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ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories


Imidazole derivative

Chemical Name

1H-Imidazole-1-etanol, α-(chlorometyl)-2-metyl-5-nitro-

Foreign Names

  • Ornidazolum (Latin)
  • Ornidazol (German)
  • Ornidazole (French)
  • Ornidazol (Spanish)

Generic Names

  • Ornidazole (OS: USAN, DCF)
  • Ro 7-0207 (IS: HoffmannLaRoc)

Brand Names

  • Aflox-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Psycorem, India
  • Aloflox-ON (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Alobiote, India
  • Anex-OZ (Ornidazole and Cefixime)
    Andic, India
  • Ao Bo Lin
    Baili Pharmaceutical, China
  • Ao Li Tuo
    Wanlong Pharmaceutical, China
  • Aoning
    Aisheng Pharmaceutical, China
  • Arrow Ornidazole
    Actavis, New Zealand
  • Bactorax-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Moraceae, India
  • Bitazol
    I.E. Ulagay, Turkey
  • Biteral
    Deva, Turkey
  • Bonflox (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Bestochem, India
  • Brakke (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Franco-Indian, India
  • Cefex-OZ (Ornidazole and Cefixime)
    Talent, India
  • Cefit-OZ (Ornidazole and Cefixime)
    Cubit, India
  • Cefoped-OR (Ornidazole and Cefixime)
    Olcare Laboratories, India
  • Chekmet-O (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    AHPL, India
  • Ciplox-OZ (Ornidazole and Ciprofloxacin)
    Cipla, India
  • Civet-OZ (Ornidazole and Cefixime)
    Tulip, India
  • Dazolic
    Sun, Georgia; Sun Pharma, Myanmar
  • Dizol
    Pharmimpex, Georgia
  • DTO (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    DWD, India
  • Easyflox-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Genesis Rem., India
  • Edilox-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Solitaire, India
  • Entamizole Plus
    Abbott, India
  • Exvid-R (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Olcare Laboratories, India
  • Ficsi-OZ (Ornidazole and Cefixime)
    Modi Pharma, India
  • Floxoday-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Invision, India
  • Floxur-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Wockhardt, India
  • Floxzen-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Moraceae, India
  • Fungid-OR (Ornidazole and Fluconazole)
    Bestochem, India
  • Fyflox-OZ (Ornidazole and Levofloxacin)
    Sanify, India
  • Fynal-OZ (Ornidazole and Levofloxacin)
    Mankind, India
  • Gazal-O (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Adcock Ingram, India
  • Geral
    GMP, Georgia
  • Giro
    Panacea, India
  • Gu Te
    Jiudian Pharmaceutical, China
  • Imidakin
    Shun Hwa, Taiwan
  • Inflobact-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Invision, India
  • Inflobid-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Intra, India
  • Invigan
    Bagó, Ecuador
  • Jin Da
    Changlian Laifu Biochemical Pharmaceutical, China
  • Johncef-OR (Ornidazole and Cefixime)
    Johnlee, India
  • Kureflox-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Rishab, India
  • L-Cin-OZ (Ornidazole and Levofloxacin)
    Lupin, India
  • Lebact-O (Ornidazole and Levofloxacin)
    AHPL, India
  • Levogyl (Ornidazole and Levofloxacin)
    Maneesh Healthcare, India
  • Liwofloxa-On (Ornidazole and Levofloxacin)
    Pranshu, India
  • Liwo-On (Ornidazole and Levofloxacin)
    Alobiote, India
  • Mastofor (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    MNC Healthcare, India
  • Matchfix-OZ (Ornidazole and Cefixime)
    Minova, India
  • Mei Er Kai
    Fangsheng Pharmaceutical, China
  • Nei De Zi
    Jinyu Pharmaceutical, China
  • Nutraflox-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Nutramedica, India
  • Obact-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Biovitamins, India
  • O-Cebran-O (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Blue Cross, India
  • O-Cebran-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Blue Cross, India
  • Odicip-OZ (Ornidazole and Ciprofloxacin)
    Solitaire, India
  • Ofac-O (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Savoy, India
  • Ofco-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Schon Pharma, India
  • Oflict-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Active HC, India
  • Oflin-O (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Zydus Cadila, India
  • Oflobid-R (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Olcare Laboratories, India
  • Oflocheck-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Biotabs, India
  • Oflocom-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxazin)
    Commonwealth, India
  • Oflomil-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Glenmark, India
  • Oflong-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Intellect, India
  • Oflostar-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Cadila, India
  • Ofloter Plus (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Gujarat Terce, India
  • Oflox-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Cipla, India
  • Oflux-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Modi Pharma, India
  • Ofnida (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Waves-Biotech, India
  • Ofnod (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Sia, Georgia
  • Olfi-O (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    IPCA, India
  • Olpit-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Epitome, India
  • Oniz
    Unimed & Unihealth, Bangladesh
  • Oniz-O (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Stadmed, India
  • Orbacto (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Domagk, India
  • Orin-O (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Shince, India
  • Ornamac (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Macleods, India
  • Orni
    Zydus, India
  • Ornid
    Drug International, Bangladesh
  • Ornidaz
    Chemi ph, Egypt
  • Ornidazol Richet
    Richet, Argentina
  • Ornidazol Vertekc
    Vertex, Russian Federation
  • Ornidone
    Tripharma, Turkey
  • Ornidone Fort
    Tripharma, Turkey
  • Orniject
    Tüm Ekip, Turkey
  • Ornil
    Aversi, Georgia; Opsonin, Bangladesh
  • Ornilox (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Micro B & B, India
  • Orni-O (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Zydus, India
  • Ornisid
    Abdi Ibrahim, Georgia; Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey
  • Ornisid Fort
    Abdi Ibrahim, Georgia; Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey
  • Ornitop
    Toprak, Turkey
  • Orniwell (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Orchid, India
  • Ornosol
    Aishwarya, Georgia
  • Oxacin-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Maan Pharma, India
  • Oxit-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Dr. Reddy's, India
  • Oxyna (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Sapco, India
  • Pranoflox-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Pranshu, India
  • Pusili
    Pude, China
  • Qi Ke
    Hailing, China
  • Ricime-OZ (Ornidazole and Cefixime)
    Rishab, India
  • Robic
    Square, Bangladesh
  • Rui Shen
    Minophagen Pharmaceutical, China
  • Sheng Nuo
    Sanhome Pharmaceutical, China
  • Sheng Nuo An
    Sanhome Pharmaceutical, China
  • Sheng Nuo Kang
    Sanhome Pharmaceutical, China
  • Tai Fang
    Topfond Pharmaceutical, China
  • Tiberal
    Lamepro, Belgium; OrPha Swiss, Switzerland; Roche, Armenia; Roche, Ecuador; Roche, Lithuania; Sandoz, Georgia
  • Tibéral
    SERB Laboratoires, France
  • Tibersid
    Keymen, Turkey
  • Tibezole
    Eimc, Egypt; Pharaonia, Egypt
  • Troniz
    Unimed & Unihealth, Bangladesh
  • Xaflo-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Regardia, India
  • Xiao Ran
    Bohua Pharmaceutical, China
  • Xynor
    Beximco, Bangladesh
  • Ya Jie
    Yuheng Pharmaceuticals, China
  • Yoodh (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    ICPA, India
  • You Lun
    Sanhome Pharmaceutical, China
  • Zenflox-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Mankind, India
  • Zeph-OZ (Ornidazole and Cefixime)
    Malody, India
  • Zevid-OZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Zee Lab, India
  • Zevid-TZ (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    Zee Lab, India
  • Zifi-OZ (Ornidazole and Cefixime)
    FDC, India
  • Zil
    AHPL, India
  • Zilee OZ (Ornidazole and Levofloxacin)
    FDC, India
  • Zil-O (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    AHPL, India
  • Zilo-O (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    AHPL, India
  • Zorno (Ornidazole and Ofloxacin)
    FDC, India


DCFDénomination Commune Française
ISInofficial Synonym
OSOfficial Synonym
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)
USANUnited States Adopted Name

Further information on drug naming conventions: International Nonproprietary Names.

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