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Ichthammol (International)

Note: In some countries, this medicine may only be approved for veterinary use.

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CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Therapeutic Category

Topical anti-inflammatory agent

Chemical Name


Foreign Names

  • Ammonium sulfobituminosum (Latin)
  • Ammoniumbituminosulfonat (German)
  • Ichtyolammonium (French)

Generic Names

  • Ichthammol (OS: BAN, JAN)
  • Ichtyolammonium (OS: DCF)
  • Ammonium sulfobituminosum (IS)
  • Ammonium sulfopleriolicum (IS)
  • Bituminol (IS)
  • Bitumol (IS)
  • Ichthyol (IS)
  • Ichthyolammonium (IS)
  • Ichtyolsulfonate d'ammonium (IS)
  • Ammoniumbituminosulfonat (PH: Ph. Eur. 8)
  • Ichthammol (PH: BP 2018, JP XVII, Ph. Eur. 9, USP 41)
  • Ichthammolum (PH: Ph. Eur. 9)
  • Ammonium sulfobituminosum decoloratum (IS)
  • Ichthammolum album (IS)
  • Natrium sulfobituminosum (IS)
  • Natrium sulfobituminosum decoloratum (IS)

Brand Names

  • Alsora Champu Control [+ Glycolic Acid, + Salicylic Acid, + Urea]
    Isdin, Argentina
  • Anaxeryl [+ Resorcinol, + Dithranol]
    Bailly-Creat, Tunisia
  • Bithiol 10%
    Qualiphar, Belgium
  • Bithiol 20%
    Qualiphar, Belgium
  • Bithiol Qualipharm 10%
    Qualiphar, Luxembourg
  • Bithiol Qualipharm 20%
    Qualiphar, Luxembourg
  • Bitulfonsalbe 50% [veterinary use]
    Alvetra, Germany; aniMedica, Germany
  • DARO Trekzalf
    Remark Groep, Netherlands
  • Delta Hädensa [+ Prednisolone, + Levomenthol, + Chlorocarvacrol]
    Merz, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Egoderm
    Ego, New Zealand; Ego Pharmaceuticals, Australia
  • Egoderm [+ Allantoin]
    Ego, Malaysia; Ego Pharmaceuticals Singapore, Singapore; Ego, Hong Kong
  • Egoderm [+ Zinc Oxide]
    Ego, Malaysia; Ego, New Zealand; Ego Pharmaceuticals, Australia; Ego Pharmaceuticals Singapore, Singapore; Ego, Hong Kong
  • Glycerin Ichthyol
    Pharco, Egypt
  • Hädensa
    Takeda, Finland
  • Hadensa [+ Chlorocarvacrol, + Levomenthol]
    Quimica Suiza, Peru
  • Hädensa [+ Chlorocarvacrol, + Levomenthol]
    Merz, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Ichthammol
    iNova Pharmaceuticals, Australia; MidWest, New Zealand; Pharmadex, Lebanon; Vitamed, Israel
  • Ichthammol - Winguide Huangpu Pharm
    Winguide Huangpu, China
  • Ichthammol [veterinary use]
    Vitamed, Israel
  • Ichthammol Galen-Pharma
    Galen, Bulgaria
  • Ichthammol Winduide Huangpu
    Winguide Huangpu, China
  • Ichthamol Glycerine
    KPL Pharma, Pakistan
  • Ichtholan 10%
    Ichthyol, Austria; Ichthyol, Germany
  • Ichtholan 20%
    Ichthyol, Austria; Ichthyol, Germany
  • Ichtholan 50%
    Ichthyol, Austria; Ichthyol, Germany
  • Ichtholan spezial
    Ichthyol, Germany
  • Ichthyoli
    Borisovskiy Zavod Medicinskikh Preparatov, Jsc, Georgia
  • Ichtiolo 10%
    Sanitas, Lithuania
  • Ichtoxyl
    Herbacos Recordati, Czech Republic; Herbacos Recordati, Slovakia
  • Ichtyolee
    Mephico, Lebanon
  • Ictammolo
    Nova Argentia, Italy; Ramini, Italy
  • Ihtamol
    Merkez, Turkey
  • Ihtiola Borisovas MPR
    Borisovas, Latvia
  • Ihtiola ziede Maskavas FF
    Moskovskaja FF, Latvia
  • Ihtiola Ziede Tveras FF
    Tveras, Latvia
  • Inotyol
    Brady, Austria
  • Inotyol [+ Titanium Dioxide, + Zinc Oxide]
    BGP Products, Denmark; BGP Products, Sweden; Mylan, Norway; Urgo, Belgium; Urgo, Luxembourg
  • Ittiolo
    Almus, Italy; Marco Viti Farmac., Italy; New.Fa.Dem., Italy; Sella, Italy; Zeta Farm., Italy
  • Ittiolo Afom
    Afom Medical, Italy
  • Ittiolo Polifarma Benessere
    Polifarma Benessere, Italy
  • Masc Ichtiolowa Aflofarm
    Aflofarm Farmacja, Poland
  • Masc Ichtiolowa Amara
    Amara, Poland
  • Masc Ichtiolowa Avena
    Avena, Poland
  • Masc Ichtiolowa Farmina
    Farmina, Poland
  • Masc Ichtiolowa Galenowe
    Laboratorium Galenowe Olsztyn, Poland
  • Masc Ichtiolowa Prolab
    Prolab, Poland
  • Oxythyol [+ Zinc Oxide]
    Richard, France
  • Phlegmodolor 40% [veterinary use]
    WDT, Germany
  • Phlegmodolor 50% [veterinary use]
    WDT, Germany
  • Phlegmon Black Label [+ Camphor, + Methyl Salicylate] [veterinary use]
    Ausrichter, Australia
  • Pommade Icthyolee 10%
    Pharmadex, Lebanon
  • Thiobitum 20%
    Carinopharm, Germany
  • Trekzalf
    Remark Groep, Netherlands
  • Unguentum Ammonii Sulfobituminici [veterinary use]
    Drwalewskie Zaklady Przemyslu Bioweterynaryjnego, Poland
  • Ursolan-Zugsalbe 50% [veterinary use]
    Serumber, Germany
  • Vaseline Ichtyolee
    Mephico, Lebanon
  • Zugsalbe effect 20%
    Infectopharm, Germany
  • Zugsalbe effect 50%
    Infectopharm, Germany
  • Ichtho
    Ichthyol, Austria; Ichthyol, Germany
  • Wedederm [veterinary use]
    WDT, Germany
  • Aknichthol soft
    Ichthyol, Germany
  • Ichthraletten
    Ichthyol, Germany
  • Solutio Cordes 0,5%
    Ichthyol, Austria
  • Aknichthol
    Ichthyol, Germany
  • Aknichthol [+ Salicylic Acid]
    Ichthyol, Austria; Medinova, Switzerland
  • Ichthocortin [+ Hydrocortisone]
    Ichthyol, Germany
  • Ichthoderm
    Ichthyol, Germany
  • Ichtholan T
    Ichthyol, Germany
  • Ichthomed
    Ichthyol, Germany
  • Ichthosin
    Ichthyol, Germany
  • Leukichtan
    Ichthyol, Austria; Ichthyol, Germany
  • Solutio Cordes
    Ichthyol, Germany


BANBritish Approved Name
DCFDénomination Commune Française
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name

Further information on drug naming conventions: International Nonproprietary Names.

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