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Lysozyme (International)

ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories

Food additive (e number)

Antiseptic agent


Antivirals for systemic use - Antiviral agent

Foreign Names

  • Lysozym (German)
  • Lysozyme (French)

Generic Names

  • Lysozyme (OS: DCF)
  • E 1105 (IS)
  • Globulin G₁ (IS)
  • Mucopeptidglucohydrolase (IS)
  • Muramidase (IS)
  • Lysozyme Hydrochloride (OS: JAN)
  • Acdeam (IS)
  • Leftose (IS)
  • Lysozyme Chloride (IS)
  • Muramidase HCl (IS)
  • Muramidase hydrochloride (IS)
  • Neuzyme (IS)
  • UNII-4YRW73H69V (IS)
  • Lysozyme Hydrochloride (PH: JP XVII)

Brand Names

  • Cantalene [+ Tetracaine, + Chlorhexidine]
    Cooperation Pharmaceutique Française, Tunisia
  • Colpistar [+ Metronidazole, + Nystatin, + Benzalkonium]
    Farmoquimica FQM, Brazil
  • Hexalyse [+ Biclotymol, + Enoxolone]
    Bouchara, Georgia
  • Larypro [+ Dequalinium Chloride]
    October Pharma, Egypt
  • Lysopaine [+ Papain, + Bacitracin]
    Sanofi-Aventis SA, Greece
  • Lysozyme SL Pharm
    SL Pharm, China
  • Narlisim [+ Phenylpropanolamine,+ Thonzylamine]
    Baldacci, Italy
  • Qualizyme
    Quality Pharm, Hong Kong
  • Szajfertotlenito Naturland
    Naturland, Hungary
  • Acdeam
    ASKA Seiyaku Asuka, Japan
  • Acdeam 0.5%
    ASKA Seiyaku Asuka, Japan
  • Acdeam 1%
    ASKA Seiyaku Asuka, Japan
  • Acdeam 10%
    ASKA Seiyaku Asuka, Japan
  • Acdeam 45%
    ASKA Seiyaku Asuka, Japan
  • Acetizyme
    Panbiotic, Taiwan
  • Actizyme
    Panbiotic, Taiwan
  • Cantalene [+ Tetracaine, + Chlorhexidine]
    Cooper, France
  • Cp-Lyso
    Christo, Hong Kong
  • Elizyme
    Koa Isei, Japan
  • Elizyme 0.5%
    Koa Isei, Japan
  • Eurozyme
    Europharm, Hong Kong
  • E-Zyme
    Advance Pharma, Malaysia
  • Flemizyme
    Pascual, Hong Kong
  • Glossithiase [+ Tenoic Acid]
    Jolly-Jatel, France
  • Hexalyse [+ Biclotymol, + Enoxolone]
    Bouchara-Recordati, France
  • Jemizym
    Jean-Marie Pharmacal, Hong Kong
  • Ker Ker [+ Dextromethorphan]
    Shou Chan, Taiwan
  • Leftose
    Kenyaku, Thailand; Nippon Shinyaku, Japan; Schumit, Thailand
  • Leftose 0.5%
    Sioe Seiyaku, Japan
  • Leftose 10%
    Nippon Shinyaku, Japan
  • Lisolac
    Eurofarma, Peru
  • Lisome
    Ying Yuan, Taiwan
  • Lisozima Chiesi
    Chiesi, Spain
  • Lisozima Spa
    SPA, Italy
  • Lisozyme
    Chung I, Taiwan
  • Lizipaina [+ Bacitracin, + Papain]
    Boehringer Ingelheim España, Spain
  • Lycosu
    Chin Teng Pharmaceutical Industrial, Taiwan
  • Lycoze
    Hor Chen, Taiwan
  • Lyso
    Prince, Taiwan
  • Lyso-6 [+ Pyridoxine]
    Pierre Fabre Médicament, France
  • Lysobact
    Bosnalijek, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Lysobact [+ Pyridoxine]
    Bosnalijek, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Bosnalijek, Georgia; Bosnalijek, Croatia (Hrvatska); Bosnalijek, Macedonia; Bosnalijek, Serbia
  • Lysobact Complete [+ Cetylpyridinium, + Lidocaine]
    Bosnalijek, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Lysobact Duo [+ Cetylpyridinium]
    Bosnalijek, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Bosnalijek, Georgia; Bosnalijek, Macedonia
  • Lysobact P [+ Pyridoxine]
    Bosnalijek, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Lysoem
    AND, Taiwan
  • Lysopain N [+ Cetylpyridinium]
    Sanofi-Aventis, Switzerland
  • Lysopaïne Cétylpyridinium Lysozyme Maux de Gorge [+ Cetylpyridinium]
    Boehringer Ingelheim, France
  • Lysopaine-N [+ Pyridoxine]
    Sanofi-Aventis SA, Greece
  • Lysotear 0.5%
    Senju Seiyaku, Japan
  • Lysozyme Chin Teng
    Chin Teng Pharmaceutical Industrial, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Chin Tien
    Chin Tien, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Chloride 10% Isei
    Koa Isei, Japan
  • Lysozyme Chloride Iwaki
    Iwaki Seiyaku, Japan
  • Lysozyme Fu Seng
    Fu Seng, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Fu Yuan
    Fu Yuan, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Hua Shin
    Hua Shin, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Kojar
    Kojar, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Ming Ta
    Ming Ta, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme New Chemical
    New Chemical, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Oriental
    Orient Europharma, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Pei Li
    Pei Li, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Pfoshen
    Pfoshen, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Shinlon
    Shinlon, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Shou Chan
    Shou Chan, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Sinphar
    Sinphar, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Update
    Update, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Washington Pharm
    Washington, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme Yung Chang
    Yung Chang, Taiwan
  • Lysozyme-60 Jean-Marie
    Jean-Marie Pharmacal, Hong Kong
  • Lyzine
    Shyh Dar, Taiwan
  • Lyzoin
    Yung Chi, Taiwan
  • Lyzotose
    Yuan Chou, Taiwan
  • Lyzyme
    Shin Poong, Malaysia; Shin Poong, Singapore
  • Mucozome 0.5%
    Santen Pharmaceutical, Japan
  • Neuzym
    Eisai, Costa Rica; Eisai, Dominican Republic; Eisai, Hong Kong; Eisai, Malaysia; Eisai, El Salvador; Eisai, Taiwan; Sannova, Japan; Eisai Singapore, Singapore
  • Neuzyme 0.5%
    Sannova, Japan
  • Neuzyme 10%
    Sannova, Japan
  • Neuzyme 20%
    Sannova, Japan
  • Noflagma
    Yung Shin, Taiwan
  • Quadezyme [+ Dequalinium Chloride]
    Pascual, Hong Kong
  • Reason
    Royal, Taiwan
  • Reflap 5%
    Teikoku Seiyaku, Japan
  • Rinobact [+ Xylometazoline]
    Bosnalijek, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Rinobact P [+ Xylometazoline]
    Bosnalijek, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Sangerol [+ Lidocaine, + Tyrothricin]
    Melisana, Switzerland
  • Seizyme
    Newai Chem, Taiwan
  • Sopain-Plus [+ Bacitracin, + Papain]
    Medichrom, Greece
  • Superzyme
    Synmosa, Taiwan
  • Suzyme
    Yu Sheng, Taiwan
  • Trofalgon [+ Cyanocobalamin]
    Farmasierra, Spain
  • Zyrin
    Sinil Pharmaceutical Co Ltd., Hong Kong


DCFDénomination Commune Française
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name

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