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Lightheaded with Standing

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People say they feel dizzy when describing a variety of sensations. This guide is designed to address one type of dizziness, a feeling of lightheadedness when you stand up that gets better when you lie down. You will be asked a short series of questions that will lead you to information pertinent to your symptoms.

A lightheaded feeling may vary from a vague sense that your brain is "not clear" to the dramatic symptom of feeling like you will faint when you stand up.

Normally when you stand up, your blood pressure falls for a few seconds, but then rises to make sure that your brain gets enough blood flow. Becoming lightheaded when moving from a lying position to sitting or standing usually means that your blood pressure has fallen inappropriately. Doctors call this postural hypotension.

If your dizziness does not fit this description, then please visit our guide titled New Onset Dizziness.

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