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ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories

Analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, NSAID

Chemical Name

Benzeneacetic acid, 3-benzoyl-alpha-metyl-, (S)-

Foreign Names

  • Dexketoprofenum (Latin)
  • Dexketoprofen (German)
  • Dexkétoprofène (French)
  • Dexketoprofeno (Spanish)

Generic Names

Brand Names

  • Actidex
    Incepta, Bangladesh
  • Arveles
    I.E. Ulagay, Turkey
  • Deksalgin
    Nobel, Turkey
  • Dexketo care
    Pharma care, Egypt
  • Dexketoprofen Sandoz
    Sandoz, Denmark
  • Dexmol
    Nuvomed, Turkey
  • Dexofen
    Atabay, Turkey
  • Dexomen
    A. Menarini, Serbia; Berlin-Chemie, Serbia
  • Dexpro
    Akar Farma, Turkey
  • Dextrafast
    Mash, Egypt
  • Dolmen
    Berlin-Chemie, Latvia; Menarini, Lithuania
  • Elektra
    Santa-Farma, Turkey
  • Fen Li
    Anlian Pharmaceutical, China
  • Keral
    Menarini, Malta; Menarini, Mexico
  • Ketesse
    A. Menarini, Poland; A. Menarini, Singapore; Biotoscana, Peru; I.E. Ulagay, Turkey; Menarini, Denmark; Menarini, Ecuador; Menarini, Malaysia; Menarini, Slovenia
  • Ketesse SL
    A. Menarini, Poland
  • Keto-D
    Acme, Bangladesh
  • Ketron-D
    ACI, Bangladesh
  • Kitex
    Square, Bangladesh
  • Kynol D
    Eskayef, Bangladesh
  • Leodex
    Bilim, Turkey
  • Menadex
    Menarini, Slovenia
  • Neo ketadex
    Marcyrl, Egypt
  • Rastel
    Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey
  • Tador
    Berlin-Chemie, Romania; Menarini, Romania
  • Zirven
    Ulkar, Turkey
  • Adolquir
    Fermon, Spain
  • Deksalgin
    Nobel, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Desketo
    Abdi Ibrahim, Georgia; Malesci, Italy
  • Dexadol
    Berlin-Chemie, Slovakia
  • Dexak
    Berlin-Chemie/ Menarini, Poland
  • Dexalgin
    Berlin-Chemie, Russian Federation; Menarini, Georgia
  • Dexarom
    Rompharm, Georgia
  • Dexcetoprofeno Combino
    Combino, Portugal
  • Dexketoproteg
    Laboratorio Tecnoquímicas, Guatemala; Laboratorio Tecnoquímicas, El Salvador
  • Dexofen
    Berlin-Chemie, Bulgaria
  • Dexoket
    Berlin-Chemie, Czech Republic
  • Dexomen
    Berlin Chemie, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Dextanol
    Nobelfarma, Georgia
  • Dktrom
    Cheminter, Guatemala
  • Dolmen
    A. Menarini, Estonia
  • Enangel
    Menarini, Spain
  • Enantyum
    A. Menarini, Portugal; Laboratorios Menarini, Austria; Menarini, Argentina; Menarini, Belgium; Menarini, Costa Rica; Menarini, Dominican Republic; Menarini, Spain; Menarini, Guatemala; Menarini, Honduras; Menarini, Italy; Menarini, Nicaragua; Menarini, Netherlands; Menarini, Panama; Menarini, El Salvador; Menarini International Operations Luxembourg S.A., Hungary
  • Keral
    A. Menarini, United Kingdom; A. Menarini, Ireland; Menarini, Malta
  • Ketesgel
    Rovi, Spain
  • Ketesse
    A. Menarini, Estonia; A. Menarini, Philippines; A. Menarini, Portugal; Biotoscana, Colombia; Ferron/Menarini, Indonesia; Lusofarmaco, Italy; Menarini, Austria; Menarini, Belgium; Menarini, Switzerland; Menarini, Finland; Menarini, Lithuania; Menarini, Norway; Menarini, Slovakia; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Spain; Rovi, Spain
  • Ketodex
    Berlin-Chemie, Hungary
  • Ketodex Forte
    Berlin-Chemie, Hungary
  • Kui La Lan
    Anlian Pharmaceutical, China
  • Merlix
    Unipharm, Costa Rica; Unipharm, Guatemala; Unipharm, Honduras; Unipharm, Nicaragua; Unipharm, Panama; Unipharm, El Salvador
  • Nosatel
    Guidotti, Greece
  • Orodek
    Menarini, Norway
  • Quiralam
    Menarini, Costa Rica; Menarini, Dominican Republic; Menarini, Guatemala; Menarini, Honduras; Menarini, Nicaragua; Menarini, Panama; Menarini, El Salvador; Retrain, Spain
  • Quirgel
    Juste, Spain
  • Rotalfen
    Rompharm, Georgia
  • Rotalgin
    Rompharm, Georgia
  • Stadium
    Menarini, Netherlands; Sanfer, Mexico
  • Sympal
    Berlin-Chemie, Germany
  • Tofedex
    Lapi Laboratories, Indonesia
  • Viaxal
    Menarini, Greece
  • Youbaifen
    Condition Pharmaceutical, China

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BANBritish Approved Name
BANMBritish Approved Name (Modified)
DCFDénomination Commune Française
ISInofficial Synonym
OSOfficial Synonym
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)

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