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In some countries, this medicine may only be approved for veterinary use.

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ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories

Vitamin D₃

Vitamin replacement

Chemical Names



(5Z,7E,3S)-9,10-Secocholesta-5,7,10(19)-trien-3-ol (IUPAC)

7-Dehydrocholesterol, activated (USAN)

7-Dehydrocholesterol, irradiated

9,10-Secocholesta-5,7,10(19)-trien-3-ol, (3β,5Z,7E)-

Cyclohexanol, 3-((2E)-2-((1R,3aS,7aR)-1-((1R)-1,5-dimetylhexyl)octahydro-7a-metyl-4H-inden-4-ylidene)etylidene)-4-metylene-, (1S,3Z)-

Foreign Names

  • Colecalciferolum (Latin)
  • Colecalciferol (German)
  • Colécalciférol (French)
  • Colecalciferol (Spanish)

Generic Names

  • Cholecalciferol (OS: JAN)
  • Cholécalciférol (OS: DCF)
  • Colecalciferol (OS: BAN)
  • Colecalciferolo (OS: DCIT)
  • CCRIS 6286 (IS)
  • EINECS 200-673-2 (IS)
  • EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 202901 (IS)
  • HSDB 820 (IS)
  • NSC 375571 (IS)
  • Oleovitamin D₃ (IS)
  • UNII-1C6V77QF41 (IS)
  • Vitamin D₃ (IS)
  • Cholecalciferol (PH: JP XVI, Ph. Eur. 8, USP 37)
  • Cholécalciférol (PH: Ph. Eur. 8)
  • Cholecalciferolum (PH: Ph. Eur. 8)
  • Colecalciferol (PH: BP 2015, Ph. Int. 4)
  • Colecalciferol Concentrate (Oily Form) (PH: BP 2015)
  • Colecalciferol Concentrate (Powder Form) (PH: BP 2015)
  • Colecalciferol Concentrate (Water-dispersible Form) (PH: BP 2015)
  • Colecalciferolum (PH: Ph. Int. 4)

Brand Names

  • A- és D-Vitamin (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Vitaking Kft., Hungary
  • A-Cal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Acme, Bangladesh
  • Accrete D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Internis Pharmaceuticals, United Kingdom
  • Acical-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    ACI, Bangladesh
  • Acrocal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Acromax, Ecuador
  • AD3 (Colecalciferol and Colecalciferol)
    Krka, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • AD3 (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Krka, Slovenia
  • Adcal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Admac, India
  • Adcal-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    ProStrakan, United Kingdom
  • AD-CND (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Encore, India
  • Aderogil (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Sanofi Aventis, Brazil
  • Aderogyl (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Sanofi, Dominican Republic; Sanofi, Guatemala; Sanofi, Panama; Sanofi-Aventis, Costa Rica; Sanofi-Aventis, Honduras; Sanofi-Aventis, Nicaragua; Sanofi-Aventis, El Salvador
  • Adexolin (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    GlaxoSmithKline, India
  • Adisterolo (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Abiogen Pharma, Italy
  • Adrigyl
    Crinex, France
  • Adrovance (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Ferrer Farma, Spain; Ipsen, France; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Greece; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Croatia (Hrvatska); Merck Sharp & Dohme, Italy; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Lithuania; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Portugal; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Slovakia; MSD, Netherlands
  • Ad-Til (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Nycomed Pharma, Brazil
  • Aidbone Plus D (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Samjin, South Korea
  • Aldrox-D (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Pasteur, Chile
  • Alenbone Plus (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Pymepharco, Vietnam
  • Alendra Pack (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Medco, Peru
  • Alendron D3-Mepha (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Mepha Pharma, Switzerland
  • Alendronato + Vitamina D3 La Santé (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    La Santé, Colombia
  • Alendronato Plus Biogenet (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    BioGenet, Ecuador
  • Alendronsäure comp. ratiopharm (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    ratiopharm, Austria
  • Alendronsäure/Colecalciferol AbZ (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    AbZ-Pharma, Germany
  • Alendronsäure-ratiopharm plus Colecalciferol (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    ratiopharm, Germany
  • Alendros Plus D (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Kukje, South Korea
  • Alenfos Plus D (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Kwang Dong, South Korea
  • A-Lennon Calciferol
    Aspen Pharmacare, South Africa
  • Amos Anti Melkziektestoot (veterinary use)
    Kommer, Netherlands
  • Apocal-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Apex, Bangladesh
  • Aquadetrim
    Medana, Lithuania; Medana, Russian Federation; Medana, Vietnam
  • Aquadetrim Plus (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Medana, Georgia
  • Aquadetrim Vitamin D3
    Medana, Georgia
  • Aquasol (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Minerva, Greece
  • Arachitol
    Solvay, India
  • Arendal D3 (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Pharma Investi, Chile; Roemmers, Colombia
  • Aristocal-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Beximco, Bangladesh
  • Armol Plus (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Bussié, Colombia
  • Arocal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Aronex, India
  • Arucal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Avalanche, India
  • Ascofol-D (Colecalciferol and Ascorbic Acid)
    Beximco, Bangladesh
  • Atormac-D (Colecalciferol and Atorvastatin)
    Macleods, India
  • Balya (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Turkey
  • Barocal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Baroda, India
  • Béres Kalcium + D3-vitamin (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Béres, Hungary
  • Best D3-Vitamin
    Vitatrade Hungary Kft., Hungary
  • Bio-Cal (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    TTY Biopharm, Taiwan
  • Biocalcium D MK (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    MK, Colombia
  • BIOCO D3-vitamin
    BioCo Magyarország Kft., Hungary
  • BIOCO Kalcium + D3-vitamin (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    BioCo Magyarország Kft., Hungary
  • Bipidone (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Bipi, India
  • Blackmores Vitamin D3
    Blackmores, Hong Kong
  • Bluvit-D3
    Blue Cross, India
  • Bobik D
    Novascon Pharm, Latvia
  • Bonecit-De (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Sriprasit Pharma, Thailand
  • Bonemass D (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Incepta, Bangladesh
  • Bonesil D Flas (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Gebro, Spain
  • Boneza (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Zada, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Boni-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Delta, Bangladesh
  • Bonmax-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Novelta, Bangladesh
  • Bonswe (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    BMW, India
  • Bonzplus (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Plus India, India
  • Briozcal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Bridge Healthcare, Vietnam
  • Brocalcio (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Roemmers, Ecuador
  • Brocalcio D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Roemmers, Peru; Roemmers, Venezuela
  • Cacit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Procter & Gamble, Portugal
  • Cacit D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Warner Chilcott, United Kingdom
  • Cacit Vitamina D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Procter & Gamble, Belgium; Warner Chilcott, Italy
  • Cacit Vitamine D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Warner Chilcott, France; Warner, Netherlands
  • CaD (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Will, Netherlands
  • CaD3Mylan (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Mylan, Belgium
  • Cadevit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Gynopharm, Colombia; Lafi, Chile
  • Cadmin (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    General Pharma, Bangladesh
  • Cadolin (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Jayson, Bangladesh
  • Cadtre (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    New Research, Italy
  • Cal + D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Verisfield, Greece
  • Cal.D. Forte
    API, New Zealand
  • Calbo-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Square, Bangladesh
  • Calbon-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Aristopharma, Bangladesh
  • Calcanate With D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    ST Pharma, Thailand
  • Calcefor D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Chile, Chile; Cormin, Ecuador
  • Calcefor D Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Cormin, Ecuador
  • Calceos (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Galen, United Kingdom
  • Calcial D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Alacan, Spain
  • Calci-Best
    Bestochem, India
  • Calcibon D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Farma, Venezuela; Grupo Farma, Colombia; Grupo Farma, Ecuador
  • Calcibone D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Grupo Farma, Peru
  • Calcical-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Techno, Bangladesh
  • CalciCare-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Orion Pharma, Germany
  • CalciCare-D3 FORTE (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Orion Pharma, Germany
  • Calcichew D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Nycomed, Czech Republic; Takeda, Netherlands
  • Calcichew-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Leiras, Finland; Nycomed, Hungary; Nycomed, Taiwan; Shire, United Kingdom; Shire, Ireland; Takeda Pharma, Sweden
  • Calcichew-D3 Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Shire, United Kingdom; Takeda Pharma, Sweden
  • Calcichew-D3 forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda, Denmark
  • Calcichew-D3 Mite (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda Pharma, Sweden
  • Calcicold3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Fidia Farmaceutici, Italy
  • Calcid (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    PharmaBrand, Ecuador
  • Calcid D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    PharmaBrand, Ecuador
  • Calciday (Colecalciferol and Calcium carbonate)
    Medisys, Philippines
  • Calciday-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium carbonate)
    Mentis, Turkey
  • Calcidif (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Ranbaxy, India
  • Calcidina (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Alapis Pharma, Greece
  • CalciDoc (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Biokirch, Germany
  • Calcidose Vitamine D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Mayoly Spindler, France
  • Calciduran Vit. D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Meda, Austria
  • Calcifar Plus (Colecalciferol and Calcium Hydrogen Phosphat)
    Ifars, Indonesia
  • Calciferol
    Renata, Bangladesh
  • Calciferol D3
    Wild, Switzerland
  • Calciform (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Iasis Pharma, Greece
  • Calcigen (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Cadila, India
  • Calcigen D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Rottapharm/Madaus, Germany
  • Calcigen D forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Rottapharm/Madaus, Germany
  • Calcigen D intens (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Rottapharm/Madaus, Germany
  • Calcigran (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Nycomed, Lithuania; Takeda, Estonia; Takeda Global Research & Development Center, Inc., Latvia
  • Calcigran Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda, Estonia; Takeda, Norway; Takeda Global Research & Development Center, Inc., Latvia
  • Calcilac (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Dermapharm, Austria; mibe, Germany; Sun-Farm, Poland
  • Calcimagon Extra D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda, Germany
  • Calcimagon-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda Pharma, Switzerland
  • Calcimagon-D3 Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda Pharma, Switzerland
  • Calcimagon-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda, Germany
  • Calcimagon-D3 UNO (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda, Germany
  • Calcimax D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Garden House, Peru; Pasteur, Chile
  • Calcimax-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Basel, Turkey
  • Calcimed D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Hermes, Germany
  • Calcimed-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Genesis, Turkey
  • Calcimonta (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Calcin-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Renata, Bangladesh
  • Calci-Net D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Inventim, Turkey
  • Calcinol-1000 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Raptakos, Thailand
  • Calcinol-RB (Colecalciferol and Calcium, Magnesium hydroxide)
    Raptakos, Myanmar
  • Calcinorm D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Ponroy Vitarmonyl Industries, Georgia
  • Calcio + D MK (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    MK, Colombia
  • Calcio + Vit. D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    LCG, Peru; Portugal, Peru
  • Calcio + Vitamina D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Genfar, Peru
  • Calcio + Vitamina D Genfar (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Genfar, Ecuador; Genfar S.A., Colombia; Genfar S.A., Dominican Republic; Genfar S.A., Guatemala; Genfar S.A., Honduras; Genfar S.A., Nicaragua; Genfar S.A., Panama; Genfar S.A., El Salvador
  • Calcio + Vitamina D Sundown (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Ipef, Colombia
  • Cálcio + Vitamina D3 Farmalíder (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Farmalíder, Portugal
  • Cálcio + Vitamina D3 ratiopharm (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Ratiopharm, Portugal
  • Calcio 20 Fuerte Madariaga (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Madariaga, Spain
  • Calcio 600 + D MK (Colecalciferol and Calcium carbonate)
    MK, Ecuador
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 ABC (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    ABC Farmaceutici, Italy
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 Actavis (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Actavis Italy, Italy
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 Almus (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Almus, Italy
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 Calox (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Calox, Venezuela
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 DOC Generici (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    DOC Generici, Italy
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 Dr Reddy's (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Dr Reddy's, Italy
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 EG (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    EG, Italy
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 Germed (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Germed Pharma, Italy
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 Hexal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Hexal, Italy
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 Pensa (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Pensa Pharma, Italy
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 ratiopharm (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    ratiopharm Italia, Italy
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 Sofar (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sofar, Italy
  • Calcio Carbonato + Vitamina D3 Union Health (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Union Health, Italy
  • Calcio citrato + Vitamina D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Marfan, Peru
  • Calcio D Arkomedica (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Arkochim, Spain
  • Calcio D Isdin (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Isdin, Spain
  • Calcio Vitam D3 Rovi (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Rovi, Spain
  • Calcio Vitamina D3 Recordati (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Recordati, Spain
  • Calciofar D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Elmor, Venezuela
  • Calcioferol D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Medco, Peru
  • Calcioferol D Kids (Colecalciferol and Calcium (pediatric))
    Medco, Peru
  • Calciogenol (Colecalciferol and Calcium Gluconate)
    Etifar, Venezuela
  • Calcionatur (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Sherfarma, Peru
  • Calcioplex D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Iqfarma, Peru
  • Calcioral (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Nycomed, Greece
  • Calcioral D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Nycomed, Greece
  • Calcior-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Delta, Portugal
  • Calciperl (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Alkem, India
  • Calciprat D3 (Colecalciferol and Callcium Carbonate)
    Alfa Wassermann Pharma, France
  • Calciprat Vitamine D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Iprad, Tunisia
  • Calcirol
    Cadila, India; Drug International, Bangladesh
  • Calcitab D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    ITF, Portugal
  • Calcitra Calcium Citrate with D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Pharmatech, Peru
  • Calcitral D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Laboratorios Siegfried, Colombia
  • Calcitral-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Acromax Dominicana, Dominican Republic
  • Calcitrex D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Oftalmi, Venezuela
  • Calciu-D3 Masticabil (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Nycomed, Romania
  • Calcium Cholecalciferol Béres (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Béres, Czech Republic
  • Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D3 Jamieson (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Jamieson Lab, Hong Kong
  • Calcium D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Pharmasant Lab, Thailand
  • Calcium D Sandoz (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Novartis, Greece; Sandoz, Portugal
  • Calcium D3 AbZ (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    AbZ-Pharma, Germany
  • Calcium D3 acis (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    acis, Germany
  • Calcium D3 beta (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Betapharm, Germany
  • Calcium D3 forte-CT (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    AbZ-Pharma, Germany
  • Calcium D3-CT (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    AbZ-Pharma, Germany
  • Calcium D3-ratiopharm (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    ratiopharm, Germany
  • Calcium D3-ratiopharm forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    ratiopharm, Germany
  • Calcium D3 AbZ (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    AbZ-Pharma, Germany
  • Calcium D3 IAB (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    IBN, Tunisia
  • Calcium D3 Sandoz (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sandoz, Switzerland; Sandoz, Italy
  • Calcium D3 Sandoz (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Sandoz, Switzerland
  • Calcium D3-Mepha (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Mepha Pharma, Switzerland
  • Calcium Milky Chew (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Abbott, Malaysia
  • Calcium Sandoz + D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sandoz, Colombia
  • Calcium Sandoz +Vitamin D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium mixture of several salts)
    Famar France, Vietnam
  • Calcium Sandoz +Vitamin D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Sandoz, Poland
  • Calcium Sandoz D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Novartis Consumer Health, Spain
  • Calcium Verla D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Verla, Germany
  • Calcium Vitamin D3 Stada (Colecalciferol and Calcium mixture of several salts)
    Stada-VN JV, Vietnam
  • Calcium Vitamin D3 Zentiva (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Zentiva, Germany
  • Calcium Vitamine D3 Biogaran (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Biogaran, France
  • Calcium Vitamine D3 EG (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    EG Labo, France
  • Calcium Vitamine D3 Mylan (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Mylan, France
  • Calcium Vitamine D3 ratiopharm (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Teva Santé, France
  • Calcium Vitamine D3 Sandoz (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sandoz, France
  • Calcium Vitamine D3 Teva (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Teva Santé, France
  • Calcium Vitamine D3 Zydus (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Zydus, France
  • Calcium with Vitamin D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Pharmatech, Peru
  • Calcium with Vitamin D Plus YSP (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    YSP, Malaysia
  • Calcium with Vitamin D YSP (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    YSP, Malaysia
  • Calcium/Vitamine D3 acis (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    acis, Czech Republic; acis, Slovakia
  • Calcium+Vitamin D Alice Loren (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Alice Loren, Greece
  • Calcium-D3 AL (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Aliud, Germany
  • Calcium-D3 Nycomed (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Nycomed, Georgia; Nycomed, Russian Federation
  • Calcium-D3 Nycomed forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Nycomed, Georgia
  • Calcium-D3-mic (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    UP Minskintercaps, Georgia
  • Calcium-D3-mic forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    UP Minskintercaps, Georgia
  • Calcium-D-Sandoz (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Novartis, Turkey; Sandoz, Austria; Sandoz, Hungary
  • Calcium-dura Vit D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Mylan dura, Germany
  • Calcium-Sandoz (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sandoz, Peru
  • Calcium-Sandoz Forte + D (Colecalciferol and Calcium mixture of several salts)
    Novartis, Thailand
  • Calcival D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Valdecasas, Mexico
  • Calcivet (Colecalciferol and Calcium Borogluconate (veterinary use))
    Vetafarm, Australia
  • CalciviD (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Beres, Bulgaria; Béres, Hungary; Béres, Lithuania; Beres Pharmaceuticals, Poland
  • CalciviD citrát (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Béres, Hungary
  • Calcivit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate)
    UB Interpharm, Switzerland
  • Calcivit D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Hexal, Germany
  • Calcivit D forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Hexal, Germany
  • Calcivita forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium carbonate)
    Mega Lifesciences, Myanmar
  • Calcivorin D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Mintlab, Chile
  • Cal-Col (Colecalciferol and Calcium mixture of several salts)
    ECU, Ecuador
  • Calcol-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    ECU, Ecuador
  • Calcos Vitamine D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Arkopharma, France
  • Cald 3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    A.G. Therapy, Greece
  • Calday (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Biovitamins, India
  • Caldefix (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Art Med, Romania
  • Caldesil (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Menarini, Greece
  • Caldetri (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Global Multi Pharmalab, Indonesia
  • Caldeval (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Saval, Peru
  • Caldical-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Ziska, Bangladesh
  • Caldil Plus (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Drug International, Bangladesh
  • Caldivit (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Bangladesh
  • Caldoral D Lafrancol (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Lafrancol, Colombia
  • Cal-D-Vita (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Bayer, Austria; Bayer, Romania; Bayer, Sweden; Bayer, Turkey
  • Calfomin D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Refasa, Peru
  • Calfor (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Icofarma, Colombia
  • Calfor-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Asiatic Lab, Bangladesh
  • Calfovit D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    A. Menarini, United Kingdom; Menarini, Denmark
  • Calisvit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Menarini, Belgium; Menarini, Italy; Menarini, Netherlands
  • Calmax (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Great Eastern, Thailand
  • Calnic Plus (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Gracia Pharmindo, Indonesia
  • Calodis (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Esteve, Spain
  • Calovid D (Colecalciferol and Calium Carbonate)
    Coaspharma, Colombia
  • Calpal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Arex Technology Inc., Venezuela
  • Calpero Osteo (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Merckle, Poland
  • Calperos D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Bouchara-Recordati, Lithuania; Bouchara Recordati, Lebanon; Bouchara-Recordati, France; Bouchara-Recordati, Hong Kong; Bouchara-Recordati, Tunisia; Pierre Fabre, Switzerland; Teva Pharmaceuticals, Poland
  • Calphosfomin (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    AHPL, India
  • Calplusd3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Guidotti, Italy
  • Calpo-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Medicon, Bangladesh
  • Calporosis (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Mersifarma, Indonesia
  • Cals-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Bilim, Turkey
  • Calshel-CT (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Sain, India
  • Calsical (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Teguhsindo, Indonesia
  • Calsiro (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Nufarindo, Indonesia
  • Calsto-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Monico, Bangladesh
  • Caltab W/ Vitamin D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Millimed, Thailand
  • Caltex D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Coaspharma, Colombia
  • Caltop (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Lupin, India
  • Caltrate (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Pfizer, Malaysia; Pfizer, Netherlands; Pfizer, Portugal; Pfizer, Taiwan; Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Canada; Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Ireland
  • Caltrate + Vit. D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Pfizer, Peru
  • Caltrate +D (Colecalciferol and Calcium carbonate)
    Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Hong Kong
  • Caltrate 600+D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Pfizer, Thailand; Wyeth, Venezuela; Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, Colombia
  • Caltrate D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Wyeth, Lebanon
  • Caltrate Vit D
    Pfizer, Singapore
  • Caltrate Vitamine D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Pfizer Santé Familiale, France
  • Caltreck (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Quilab, Peru
  • Caltreck D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Quilab, Peru
  • Caltrox + Vitamina D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Ophalac, Colombia
  • Calvical (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Intra, India
  • Calvidin (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Rotta Pharmaceuticals, Costa Rica; Rotta Pharmaceuticals, Guatemala; Rotta Pharmaceuticals, Honduras; Rotta Pharmaceuticals, Panama; Rottapharm, Ireland; Rottapharm, Poland
  • Calvimax (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Incepta, Bangladesh
  • Calvin +D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Biolab, Thailand
  • Calvit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Multicare, Philippines
  • Calvita (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Active HC, India
  • Calvive D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Novartis Consumer Health, Switzerland
  • Caprimida D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Pharmalab, Peru; Recalcine, Chile; Recalcine, Ecuador
  • Caprimida D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate Malate)
    Gynopharm, Colombia
  • Caprimida D Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Pharmalab, Peru
  • Carbocal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Farmasierra, Spain; Unison, Thailand
  • Carbocalcio (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Sherfarma, Peru
  • Carbonate de Calcio / Vitamina D Colmed (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Colmed, Colombia
  • Carbosan D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Medco, Peru
  • Castelle D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Albis, Peru
  • Cavea (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Pharos, Indonesia
  • Cavida (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Ethica Industri Farmasi, Indonesia
  • Cavirox (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Roux-Ocefa, Argentina
  • Cavirox Cit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Roux-Ocefa, Argentina
  • Cavit D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Merck, Indonesia
  • CDR Fortos (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Bayer Healthcare, Indonesia; Bayer Thai Co Ltd, Thailand
  • Centrum Calcium+D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Canada
  • Centrum Vitamin D3
    Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Canada
  • Cimascal D Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Teva, Spain
  • Cit Cal D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Qualipharm, Peru
  • Citracal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Bayer Consumer Care, Canada
  • Citracal +D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Mission Pharmacal, Hong Kong; Vivax, Venezuela
  • Citragel (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate Malate)
    Procaps, Colombia
  • Citrato de Calcio (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Meyer, Venezuela
  • Citrocalcio (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Sherfarma, Peru
  • CM-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Sanify, India
  • Crecimax Kids (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate (pediatric))
    Roxfarma, Peru
  • C-Yum (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate Malate)
    Zydus, India
  • D3-Vicotrat
    Heyl, Germany
  • D3 Calcio (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Medifarma, Peru
  • D3 Farmax
    Svus Pharma, Latvia
  • D3Up
    AHPL, India
  • D3-Veda
    Vidakem, India
  • Danical-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Labovida, Ecuador
  • DBal Vitamin D3 (veterinary use)
    Sykes Vet International, Australia
  • D-Calcium (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Farmedia, Greece
  • D-CURA
    SMB, Netherlands
  • D-Cure
    SMB, Belgium
  • Ddrops
    Pharmacon, Singapore
  • Decal (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Menarini, Greece
  • Decalcit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate)
    Geistlich, Switzerland; Geistlisch, Lebanon
  • Degalcit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate)
    ISUS, Portugal
  • Degrafral D3-1000 (veterinary use)
    Gräub, Switzerland
  • Dekristol
    mibe, Germany
  • Densical D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Vitória, Portugal
  • Densical vitamine D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Zambon, France
  • Desunin
    Meda, United Kingdom; Meda, Ireland
  • Detremin
    Renapharma, Denmark; Renapharma, Finland; Renapharma, Norway
  • Devaron
    Valwater, Netherlands
  • Devikap
    Medana Pharma, Poland
  • Devit-3
    Deva, Turkey
  • Devitre
    Takeda Pharma, Sweden
  • D-Fluoretten (Colecalciferol and Sodium Fluoride)
    Sanofi-Aventis, Germany
  • Dibase
    Abiogen Pharma, Italy
  • Dical (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Grünenthal, Mexico
  • Dicamax (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Dalim, South Korea
  • Dioflam (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Polychronis, Greece
  • Disnal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Ferrer Farma, Spain
  • Ditrost (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Crinos, Italy
  • Divisun
    Meda, Denmark; Meda, Norway; Meda, Sweden
  • Dmcal-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Vidakem, India
  • Doctor`s Choice fortified bone support (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Vita Green, Hong Kong
  • Donicil (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sigma-Tau, Italy
  • D-Pearls
    Pharma Nord, Latvia
  • DQ4080 (Colecalciferol and Ubidecarenone)
    Korean Drug, South Korea
  • Duocal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Chalver, Colombia
  • Duphafral (veterinary use)
    D-Vett, Netherlands; Pfizer, Austria; Pfizer Animal Health, Belgium; Pfizer Animal Health, Italy; Pfizer Animal Health, Netherlands; Zoetis, France
  • Duphafral D3 (veterinary use)
    Zoetis, Ireland
  • D-Wik
    Encore, India
  • Dycical (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Dycine, India
  • Edical-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Edruc, Bangladesh
  • Elcal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    ABL Pharma, Peru; Andromaco, Chile
  • Elcal D Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    ABL, Ecuador; ABL Pharma, Peru; Andromaco, Chile
  • Elcal D Plus (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    ABL, Ecuador; Andromaco, Chile
  • Elcal D Supra (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Andromaco, Chile
  • Eptavit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Biocodex, France; Leurquin, Romania
  • Eurocal D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    1x2 Pharma, Italy
  • Ezcal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate Malate)
    Zydus Cadila, Myanmar
  • Farma D
    Farma, Colombia
  • Femibion Calcio D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Merck, Colombia
  • Fido's Calcium Gluconate (Colecalciferol and Calcium Gluconate (veterinary use))
    Mavlab, Australia
  • Fixcal-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Vitalis, Turkey
  • Fixical vitamine D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Expanscience, France; Expanscience, Tunisia
  • Flavettes Cal D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    CCM Pharmaceuticals, Hong Kong; Upha, Hong Kong; UPHA Pharmaceutical, Vietnam
  • Fluor Vigantoletten (Colecalciferol and Sodium Fluoride)
    Merck, Romania
  • Fluor-Vigantoletten (Colecalciferol and Sodium Fluoride)
    Merck Serono, Germany
  • Fluostérol (Colecalciferol and Sodium Fluoride)
    Crinex, France
  • Foncal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Santiago, India
  • Fortecal D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Inventim, Turkey
  • Fortica (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    ST Pharma, Thailand
  • Fortical D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Life, Ecuador
  • Fosadron Plus (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Yungjin, South Korea
  • Fosamax D (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Merck, United States
  • Fosamax Plus (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Merck Sharp & Dohme, Australia; Merck Sharp & Dohme, China; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Colombia; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Hong Kong; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Indonesia; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Mexico; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Malaysia; Merck Sharp & Dohme, New Zealand; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Singapore; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Taiwan; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Vietnam; MSD, Argentina; MSD, Costa Rica; MSD, Dominican Republic; MSD, Guatemala; MSD, Honduras; MSD, Nicaragua; MSD, Panama; MSD, Peru; MSD, El Salvador; MSD, Thailand
  • Fosavance (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Merck, Canada; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Austria; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Belgium; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Bahrain; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Czech Republic; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Spain; Merck Sharp & Dohme, United Kingdom; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Greece; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Croatia (Hrvatska); Merck Sharp & Dohme, Ireland; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Israel; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Iceland; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Lebanon; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Lithuania; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Philippines; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Portugal; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Romania; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Serbia; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Russian Federation; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Slovenia; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Slovakia; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Tunisia; MSD, Switzerland; MSD, Denmark; MSD, Finland; MSD, Netherlands; MSD, Norway; MSD, Sweden; MSD, South Africa; MSD France, France; MSD Italia, Italy; MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme, Germany; MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme, Turkey; MSD Pharma, Hungary; Vianex, Greece
  • FOSAVANCE (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Merck Sharp & Dohme, Latvia
  • Foscald3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Firma, Italy
  • Fosmin Plus (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Refasa, Peru
  • Fultium-D3
    Internis Pharmaceuticals, United Kingdom
  • GCS (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate Malate)
    Micro Labs, India
  • Genshyne
    Medicis, India
  • Giralmet (Colecalciferol and Magnesium)
    Metlen, Colombia
  • Gocal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Daehwa Pharmaceutical, South Korea
  • H.A.Vitamins D3
    Healthaid, Latvia
  • Helios
    Azevedos, Portugal
  • Ibercal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Pidolate)
    Merck S.L., Spain
  • Ideos (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Innotech, Germany; Innotech, Estonia; Innotech, Hungary; Innotech, Lithuania; Innotech, Portugal; Innotech, Romania; Innotech, Taiwan; Innothera, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Innothera, Bulgaria; Innothera, Georgia; Innothera, Serbia; Providens, Croatia (Hrvatska); Rottapharm, Italy; Vianex, Greece; Warner Chilott Iberia, Spain; Zuoz, Venezuela
  • Idéos (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Innotech, France
  • Idéos (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Innotech International, Vietnam
  • Ideos Unidia (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Warner Chilott Iberia, Spain
  • ILS-D3
    Intellect, India
  • InVita D3
    Consilient Health, United Kingdom
  • Ipical-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Ibn Sina, Bangladesh
  • Isocal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Doctor's Chemical Works, Bangladesh
  • Italcalcio (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Italchem, Ecuador
  • Juscal (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Commonwealth, India
  • Juvit D3
    Hasco-Lek, Poland
  • Kalaz D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Savio I.B.N., Italy
  • Kalcipos-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Meda, Finland; Meda, United Kingdom; Meda, Ireland; Meda, Malta; Meda, Netherlands; Meda, Norway; Meda, Poland; Recip, Sweden
  • Kalcipos-D forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Meda, Estonia; Meda, Finland; Recip, Sweden; Recipharm Fontaine, Bulgaria
  • Kalcipos-D mite (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Recip, Sweden
  • Kalcipos-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    MEDA Pharma, Switzerland
  • Kalcium/D3-Vitamin Wagner (Colecalciferol and Calcium carbonate)
    Wagner Pharma, Hungary
  • Kalsium med Vitamin D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Farmagon, Norway
  • Kal-Vit-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    B L Hua, Thailand
  • Kidcal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Grupo Farma, Colombia; Grupo Farma, Ecuador
  • Kidcalvit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Bridge Healthcare, Vietnam
  • Klacipos-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Meda, Poland
  • Kombi-Kalz (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Meda Pharma, Czech Republic
  • Komplivit Calcium D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Pharmstandard, Georgia
  • Lecium (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate Malate)
    Lifecare, India
  • Leodrin Plus (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Pharmalab, Peru
  • LEV Vitamin D3
    L.E.V., Latvia
  • Licokalk Plus (Colecalciferol and Calcium Lactate)
    Berlico Mulia Farma, Indonesia
  • Logical (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Serum Institute, India
  • Mabone (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    ACI, Bangladesh
  • Macrocal-D Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Ventaglio, Chile
  • Marvil D (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Elisium, Argentina
  • Mastical D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Nycomed, Spain
  • Mastical D Unidia (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Nycomed, Spain
  • Masticalcio (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Garden House, Peru
  • MaxD3
    Molekule, India
  • Maxical (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Orion, Bangladesh
  • Maxicalc (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Ache, Brazil
  • Maxi-Kalz Vit. D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Meda, Austria
  • Maxucal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Farmindustria, Peru
  • Megacal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Hospimedikka, Ecuador
  • Mencalisvit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Lactate)
    Retrain, Spain
  • Meneva (Colecalciferol and Calcium Lactate)
    Algorithm, Lebanon
  • Metocal Vit D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Rottapharm, Malaysia
  • Metocal Vitamina D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Teofarma, Italy
  • Metocalcium (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Rottapharm, France
  • Microcal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Micro Nova, India
  • Microvit D3 (veterinary use)
    Adisseo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Australia
  • Milical (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Glenmark, India; Glenmark, Malaysia
  • Miracal-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Navana, Bangladesh
  • Monovit D3
    Koçak, Turkey
  • Morecal (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Myung-In Pharma, Vietnam
  • Mybone (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Docventures, India
  • Nashki Suplecali (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Procaps, Colombia
  • Natcal-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Dr. Reddy's, India
  • Natecal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Italfarmaco, Spain; Italfarmaco, Italy; ITF, Portugal; Effik, Switzerland
  • Natecal D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Italfarmaco, Poland; Zambon, Belgium; Chiesi, United Kingdom; Italfarmaco, Georgia; Italfarmaco, Hungary; Italofarmaco, Netherlands; ITF, Greece; Life Pharma, Lebanon
  • Natecal Vitamine D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Effik, France
  • Neobon D (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Gynopharm, Colombia; Unimed, Peru
  • Nu-Cal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Odan, Canada
  • Nycoplus Calcigran (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda, Norway
  • OC (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Cadila, India
  • Ocean Gold (Colecalciferol and Retinol (veterinary use))
    Bayer Animal Health, South Africa
  • Odical (Colecalciferol and Hydroxyapatite)
    Procure Medica, India
  • Oleovit D3
    Fresenius Kabi, Austria
  • Omnical (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Cipla, India
  • Oradekan (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Streger, Mexico
  • Oravil
    Brobel, Lebanon; TRB Pharma, Argentina
  • Orbical (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Zwitter Pharmaceuticals, Greece
  • Oriro (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Orion, India
  • Orocal D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Laproff, Colombia; Nycomed, Poland; Theramex, Lebanon
  • Orocal Vitamine D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Teva Santé, France; Theramex, Tunisia
  • Orotre (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Theramex, Italy
  • Orthocal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Bio-Pharma, Bangladesh
  • Os-Cal +D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sanofi Aventis, Brazil
  • Osdevita-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Vitalis, Turkey
  • Oseoduran + Vitamina D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Deutsche Pharma, Peru
  • Oseofort (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Silesia, Chile
  • Osficar Plus (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Lafrancol, Colombia
  • Oskept (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Charoon Bhesaj, Thailand
  • Osseans D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sciencex, France
  • Ossofortin D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Strathmann, Germany
  • Ossofortin forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Strathmann, Germany
  • Ossofortin plus (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Strathmann, Germany
  • Ostac D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    AC Farma, Peru
  • Ostac D Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Iqfarma, Peru
  • Ostel D (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Square, Bangladesh
  • Osteocal D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Doetsch Grether, Switzerland
  • Osteocalcio (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Medick, Colombia
  • Osteocal-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Metlen, Colombia
  • Osteo-D
    Incepta, Bangladesh
  • Osteofix-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Vitalis, Turkey
  • Osteofos (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    A. Menarini, Ireland; Menarini, Austria; Menarini International-L, Italy; Pharma Dynamic, Philippines
  • Osteomerck (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Merck S.L., Spain
  • Osteomin D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Nycomed, Mexico
  • Osteoplus (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Recordati, Germany
  • Osteoplus D (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    PharmaBrand, Ecuador
  • Osteovit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Ashford, Philippines; Sintexline, Spain
  • Osteovit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Hersil, Peru
  • Osteovit D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Hersil, Peru
  • Ostine (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Angelini, Spain
  • Ostocal-C (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Eskayef, Bangladesh
  • Ostocalcium (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    GlaxoSmithKline, India
  • Ostocalcium Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    GlaxoSmithKline, India
  • Ostocal-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Eskayef, Bangladesh
  • Ostogen D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Opsonin, Bangladesh
  • Ostonate (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Merck, India
  • Ostowap D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Lek-AM, Poland
  • Ostram Vitamine D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    Merck Serono, France
  • Ostrong (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Pharmaline, Lebanon
  • Osvical D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Pidolate)
    Alter, Spain
  • Oxtalen plus (Colecalciferol and Alendronic acid)
    Swiss & North, Ecuador
  • Oyst-O-Cal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Cadila, India
  • Pediavit D
    Euro Pharm, Lebanon
  • Pharmacal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Canadex, Lebanon
  • Plivit D3
    Pliva, Croatia (Hrvatska); Pliva, Slovenia; Pliva Hrvatska, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Posture D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Pfizer, Mexico
  • Precalcy D3 (veterinary use)
    Coophavet, France
  • Previne D Fort (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate)
    Unimed, Peru
  • Prevost (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    United International Pharma, Vietnam
  • Prima-Cal Plus Vit D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Nupharma, Thailand
  • Protebon-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Beacon, Bangladesh
  • Pure Cod Liver Oil B L Hua (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    B L Hua, Thailand
  • Rapical D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Medco, Peru
  • Raquiferol D3
    Medifarma, Peru
  • Ray-D3
    SRK, India
  • Recalvit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Biofarm, Poland
  • Recifor (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Meda, Portugal
  • Recikalc-D forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Meda, Sweden
  • Regenesis Max (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Elea, Argentina
  • Regucal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Dicitrate)
    Baliarda, Argentina
  • Revital Calcium D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Ranbaxy, Georgia; Ranbaxy, Myanmar
  • Revocal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate Malate)
    Zuventus, India
  • Ridonel D (Colecalciferol and Risedronic Acid)
    Hanmi, South Korea
  • Ridrone Plus (Colecalciferol and Risedronic Acid)
    Pacific, South Korea
  • Risbone (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Auris, India
  • Risbone-CT (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Auris, India
  • Risenex M (Colecalciferol and Risedronic Acid)
    Hanlim, South Korea
  • Risenex Plus (Colecalciferol and Risedronic Acid)
    Hanlim, South Korea
  • RNDCal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    RND Labs, India
  • Rocal-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Healthcare, Bangladesh
  • Rotavit Calcium Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    S.C. Slavia Pharma, Georgia
  • Rozycal D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Benta, Lebanon
  • Sagivit D3 Vitamina pilieni
    Sagitus, Latvia
  • Sandocal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Novartis, India
  • Sandochew (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Novartis, India
  • Sandoz Ca-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sandoz, Belgium
  • Sandoz Calcium + D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sandoz, Canada
  • Sandoz Calcium D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sandoz, Belgium
  • Sanidecal-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sanitas, Chile
  • Savi Osmax (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    SaVipharm, Vietnam
  • Scott's Cod Liver (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    GlaxoSmithKline, Thailand
  • Seralis VIP (Colecalciferol and Risedronic Acid)
    Rimsa, Mexico
  • Shelcal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Elder, Georgia
  • Shine BIo-Cal Junior (Colecalciferol and Calcium (pediatric))
    YSP, Malaysia
  • Steovit (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda, Belgium
  • Steovit D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda, Belgium
  • Sterogyl
    Spedrog-Caillon, Argentina
  • Super Calcio+Vit. D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Arion, Peru
  • Suplecal (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Procaps, Colombia
  • Swiss Calcio-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Swiss & North, Ecuador
  • Tacal D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Takeda, Netherlands
  • Taminol (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Help, Greece
  • Taxus (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Beta, Argentina
  • T-Cal Plus (Colecalciferol and Calcium Citrate Malate)
    Treatwell, India
  • Tcal-D3
    Treatwell, India
  • Teorol
    Novell Pharmaceutical, Indonesia
  • Tepox Cal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Pidolate)
    STADA, Spain
  • theiCal-D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Hermes, United Kingdom
  • Thompson's Liquid Calcium (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Thompson, New Zealand
  • Tiptipot Ferripel + D (Colecalciferol and Iron Polymaltose)
    CTS, Israel
  • Tonacal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Italfarmaco, Italy
  • Tovita + D3-vitamin (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Osteofit, Hungary
  • Trevix
    Roux-Ocefa, Argentina
  • Trical-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Svizera, India
  • Tridelta
    Ceccarelli, Italy
  • Trigantol (Colecalciferol and Tocopherol, α-, + Retinol (veterinary use))
    Bayer, Austria
  • Troivit (Colecalciferol and Tocopherol, α, + Colecalciferol (veterinary use))
    Qalian, France
  • Troivit (Colecalciferol and Tocopherol, α, + Retinol (veterinary use))
    Qalian, France
  • Ultracalcium D3 (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Temis Lostalo, Lebanon
  • Ursovit D3 (veterinary use)
    Serumwerk Bernburg, Germany
  • Urtotre (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Sarda Pharmaceutica, Italy
  • Uvédose
    Crinex, Vietnam
  • Valmetrol-3
    Valdecasas, Mexico
  • Vantavo (Colecalciferol and Alendronic Acid)
    Merck Sharp & Dohme, Czech Republic; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Italy; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Lithuania; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Portugal
  • Varcal Forte (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Zota, India
  • Vegabon Plus D (Colecalciferol and Alendronate)
    Koçak, Turkey
  • Veriscal D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Faes, Spain
  • Vétodécalcium (Colecalciferol and Calcium Glucoheptonate, + Magnesium Phosphinate (veterinary use))
    Vetoquinol, France
  • Vi-D3
    Berko, Turkey
  • Vi-De 3
    Wabosan, Austria; Wild, Switzerland
  • Videcalcio (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Venifer, Greece
  • Vidrop
    Mediterranian, Lebanon
  • Vigantol
    Merck, Czech Republic; Merck, Georgia; Merck, Hungary; Merck, Lithuania; Merck, Poland; Merck, Romania; Merck, Serbia; Merck, Slovakia; Merck Serono, Germany; Merck Serono, Portugal; Merck Sharp & Dohme, Russian Federation
  • Vigantol Oil
    Merck, Bulgaria; Merck Sereno, Latvia
  • Vigantoletten
    Merck, Poland; Merck, Romania
  • Vigantoletten Vitamin D3
    Merck Serono, Germany
  • Vigicord
    Synthon, Lithuania
  • VitA&D (Colecalciferol and Redinol)
    Julphar, Oman
  • Vitacal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Phosphate)
    PRO FARMA, Switzerland
  • Vitagamma Vitamin D3
    Wörwag Pharma, Germany
  • Vitalao (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Chefar, Ecuador
  • Vital-Cal
    Genesis, India
  • Vitamec D3 (veterinary use)
    AgVantage Animal Health Products, Australia
  • Vitamin A & D Jamieson (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Jamieson Lab, Hong Kong
  • Vitamin AD (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Hemofarm, Serbia
  • Vitamin D USANA
    USANA, Canada
  • Vitamin D3 Bioextra
    Bioextra, Hungary
  • Vitamin D3 Fresenius
    Fresenius, Hungary
  • Vitamin D3 Pharma Patent
    Pharma Patent, Hungary
  • Vitamin D3 Streuli
    Streuli Pharma, Switzerland
  • Vitamin D3
    Galenika, Serbia; Sam-On, Israel
  • Vitamin D3 "L" (veterinary use)
    Streuli Vet, Switzerland
  • Vitamin D3 B.O.N.
    Bouchara-Recordati, Singapore
  • Vitamin D3 ChL
    ChildLife Essentials, Latvia
  • Vitamin D3 Wild
    Wild, Switzerland
  • Vitamin D3-Hevert
    Hevert, Germany
  • Vitamina A composta Labesfal (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Labesfal, Portugal
  • Vitamina D Arion Mason
    Arion, Peru
  • Vitamina D3
    Biofarm, Romania
  • Vitamina D3 Kern Pharma
    Kern, Spain
  • Vitaminai A ir D3 Medana (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Medana, Lithuania
  • Vitamine D3 (veterinary use)
    Alfasan, Netherlands; Feramed, Netherlands; Virbac, Netherlands
  • Vitamine D3 BON
    Bouchara Recordati, Vietnam; Bouchara-Recordati, Tunisia; Orivas, Lithuania
  • Vitamine D3 Kwang Dong
    Kwang Dong, South Korea
  • Vitamins D3 Walmark
    Walmark, Latvia
  • Vitaminum A+D3 Medana (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Medana Pharma, Poland
  • Vitaminum A2000 + D3 Hasco (Colecalciferol and Retinol)
    Hasco-Lek, Poland
  • Vitatabs Puru D
    Hankitatukk, Latvia
  • Vit-Dcal (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    Fenestra, India
  • Vitde
    Pasteur, Chile
  • Wal-D3
    Wallace, India
  • Zentius-D (Colecalciferol and Calcium Carbonate)
    ITF, Turkey
  • Zivical D (Colecalciferol and Calcium)
    Labquifar, Colombia
  • Zymaduo (Colecalciferol and Sodium Fluoride)
    Rottapharm, France
  • Zymafluor D (Colecalciferol and Sodium Fluoride)
    Rottapharm/Madaus, Germany

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BANBritish Approved Name
DCFDénomination Commune Française
DCITDenominazione Comune Italiana
IUPACInternational Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)
USANUnited States Adopted Name

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