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Trifunctional monoclonal antibodies

What are Trifunctional monoclonal antibodies?

Standard monoclonal antibodies have a two matching antigen binding sites and one Fc section that binds to Fc receptor on the antigen-presenting cell .

Trifunctional monoclonal antibodies are made by combining the fragments of two different standard monoclonal antibodies which results in a monoclonal antibody with two different types of antigen binding sites. This makes the antibody bispecific and able to bind to two different sites, for example both a tumour cell and a T cell while still attaching to the Fc receptor of the antigen-present cell.

This makes the trifunctional monoclonal antibody more potent than standard monoclonal antibodies.

There are no drugs in this category. Some medications may have been reclassified. See antineoplastics.