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TERRA-CORTRIL® OINTMENT (oxytetracycline, hydrocortisone)
Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start taking this medicine
Keep this leaflet as you may need to read it again.
If you have any further questions ask your doctor or pharmacist.
This medicine has been prescribed for you. Do not pass it on to others as it may harm them, even if
their symptoms are the same as yours.
If any side effect becomes serious, or if you notice a side effect that is not listed in this leaflet
please tell your doctor or pharmacist.
In this leaflet:
1. What Terra-Cortril Ointment is and what it
is used for
2. Before you use Terra-Cortril Ointment
3. How to use Terra-Cortril Ointment
4. Possible side effects
5. How to store Terra-Cortril Ointment
6. Further information
1. What Terra-Cortril Ointment is and what
it is used for
Terra-Cortril Ointment contains two different
medicines: oxytetracycline and hydrocortisone.
Oxytetracycline is one of a group of
medicines called tetracycline antibiotics. It is
used to treat infections caused by bacteria
and certain other micro-organisms.
Hydrocortisone is a corticosteroid used to
reduce inflamed skin which has resulted
from allergy, infection or injury.

Check with your doctor or pharmacist
before taking Terra-Cortril if:
You are going to apply ointment to a very
large area of skin.
You are going to use a dressing to cover the
Taking other medicines
Terra-Cortril is not thought to have an effect on
any other medicines you might be taking. If
you have any concerns about taking other
medicines talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
Pregnancy and breast feeding
Do not use Terra-Cortril Ointment if you are
pregnant, trying to become pregnant or breastfeeding. Talk to your doctor for advice.
Driving and using machines
Terra-Cortril Ointment is not likely to affect
your ability to drive or use machines or tools.

Terra-Cortril Ointment has been prescribed for
you to treat:
inflamed skin conditions (such as eczema).
allergic skin conditions (such as after contact
with certain cosmetics, plants or drugs).
infected insect bites.

3. How to use Terra-Cortril Ointment

2. Before you use Terra-Cortril Ointment

Pierce the tube by reversing the cap and
screwing down to break the seal on the tube.
Clean the affected skin area as thoroughly as

DO NOT use Terra-Cortril Ointment if:
You have ever had an allergic reaction to
any of the ingredients of the ointment. This
may be itching, reddening of the skin or
difficulty in breathing.
You have an infection of the skin causing
blisters or yellow crusting (a primary
bacterial infection) e.g. impetigo, boils
You are pregnant, planning to become
pregnant or breast feeding.
The patient is an infant or young child whose
permanent teeth are growing.
If any of the above applies to you talk to your

Always use Terra-Cortril Ointment exactly as
your doctor has told you. You should check
with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not

Adults and Elderly
Gently apply a small amount of ointment to the
affected area. This may be done two to four
times a day. The ointment may be applied on a
sterile gauze if infection is present.
Do not stop using the ointment too soon after
seeing improvement.
If you do not see an improvement within a
week, go back and see your doctor.
Terra-Cortril Ointment is for external use only.
Do not use it for eye infections.

Terra-Cortril Ointment is not recommended for
use in children.
After using the ointment
Wash your hands after use. Always replace the cap.
If the ointment is accidentally swallowed
This ointment is for external use only. If any
ointment is accidentally swallowed, tell your
doctor immediately, or contact your nearest
hospital casualty department.
If you forget to apply the ointment
Do not worry. Apply the ointment in the normal
way as soon as you remember.
4. Possible side effects
As with all medicines, Terra-Cortril Ointment
can cause side effects, although not everybody
gets them.
Check with your doctor or pharmacist
immediately if any of the following occur:
wheeziness, difficulty breathing or tightness
in the chest
swelling of eyelids, face or lips
skin lumps or itchy red spots
The following may be a problem in the area
where the ointment is used:
skin rash or allergic reaction
thinning or softening of the skin
spread or worsening of infection
swelling of the hair-roots in the skin (folliculitis)
excessive growth of hair on the skin
white patches on the skin (hypopigmentation)
prickly heat
striae (red lines)
These effects should disappear when you stop
using Terra-Cortril Ointment. If the discomfort
continues tell your doctor or pharmacist.
If you become unwell or have any discomfort
whilst using the ointment, tell your doctor or
Reporting of side effects
If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor,
pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible
side effects not listed in this leaflet. You can also
report side effects directly via the yellow card scheme
at By reporting side
effects you can help provide more information on
the safety of this medicine.

5. How to store Terra-Cortril Ointment
Keep all medicines out of the reach and sight
of children.
Store below 25°C.
Do not use Terra-Cortril Ointment after the
expiry date stamped on the pack.
Medicines should not be disposed of via
wastewater or household waste. Return any
medicine you no longer need to your pharmacist.
6. Further information
What Terra-Cortril Ointment contains
Each gram of ointment contains 30 mg
oxytetracycline (as oxytetracycline
hydrochloride) and 10 mg hydrocortisone. The
other inactive ingredients are liquid paraffin
and white soft paraffin.
Each tube contains 15 g or 30 g of ointment.
Marketing Authorisation Holder
Intrapharm Laboratories Limited,
The Courtyard Barns, Choke Lane,
Cookham Dean, Maidenhead,
Berks, SL6 6PT, United Kingdom
Farmasierra Manufacturing S.L.
Ctra. Irun, Km. 26,200,
San Sebastian de los Reyes,
Madrid, 28700, Spain
This leaflet was last revised September 2015.
Terra-Cortril is a registered trademark of
Alliance Pharmaceuticals Limited.
Alliance and associated devices are
registered trademarks of Alliance
Pharmaceuticals Limited.
For any information on this medicine, please
contact the Marketing Authorisation Holder.
© Alliance Pharmaceuticals Limited 2014.


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