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Can you drink alcohol with xeljanz?

Posted 6 May 2013 by shari 1 answer

while on xeljanz may alcohol be consumed?

I just started Xeljanz XR. What time of day do you take it?

Posted 15 Jun 2018 by Bedilya 1 answer

I started taking it late afternoon and worked to evening, but the side effect of insomnia and inability to get comfortable are extreme. Would it help to take it in the morning? I don’t want to go through the several day process of moving to the morning if others have tried it and seen no ...

I was given a one month sample of Xeljanz and felt great relief after 2 weeks?

Posted 18 Feb 2018 by Kpone 3 answers

However, I'm having trouble getting 'approved' from the drug company for co-pay assist. I have never experienced this before and I have had co-pay assist from Humira, Enbrel and Actemra. My sample has run out in the time it's taking for all the paperwork to go through. I have ...

Who has developed some kind of cancer while on Xeljanz?

Posted 22 May 2018 by rodreb 1 answer

Who has developed some kind of cancer while on Xeljanz? And how long were you on it before the cancer diagnosis? Long term RA here-39 years. Trying to avoid medicines like this which have "cancer" as a side effect.

My rheumatologist wants me to take Xeljanz, but I'm afraid?

Posted 31 Aug 2018 by Cat Mom 2 answers

I have a dilated bile duct and some slight bleeding in my stomach. Is Xeljanz safe for me? My mother has had breast cancer and multiple myeloma and my father and sister are recovering from esophagus cancer, so any drug that even mentions any cancer scares me. My doctor says its fine, but he's ...

Xeljanz - I've just started xeljantz and feeling increased muscle, hip, back & neck pain...feeling?

Posted 24 Apr 2013 by omgpita 2 answers

... like pain deep in bones??? Has anyone noticed something similar in starting xeljantz? I have mederate to severe RA & desperate for relief? :)

Xeljanz - developed high BP, edema of total body,night sweats & night terrors, are these side effect

Posted 23 Jun 2013 by Ilene Katz 2 answers

Been taking for 3 months. Have any of these side effects been reported? I have been experiencing severe night sweats about 3 times a week,which started about 3 weeks ago, where I wake up soaking wet, with wet bed sheets, etc. I feel very tense and my muscles hurt afterwards. Not sure if my body is ...

Do xeljanz causes stomach cramps and sore hip muscles?

Posted 17 Aug 2013 by help58 1 answer

I've been taking this drug for about 2 weeks

I started Xeljanz and took two pills, immediately upset stomach and massive headache. I know the?

Posted 16 Jun 2014 by LydiaW 1 answer

... headache is a side effect but is the upset stomach? It has been almost a week since I have had a dose and still have the upset stomach. Please help really wanted to take this medicine

Does any here take xeljanz and are hep c carriers? My rheumatologist wants me to take this but I?

Posted 27 Aug 2015 by AAZ 1 answer

am a Hep c carrier, no live virus, just antibodies. I'm concerned that it might activate the virus like it says in the side effects. I have tried everything else even Rituxen infusion to no avail. RA is eating me alive with no drug that helps!!

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