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Thioctic Acid

In some countries, this medicine may only be approved for veterinary use.


Ph. Eur.

ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories

Dietary supplement


Chemical Names

1,2-Ditiolane-3-pentanoic acid (USP)

1,2-Ditiolane-3-valeric acid (USP)

5-[(3RS)-1,2-Ditiolan-3-yl]pentanoic acid (Ph. Eur., BP)

Foreign Names

  • Acidum thiocticum (Latin)
  • Thioctsäure (German)
  • Acide thioctique (French)
  • Ácido α-lipoico (Spanish)

Generic Names

  • Thioctic Acid (OS: BAN, JAN)
  • 5-19-07-00237 (Beilstein) (IS)
  • 6,8-Thioctsäure (IS)
  • BRN 0081853 (IS)
  • DL-alpha-Lipoic acid (IS)
  • Lipoaminsäure (IS)
  • α-Lipoic Acid (IS)
  • UNII-73Y7P0K73Y (IS)
  • Acidum thiocticum (PH: Ph. Eur. 9)
  • Thioctic Acid (PH: BP 2018)
  • Thioctic acid (PH: Ph. Eur. 9)
  • alpha-Liponsäure, Ethylenbis(azan)-Salz (IS)
  • Ethylenediamine thioctate (IS)
  • Thioctic acid diaminoethane (IS)
  • Thioctic acid ethanediamine (IS)

Brand Names

  • Ala
    Simex, Indonesia
  • Ala-100
    Alembic, India
  • Aladin
    Dr. Reddy's, India
  • Alafin
    Fourrts, India
  • Alanox
    Darya-Varia, Indonesia
  • ALAsod [+ Selenium, + Superoxid Dismutase, + Tocopherol]
    Bama-Geve, Spain
  • Alatab 600 mg
    Neutec Inhaler, Turkey
  • Alfalipoic
    Adipharm, Bulgaria
  • Almecol [+ Mecobalamin]
    Unichem, India
  • Alnacob-OD [+ Mecobalamin, + Pyridoxine]
    Alna, India
  • Alpan
    Wörwag Pharma, Germany
  • Alpha-Lipogamma 600mg
    Wörwag Pharma, Germany
  • Alpha-Lipon
    STADA, China
  • Alpha-Lipon AL
    Aliud Pharma, Germany
  • Alpha-Lipon Aristo
    Aristo Pharma, Germany
  • alpha-Vibolex 300mg
    CNP, Germany
  • alpha-Vibolex 600
    CNP, Germany
  • alpha-Vibolex 600mg HRK
    CNP, Germany
  • Altioks
    Bosnalijek, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Ao Tian Li
    AosaiKang Pharmaceutical, China
  • Berlithion
    Berlin Chemie, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Berlin-Chemie, Croatia (Hrvatska); Berlin-Chemie, Macedonia
  • Berlithion 300
    Berlin-Chemie, Serbia
  • Berlithion 600
    Berlin-Chemie, Serbia
  • Berlithion 600 ED
    Berlin-Chemie, Serbia
  • Biletan
    Gador, Argentina; Gador, Paraguay
  • Biletan Enzimatico [+ Pancreatin, + Cellulase, + Simeticone]
    Gador, Argentina; Gador, Paraguay
  • Biletan Forte
    Gador, Argentina; Gador, Paraguay
  • Chang Fu Su
    Hua Zhong Pharmaceutical Hu Bei, China
  • Ciagen 600
    Craveri, Argentina
  • Coqueen Plus [+ Ubidecarenone]
    East West, India
  • CoQuinone [+ Ubidecarenone]
    USANA, Australia
  • Corilip [+ Riboflavin, + Cocarboxylase]
    Altpharm, Georgia
  • Co-Tioctan [+ Cocarboxylase]
    Raymos, Argentina
  • espa-lipon
    Ergofarma, Lithuania; espharma, Lithuania
  • Gabsik
    Savant Pharm, Argentina
  • Insulipon
    Mefar Ilaç Sanayii, Georgia; World Medicine, Georgia; World Medicine, Turkey
  • Lipo-A
    Dalim, South Korea
  • Lipoic
    Eep co, Egypt
  • Lipolin
    Kocak Farma, Turkey
  • Liponexin
    SanoSwiss UAB, Latvia
  • Liponsäure-ratiopharm
    ratiopharm, Germany
  • Lucinson
    Siu Guan, Taiwan
  • Lypoaran
    Kobayashi Kako, Japan
  • Macraberin-M [+ Mecobalamin]
    Uni. Medicare, India
  • Mecola [+ Cyanocobalamin]
    Lapi Laboratories, Indonesia
  • Mecola Forte
    Lapi Laboratories, Indonesia
  • Mecozen Plus [+ Mecobalamin]
    Sain, India
  • Mecozen Plus Forte [+ Mecobalamin]
    Sain, India
  • Methico-AL [+ Mecobalamin]
    East West, India
  • Met-Neurobion [+ Mecobalamin]
    Merck, India
  • Nat-Ala [+ Nateglinide]
    Vitalis, Turkey
  • Nervomax [+ Thiamine, + Pyridoxine, + Cyanocobalamin]
    TRB Pharma, Argentina
  • Nervup [+ Mecobalamin]
    AHPL, India
  • Neucid HR
    Ahngook, South Korea
  • Neulip
    Rowe, Uruguay
  • Neuro Biletan
    Gador, Argentina
  • Neurolipon-MIP
    Chephasaar, Bulgaria; MIP Pharma, Poland
  • Neuropatex
    Atos, Egypt
  • Neurotioct
    TRB Pharma, Argentina; TRB Pharma, Uruguay
  • Neutracol
    Beta, Argentina
  • Neuvesca [+ Mecobalamin]
    USV, India
  • Nutrabiotics A-Lipor
    Nutrabiotics, Colombia
  • Octolipen
    Pharmstandard, Russian Federation
  • Oxi Neuron
    Chambery Pharma, Paraguay
  • Pional [+ Metformin, + Pioglitazone]
    Vitalis, Turkey
  • Priotic
    Montpellier, Argentina
  • R & D - Super Ala
    R & D Pharmaceutical, Singapore
  • Saboctic
    Sabaa, Egypt
  • Sam-A Thioctic Acid HR
    Sama Pharmaceuticals, South Korea
  • Sincamin
    Gentle, Taiwan
  • Sob Oxidant
    Apex, Egypt
  • Thiocamin
    Sinton, Taiwan
  • Thioccan
    Nang Kuang, Taiwan
  • Thioctacid
    Meda, Turkey; Meda Pharma, Slovakia; Medical Intertrade, Croatia (Hrvatska); Merck, Brazil
  • Thioctacid 200
    Asta Medica, Lithuania
  • Thioctacid 200 HR
    MEDA Pharma, Germany
  • Thioctacid 600 HR
    Meda, Romania; Meda GmbH Beograd, Serbia; MEDA Pharma, Germany
  • Thioctacid 600 mg
    Meda Pharm, Austria
  • Thioctacid 600 mg/24 ml
    Meda, Hungary
  • Thioctacid 600 T
    Meda, Romania; Meda GmbH Beograd, Serbia
  • Thioctacid HR
    Meda, Georgia; Meda, Lithuania; Meda, Macedonia; Meda Pharma, Bulgaria; Meda Pharma, Czech Republic; Medical Intertrade, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Thioctacid T
    Hameln, Georgia; Meda, Lithuania; Meda Pharma, Latvia; Medical Intertrade, Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Thioctamin
    Ilsung, South Korea
  • Thioctan
    Tai Yu, Taiwan
  • Thioctia
    Dong-A, South Korea
  • Thioctic Acid
    Nisshin Pharmaceutical, Japan; Ying Yuan, Taiwan
  • Thioctin
    Li Ta, Taiwan
  • Thioctodar
    Indar, Georgia
  • Thiocton
    Rompharm, Georgia
  • Thioctosan
    Oriental, Taiwan
  • Thiogamma
    Artesan, Bulgaria; Dragenopharm, Georgia; Eczane, Argentina; Solupharm, Bulgaria; Solupharm, Georgia; Woerwag Pharma, Hong Kong; Woerwag Pharma, Latvia; Woerwag Pharma, Vietnam; Wörwag, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Wörwag, Slovakia; Wörwag Pharma, Czech Republic; Wörwag Pharma, Hungary; Wörwag Pharma, Lithuania; Wörwag Pharma, Poland; Wörwag Pharma, Russian Federation
  • Thiogamma 200
    Wörwag Pharma, Germany
  • Thiogamma 300
    Wörwag Pharma, Lithuania
  • Thiogamma 600
    Wörwag Pharma, Germany; Wörwag Pharma, Serbia
  • Thiogamma 600 mg
    Wörwag Pharma, Hungary
  • Thioglu
    Mepaco, Egypt
  • Thiossen
    AAA-Pharma, Romania
  • Thiossen Turbo
    AAA-Pharma, Romania
  • Thiostar
    Shin Poong, South Korea
  • Thiotacid
    Eva, Egypt; Bayer de México, Mexico
  • Thiotex
    Marcyrl, Egypt
  • Thiotex forte
    Marcyrl, Egypt
  • Tiacid
    Zada, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Zada, Macedonia
  • Tinactol
    Casasco, Argentina
  • Tioctan
    Life, Ecuador; Raymos, Argentina
  • Tioctan [veterinary use]
    Bayer AH, South Africa
  • Tioctic
    Temis Lostalo, Argentina
  • Tiodik
    Bilim, Turkey
  • Tiodrix
    Elea, Argentina
  • Tiolepta Geo
    Canonpharma, Georgia
  • Tiolepta HR
    Abdi Ibrahim, Georgia
  • Tioneurol
    Richmond, Argentina
  • Tiopati
    Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey
  • Ukra HR
    Santa-Farma, Turkey
  • Unilipon 600mg
    Köhler-Pharma, Germany
  • Alpha-Lipogamma 600mg
    Wörwag Pharma, Germany
  • espa-lipon
    Esparma, Germany
  • Norstan Theophylline & Ethylenediamine [+ Theophylline]
    Pharmacare, South Africa
  • Alpha-Lipogamma 600mg
    Wörwag Pharma, Germany
  • Thiogamma
    Worwag Pharma, Macedonia; Wörwag Pharma, Czech Republic; Wörwag Pharma, Germany; Wörwag Pharma, Estonia
  • Thioctacid 100 T
    Asta Medica, Lithuania
  • Thioctacid 600 T
    MEDA Pharma, Germany
  • Thioctacid HR
    Meda, Estonia; Meda, Latvia
  • Thioctacid T
    Meda, Estonia; Meda, Macedonia; Meda Pharma, Bulgaria; Meda Pharma, Czech Republic; Meda Pharma, Germany


BANBritish Approved Name
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name
Ph. Eur.European Pharmacopoeia
USPPharmacopoeia of the United States

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