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ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Category

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, NSAID

Chemical Name

1-benzyl-3-[3-(dimetylamino)propoxy]-1H-indazole (WHO)

Foreign Names

  • Benzydaminum (Latin)
  • Benzydamin (German)
  • Benzydamine (French)
  • Bencidamina (Spanish)

Generic Names

Brand Names

  • Andorex (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    Delta Vital, Turkey
  • Espectocural N.F. (Benzydamine and Bromhexine)
    Raymos, Argentina
  • Oroheks Plus (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey
  • Perimex Plus (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    Dentoral, Turkey
  • Sandival
    Bouzen, Argentina
  • Tanflex
    Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey
  • Tantum
    Elder, India
  • Tantum Orosan (Benzydamine and Cetylpyridinium)
    Angelini, Italy
  • Tantum Verde
    CSC, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Ternex
    Tripharma, Turkey
  • Verax
    Opalia, Tunisia
  • Verax enfant
    Opalia, Tunisia
  • Xentafid
    Fidia Farmaceutici, Italy
  • Afloben
    SO.DI.FARM, Italy
  • Andolex
    iNova, South Africa; Meda, Denmark; Meda, Iceland; Meda, Sweden
  • Andolex-C (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    iNova, South Africa
  • Andosept
    Aspen Pharmacare Consumer, South Africa
  • Andosept-CO (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    Aspen Pharmacare Consumer, South Africa
  • Angino
    Eurofarma, Brazil
  • Apo-Benzydamine
    Apotex, Hong Kong
  • Azutan Colutorio
    Arex Technology Inc., Venezuela
  • Bencidamina Clorhidrato
    Cofasa, Venezuela
  • Bendazol
    Honten, Taiwan
  • Benet
    Abdi Ibrahim, Georgia
  • Benet Plus (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    Abdi Ibrahim, Georgia
  • Benflogin
    Ache, Brazil
  • Bentzidin
    The Central, Taiwan
  • Benzamine
    Hor Chen, Taiwan
  • Benzirin
    Adamjee, Pakistan
  • Benzirin Forte
    Tecnoquimicas, Colombia
  • Benzitrat
    União, Brazil
  • Benzycol
    Licol, Colombia
  • Benzydamine Kojar
    Yu Sheng, Taiwan
  • Benzymin
    Yu Sheng, Taiwan
  • Benzyuanine
    Chin Tien, Taiwan
  • Bevi Dam
    Vincenti, Venezuela
  • Biozendi
    Roemmers, Venezuela
  • Bucco-Tantum
    Vifor, Switzerland
  • Buchex Forte (Benzydamine and Hexetidine)
    Bernabo, Argentina
  • Bucodrin
    Abeefe Bristol-Myers Squibb, Peru
  • Bucofar
    Coaspharma, Colombia
  • Cloder-Plus (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    Nobel, Turkey
  • Dantum
    Europharm, Hong Kong
  • Dentodrin
    Intralab, Peru
  • Difflam
    iNova, Hong Kong; iNova, Malaysia; iNova, New Zealand; iNova, Philippines; iNova, Singapore; iNova, Thailand; iNova, Taiwan; Meda, United Kingdom; Meda, Ireland; Meda, Malta; NeoFarma, Malta
  • Difflam (Benzydamine and Cetylpyridinium)
    iNova, Hong Kong; iNova, Malaysia; iNova, New Zealand; iNova, Philippines; iNova, Singapore
  • Difflam C (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    iNova, Hong Kong; iNova, New Zealand
  • Difflam Extra Strength
    iNova, Hong Kong
  • Difflam Forte
    iNova, New Zealand; iNova, Thailand
  • Difflam forte
    iNova, Malaysia
  • Difflam-C (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    iNova, Malaysia; iNova, Singapore
  • Ernex
    Casasco, Argentina
  • Ernex Duo (Benzydamine and Cetylpyridinium)
    Casasco, Argentina
  • Ernex Rosa
    Casasco, Argentina
  • Farhex (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    Santa-Farma, Turkey
  • Flodont
    Roemmers, Venezuela
  • Flogoraft
    Angelini, Portugal
  • Flogoral
    Ache, Brazil; Angelini, Portugal
  • Flogo-Rosa
    Ache, Brazil
  • Fudechan
    Fu Yuan, Taiwan
  • Gencivol compuesto (Benzydamine and Lidocaine)
    Vincenti, Venezuela
  • Geral (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    Münir Sahin, Turkey
  • Ginacol
    Arex Technology Inc., Venezuela
  • Ginesal
    Farmigea, Italy
  • Gingisona B
    Medco, Peru
  • Gola Action (Benzydamine and Cetylpyridinium)
    Iodosan, Italy
  • Hascosept
    Hasco-Lek, Poland
  • Klodamin (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    Adeka, Turkey
  • Kloroben (Benzydamine and Chlorhexidine)
    Drogsan, Hong Kong; Drogsan, Turkey
  • Lilian
    Panion & BF, Taiwan
  • Lonol
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Mexico
  • Meanlou
    Fu Seng, Taiwan
  • Momen
    Angelini, Portugal
  • Opalgyne
    Innotech, France
  • PMS-Benzydamine
    Pharmascience, Canada; Pharmascience, Hong Kong
  • Rigoral
    Rocnarf, Ecuador
  • Ririton
    Century, Taiwan
  • Rosalgin
    Angelini, Spain; Angelini, Portugal; Clinres Nova, Croatia (Hrvatska); CSC, Bulgaria; Medicom, Czech Republic
  • Rosalgin Pronto
    Angelini, Spain
  • Sama Tantum Gargle
    Sama Pharmaceuticals, South Korea
  • Saniflor
    SO.DI.FARM, Italy
  • Septolux
    ICN, Poland
  • Shinshinpen
    Chin Teng, Taiwan
  • Sobenz (Benzydamine and Cetylpyridinium)
    CCM, Malaysia
  • Tanflex
    Combiphar, Indonesia
  • Tantum
    A.C.R.A.F, Poland; ACRAF S.p.A, Netherlands; Angelini, Spain; Angelini, Georgia; Angelini, Italy; Angelini, Malta; Angelini, Portugal; Aziende, Israel; Aziende Chimiche Riunite Angelini Francesco, Serbia; CSC, Bulgaria; CSC, Hungary; CSC, Romania; CSC, Slovenia; CSC, Slovakia; Eipico, Oman; Faran Laboratories, Greece; Omega Pharma, Netherlands; Santa-Farma, Turkey; CSC, Lithuania
  • Tantum (Benzydamine and Toluene)
    Eipico, Oman
  • Tantum Forte
    A.C.R.A.F, Poland; Angelini, Bulgaria; CSC, Hungary; Eipico, Oman
  • Tantum Lozenges
    Soho, Indonesia
  • Tantum Rosa
    Angelini, Italy; CSC, Romania; CSC Pharmaceuticals, Germany
  • Tantum Verde
    Angelini, Spain; Angelini, Indonesia; Angelini, Italy; Clinres Nova, Croatia (Hrvatska); CSC, Romania; CSC Pharmaceuticals, Germany; Medicom, Czech Republic; Santa-Farma, Turkey; Soho, Indonesia
  • Tantum Verde (Benzydamine and Benzocaine)
    Angelini, Portugal
  • Tantum Verde forte
    Medicom, Czech Republic
  • Tantum Verde-P
    CSC, Romania
  • Tantum-C (Benzydamine and Capsaicin)
    Elder, India
  • Tantum-Rosa
    Aziende Chimiche Riunite Angelini Francesco, Serbia
  • Uniben
    Unia, Poland
  • Vantal
    Grossman, Costa Rica; Grossman, Dominican Republic; Grossman, Guatemala; Grossman, Honduras; Grossman, Mexico; Grossman, Nicaragua; Grossman, Panama; Grossman, El Salvador
  • Verax
    FederFARMA.CO, Italy
  • Zyx
    Meda, Denmark; Meda, Finland; Meda OTC, Sweden
  • Fulgium
    Teofarma, Spain

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BANBritish Approved Name
BANMBritish Approved Name (Modified)
DCFDénomination Commune Française
DCITDenominazione Comune Italiana
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)
USANUnited States Adopted Name
WHOWorld Health Organization

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