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Medical Questions (Page 7)

How does diazoxide (Proglycem) cause hyperglycemia?

How does diazoxide cause hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels)?

Answered 5 July 2020

How does Xolair work?

Answered 5 July 2020

How does diazoxide slow insulin?

Answered 4 July 2020

Is Verzenio better than Ibrance?

Answered 3 July 2020

Should you use a diuretic with diazoxide?

Do you need diuretic with diazoxide? What do you administer with diazoxide?

Answered 2 July 2020

How effective is Verzenio?

Answered 1 July 2020

How do you inject Dupixent?

Answered 1 July 2020

Aromasin vs Femara - how do they compare?

How does Aromasin compare with Femara for breast cancer?

Answered 1 July 2020

Is Verzenio a chemo drug?

Answered 30 June 2020

Does Rybelsus help with weight loss?

Answered 30 June 2020