to deliver 7.8 mL per L (1 oz per U.S. gal.) make stock solution by adding the following amount of BIOSOL liquid to 1 L of water.


Day old to 2 weeks

45 mL

32 mL

3-5 weeks

60 mL

43 mL

6-8 weeks

70 mL

50 mL

9 weeks to adult

100 mL

71 mL


Day old to 1 week

70 mL

50 mL

2-8 weeks

115 mL

82 mL

9-26 weeks

145 mL

103 mL


When treating turkeys for bluecomb, use the following 12 day schedule:

1. 3 days medication

2. 2 days no medication

3. 3 days medication

4. 2 days no medication

5. 2 days medication


Treated animals must not be slaughtered for use in food for at least 30 days for cattle, 14 days for sheep, swine, laying hens and turkeys, 7 days for broiler chickens after the latest treatment with this drug. Not for use in lactating dairy cattle or in horses that are to be slaughtered for use in food.

Medicinal Ingredient

Each mL contains:

Neomycin base (as neomycin sulfate)

140 mg


Store at controlled room temperature of 15° C to 30° C.


Biosol liquid (neomycin Sulfate) Is Available In 473 Ml Bottles.

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