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CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Therapeutic Categories

Anti-inflammatory agent


Chemical Name

A proteolitic enzyme derived from Serratiasp. E15

Foreign Names

  • Serrapeptasum (Latin)
  • Serrapeptase (German)
  • Serrapeptase (French)
  • Serrapeptasa (Spanish)

Generic Names

  • Serrapeptase (OS: JAN, DCF)
  • Serrapeptasi (OS: DCIT)
  • Serratiopeptidase (IS)
  • Serrapeptase (PH: JP XVI)

Brand Names

  • Ace
    Goldline, India
  • Acelofan-SP (Serrapeptase and Aceclofenac)
    Acto, India
  • Acent-SD (Serrapeptase and Aceclofenac)
    Intra, India
  • Acepar-S (Serrapeptase and Aceclofenac)
    Allenge, India
  • Aclonac-S (Serrapeptase and Aceclofenac)
    East West, India
  • Adpep
    Admac, India
  • Adpep-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Admac, India
  • Aezoc
    Swiss Pharm, Taiwan
  • Amidase-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Adley, India
  • Amitase
    ICA Biotechnological & Pharmaceutical, Vietnam
  • Aniflazime Forte
    Lusomedicamenta, Portugal
  • Anzen
    Shou Chan, Taiwan
  • Asonac-SR (Serrapeptase and Aceclofenac)
    Zee Lab, India
  • Avadase
    Avalanche, India
  • Avadase Forte
    Avalanche, India
  • Bidanzen
    GlaxoSmithKline, India
  • Biosuganril
    AHPL, India
  • Biozobid (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    AHPL, India
  • Brasan
    Vianex, Greece
  • Chek-S (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Eltis, India
  • Coyen
    Root, Taiwan
  • Cuga (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Cadila, India
  • Dairo-S (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Mesmer, India
  • Dalzen
    Ritzen, Philippines
  • Damizen
    Farmo Quimica, Chile
  • Danlase
    Everest, Taiwan
  • Danroine
    Hor Chen, Taiwan
  • Dantase
    Yu Sheng, Taiwan
  • Danzen
    Casasco, Argentina; Hormona, Mexico; Takeda, Malaysia; Takeda, Singapore; Takeda, Taiwan
  • Dasen
    Takeda, China
  • Daslit-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Little Greave, India
  • Dedema
    Standard, Taiwan
  • Desedema
    Sherfarma, Peru
  • Dicloder (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Wonder, India
  • Diclomol-SP (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Win Medicare, India
  • Dilonac (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Fenestra, India
  • Divon-S (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Micro Eros, India
  • Doloral (Serrapeptase and Aceclofenac)
    Biomiicron, India
  • Edase-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Solitaire, India
  • Edase-N (Serrapeptase and Nimesulide)
    Solitaire, India
  • Edilox-S (Serrapeptase and Ofloxacin)
    Solitaire, India
  • Effect-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Prime Meditek, India
  • Enclave
    Winston, Taiwan
  • Endase
    Nang Kuang, Taiwan
  • Ental
    Chung I, Taiwan
  • Enzdase
    CCPC, Taiwan; China Chemical & Pharm, Malaysia
  • Fedicver-S (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Sanify, India
  • Flexigesic-S (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Invision, India
  • Genim-S (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Gen-Biotec, India
  • Hishitase
    Nipro Pharma, Taiwan
  • Kinase-N (Serrapeptase and Nimesulide)
    Lark, Georgia
  • Kindase
    Synpac-Kingdom, Taiwan
  • Kineto Forte
    Systopic, India
  • Kineto-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Systopic, India
  • Kozen
    Shyh Dar, Taiwan
  • Kurdase-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Rishab, India
  • Maxilase
    Tablets, India
  • Movon-S (Serrapeptase and Aceclofenac)
    IPCA, India
  • Myspar (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Biovitamins, India
  • Neet-S (Serrapeptase and Nimesulide)
    Madhav BioTech, India
  • Nimustar-S (Serrapeptase and Nimesulide)
    Invision, India
  • Novolid-S (Serrapeptase and Nimesulide)
    Micro B & B, India
  • Nucoxia-SP (Serrapeptase and Etoricoxib)
    Zydus Cadila, India
  • Orthobid Plus (Serrapeptase and Nimesulide)
    AHPL, India
  • Pepse
    Race Pharmaceuticals, India
  • Peptase
    Royal, Taiwan
  • Peptisoj
    Psycorem, India
  • Peptisoj-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Psycorem, India
  • Pepzen
    Cadila, India
  • Pepzen-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Cadila, India
  • Pikon
    Rass, India
  • Pransera
    Pranshu, India
  • Pransera-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Pranshu, India
  • Qu Tan
    Chung-Hwa, China
  • Relaxyl-S (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Franco-Indian, India
  • Rezilide (Serrapeptase and Roxithromycin)
    East West, India
  • Ridase-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Rishab, India
  • Roxcure-SP (Serrapeptase and Roxithromycin)
    Finecure Pharmaceuticals, India
  • S-Dol
    Madhav BioTech, India
  • S-Dol-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Madhav BioTech, India
  • Senta
    Chin Teng, Taiwan
  • Sept
    Finecure Pharmaceuticals, India
  • Sept-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Finecure Pharmaceuticals, India
  • Seradase
    Weidar, China; Weidar, Taiwan
  • Serallect-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Intellect, India
  • Serapro-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Talent, India
  • Serase
    Synmosa, Taiwan
  • Seratab
    East West, India
  • Seren
    Active HC, India
  • Seren-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Active HC, India
  • Seren-N (Serrapeptase and Nimesulide)
    Active HC, India
  • Seridasa
    Sherfarma, Peru
  • Seridase
    Ind-Swift, Singapore
  • Serodase
    Hayat, Lebanon
  • Serra
    Hua Shin, Taiwan; Siu Guan, Taiwan
  • Serradase
    Siam Bheasach, Thailand
  • Serralex-NM (Serrapeptase and Nimesulide)
    Lexus, India
  • Serralo
    Kojar, Taiwan
  • Serrase
    Hwang's, Taiwan
  • Serrin
    MacroPhar, Thailand
  • Serronak (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Stedman, India
  • Sestec-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Aronex, India
  • Shinnac-SE (Serrapeptase and Aceclofenac)
    Shince, India
  • Simba (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Baroda, India
  • Simen
    Kojar, Taiwan
  • SP
    Alobiote, India
  • SRP
    Stedman, India
  • Synid A (Serrapeptase and Aceclofenac)
    Shinto, India
  • Tamozen
    Ta Fong, Taiwan
  • Tarn Jinq
    Chen Ta, Taiwan
  • Terapep
    Raptakos, Brett & Co Ltd, Myanmar
  • Tolpa
    Micro HC, India
  • Tolpa-D (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Micro HC, India
  • Unizen
    Unison, Hong Kong
  • Vardase-K (Serrapeptase and Diclofenac)
    Zota, India
  • Zerodol-S (Serrapeptase and Aceclofenac)
    IPCA, India
  • Zupep
    Zubit, India


DCFDénomination Commune Française
DCITDenominazione Comune Italiana
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)

Further information on drug naming conventions: International Nonproprietary Names.

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