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Pridinol (International)



ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories

Treatment of Parkinson's disease

Muscarinic receptor antagonist, centrally acting

Muscle relaxant, centrally acting

Chemical Name

1-Piperidinepropanol, α,α-diphenyl-

Foreign Names

  • Pridinolum (Latin)
  • Pridinol (German)
  • Pridinol (French)
  • Pridinol (Spanish)

Generic Names

  • Pridinol (OS: DCF)
  • Pridinolo (OS: DCIT)
  • Pyridinol (IS)
  • 238 C (IS)
  • Pridinol Mesilate (OS: JAN)
  • HH 212 (IS)
  • Pridinol methanesulfonate (IS)
  • Pyridinol methanesulfonate (IS)

Brand Names

  • Algilem Relax [+ Diclofenac]
    Eticos, Paraguay
  • Befol [+ Diclofenac]
    Biotenk, Argentina
  • Benodet [+ Meloxicam]
    Gabblan, Peru
  • Diastone Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Microsules Arg, Argentina
  • Diclofenac Pridinol Teva [+ Diclofenac]
    Ivax, Argentina
  • Diclolabsa Relax [+ Diclofenac]
    LABSA, Argentina
  • Diclonex Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Nexo, Argentina
  • Difen [+ Diclofenac]
    Casasco, Lebanon
  • Dioxaflex CB Plus [+ Diclofenac]
    Bago, Peru
  • Dioxaflex plus [+ Diclofenac]
    Bago, Peru
  • Dipar Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Athena, Uruguay
  • Ibudonalet Flex [+ Ibuprofen]
    Gramon Paraguay, Paraguay
  • Iglodine Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Fecofar, Argentina
  • Labsycam Flex [+ Meloxicam]
    LABSA, Argentina
  • Meloxicam + Pridinol Teva [+ Meloxicam]
    Ivax, Argentina
  • Mio Virobron [+ Meloxicam]
    Temis Lostalo, Argentina
  • Relaxedan
    Bago, Argentina
  • Rodi Relax
    Geminis Farmac., Argentina
  • Rodinac Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Geminis Farmac., Argentina
  • Rodinac Flex K [+ Diclofenac]
    Geminis Farmac., Argentina
  • Valuca [+ Diclofenac]
    Vannier S.A., Argentina
  • Pridinol
    Biogened, Poland
  • Aldoron Flex [+ Meloxicam]
    Ivax, Argentina
  • Aliviol Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Teva, Uruguay
  • Blokium Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Casasco, Argentina
  • Bronax Flex [+ Meloxicam]
    Roemmers, Argentina
  • Diclogesic Relax [+ Diclofenac]
    TRB Pharma, Argentina
  • Diklophar Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Wunderpharm WP, Argentina
  • Dioxaflex CB Plus [+ Diclofenac]
    Bago, Argentina; Bago, Paraguay
  • Dioxaflex Duo [+ Diclofenac]
    Armstrong Laboratorios de Mexico, Mexico
  • Dioxaflex Plus [+ Diclofenac]
    Bago, Argentina; Bago, Paraguay; Gramón Bagó, Uruguay
  • Dolofenac Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Austral, Argentina; Trifarma, Peru
  • Dolvan flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Gador, Argentina
  • Flexidol Relax [+ Meloxicam]
    Raffo, Argentina
  • Flexiplen Plus [+ Diclofenac]
    Savant Retail, Argentina
  • Flodin Flex [+ Meloxicam]
    Tecnofarma, Peru
  • Flogalgin [+ Diclofenac]
    Gramon Paraguay, Paraguay
  • Flogalgin B12 [+ Diclofenac, + Cyanocobalamin]
    Gramon Paraguay, Paraguay
  • Konlax
    Nippon Shinyaku, Taiwan
  • Konsul
    Li Ta, Taiwan
  • Loxeen
    Tobishi Pharmaceutical, Japan
  • Lyseen
    Novartis Consumer Health, Italy
  • Metaflex Plus [+ Diclofenac]
    Montpellier, Argentina
  • Mio Bexx [+ Meloxicam]
    Farmindustria, Peru
  • Miopanol
    Kobayashi Kako, Taiwan
  • Myopridin
    Strathmann, Germany
  • Myoson
    Strathmann, Germany
  • Nalgiflex Relax [+ Diclofenac]
    Ronnet, Argentina
  • Neuro Diclofen [+ Diclofenac, + Pyridoxin, + Cyanocobalamin]
    Catedral, Paraguay
  • Oxadisten [+ Diclofenac]
    Beta, Argentina
  • Pancloflex [+ Diclofenac]
    Denver Farma, Argentina
  • Pridin
    Siu Guan, Taiwan
  • Pridinol
    Astar, Taiwan; Pei Li, Taiwan
  • Pridinol Mesilato Lafedar
    Lafedar, Argentina
  • Prinil
    TRB Pharma, Argentina
  • Pydinol
    Yuan Chou, Taiwan
  • Reuma Diclofen [+ Diclofenac, + Dexamethasone, + Cyanocobalamin]
    Catedral, Paraguay
  • Urzac [+ Meloxicam]
    Roemmers, Peru
  • Vesalion Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Nova Argentia, Argentina
  • Vimultisa Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Fabra, Argentina
  • Voltaren Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Novartis, Paraguay
  • Xedenol Flex [+ Diclofenac]
    Baliarda, Argentina; Brandt, Uruguay


DCFDénomination Commune Française
DCITDenominazione Comune Italiana
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)

Further information on drug naming conventions: International Nonproprietary Names.

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