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Symptom Checker

Step 4: Read and complete the decision guide to learn more about your symptoms.

Neck Pain

Do you have one or more of the following:

  • Weakness or inability to move one or both hands, arms, or legs

  • Numbness or tingling in one or both hands, arms or legs

  • Severe neck pain that moves from the neck down one or both arms

  • Neck pain that moves into the jaw, shoulder or chest associated with exertion

  • Fever

  • Difficulty swallowing

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Incontinence of urine or stool

  • Marked pain when pressing on one area of the neck

  • Neck pain that followed significant trauma, such as car accident or sports injury?

Yes, I have one or more of these symptoms.

No, I do not have any of these symptoms.

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