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Zenpep Questions

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Zenpep - how long do you take this medicine ?

Posted 21 Jun 2018 by cwilsonk 0 answers

i was having liquid diarrhea for 8 weeks after getting off of pain medicine and having my gallbladder taken out. tryed diarrhea medicines and nothing helped . my doctor started me on this zenpep and it stopped the diarrhea. how long do i have to take this medicine.

Zenpep - How long AFTER you take a pill should you wait to eat?

Posted 30 Oct 2016 by zenpepQ 0 answers

Another question I have is how long after you take the pill does it continue to work? If I take a pill (40,000 Lipase usp) eat a meal, then can an hour later eat a cookie? Or, do I need another smaller dose pill? Is it better to take 1 pill or 2 smaller strength pills (once before and once 1/2 way ...

Zenpep - What is considered a high dose of zenpap?

Posted 15 Oct 2015 by Grizzlee 0 answers

Zenpep - my insurance no longer covers this med. I cant afford it is there anther med I can take?

Posted 23 Jan 2014 by kendra19 1 answer

what other meds. could I take beside zenpep

How much Zenpep should a 64 yr old white female weighing 160 pounds take per meal?

Posted 22 Jul 2013 by cosmiccarol 2 answers

My doc prescribed 3 25,000 capsules per meal. My knees and ankles swelled up like balloons. I'm wondering if I should back off until I see him on my next apt in 3 days?

My Mother is 92 years old and in late stages of alzheimer and is loosing weight. Her Dr, is?

Posted 27 Feb 2013 by Touc 2 answers

suggesting we put her on Zenpep. After looking at the possible side effects I wonder is this is a good idea??

Can anyone tell me the cost of creon? I am currently taking Zenpep but the cost is outrageous!?

Posted 4 Apr 2012 by sjbeaumier 1 answer

I pay $331.65 for 100 pills of zenpep and that is after my insurance discount. It is $441.65 retail. CRAZY!

What is the cost of Zenpep?

Posted 24 Nov 2011 by gransusan 1 answer

I need 8/day. What is the cost for a month's supply?

I take 3 capsules of Zenpep before each meal and 1 with snack, total of 11 pills a day. After?

Posted 5 Apr 2012 by Jolu 4 answers

... medicare pays 50%, my copay is very high $665.00. I am perma nently disabled and living on a fixed income. Please Help!!

Zenpep - would this med. help me to digest foods if I have a total bowel resection with colostomy ?

Posted 3 Aug 2012 by cindy713 1 answer

my adb.feels so "full", and "bloated" everytime I eat.I do have to be careful what I eat,I can get a blockage easily,but I I need something to digest food/fat. thank You!

Anyone there who has pancreas removed and having problems with ZenPep?

Posted 26 Feb 2012 by suecarl827 1 answer

I had a Whipple in April 2011 and my Pancreas was removed. I have been taking ZenPep since then but am having bowel problems and a lot of gas. I would like to know if anyone out there has had the same problem and maybe has taken a different digestive enzyme with success. Thanks

I am taking zenpep 20,000 And seem to have a stiff and sore areas on my back that occurs @ nite?

Posted 27 Feb 2011 by rosemco 1 answer

It seems to be on both the sides of my back just above the lower part of my rib cage... This seems to be happening since I started taking zenpep after Ultrase MT 20 was no longer available is your pill a stronger one...

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