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How to Get on Track When Weekend Eating Is Your Downfall

Posted 12 hours ago by

FRIDAY, Aug. 23, 2019 – Do you eat healthy during the week, then ease off the brakes on the weekend? You're not alone. But such a five days on-two days off eating regimen can erode diet quality, according to a study published recently in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Not only did participants take in more calories on weekends than on weekdays, they were less healthy...

Give This Recipe for Tasty, Nutritious Beets a Try

Posted 12 hours ago by

FRIDAY, Aug. 23, 2019 – "Eating the rainbow" is a great way to harness the different micronutrients in fruits and vegetables. Among the reds (and yellows), naturally sweet beets are a great source of folate, the B vitamin, fiber and potassium. If you shied away from beets as a kid, it's time to give them a try. A fun introduction involves using a spiralizer to prep the beets. It's an essential...

How to Get Your College Years Off to a Healthy Start

Posted 12 hours ago by

FRIDAY, Aug. 23, 2019 – A wellness checklist to help the 20 million new students starting at U.S. colleges this fall is available from Ohio State University experts. Checklist topics include exercise, healthy eating, stress management, organization, and mental and physical health. The checklist also outlines resources students should pinpoint when they arrive on campus, such as fitness...

Why Diet Sodas Aren't the Answer for Your Sugary Drink Cravings

Posted 1 day 13 hours ago by

THURSDAY, Aug. 22, 2019 – The health risks of sugary drinks, from juice to soda, are well known. They can lead to overweight and diabetes, stroke and other problems in the brain, including poorer memory and smaller brain volume. But diet sodas aren't the answer. A number of studies have found an association between artificially sweetened beverages and an increased risk of stroke, heart disease,...

Every Minute of Exercise Counts When It Comes to Longevity

Posted 1 day 13 hours ago by

THURSDAY, Aug. 22, 2019 – Exercise, even a little of it, can lengthen your life, a new study suggests. The Norwegian researchers also found that too much sitting was associated with a higher risk of early death. "Developing ways to limit sedentary time and increase activity at any level could considerably improve health and reduce mortality," the study authors concluded. In the study, the team...

How to Enjoy Cheese Without the Guilt

Posted 4 days ago by

TUESDAY, Aug. 20, 2019 – Americans eat three times as much cheese as just 50 years ago, but not because we're enjoying careful indulgences like a cheese plate with fruit and whole grain crackers. Experts point to the cheese overload in pizza and other Italian dishes, Tex-Mex favorites and the ubiquitous mac-and-cheese. That's a lot of saturated fat and calories. But most people don't have to...

Health Tip: Exercise Portion Control

Posted 4 days ago by

-- To maintain a healthy weight, how much you eat is just as important as what you eat, says the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Your optimal portion size may or may not match the serving size listed on a product. It's dependent on your age, weight and metabolism, among other factors. To manage food portions at home, the agency recommends: Do not eat out of the...

As School Starts, Pack That Lunch With Nutritional Goodies

Posted 5 days ago by

SUNDAY, Aug. 18, 2019 – Planning for your children's return to school this fall should include thinking about how to pack healthy lunches that they'll enjoy. Try to include children in the process of creating their lunches, including buying food and packing (or helping pack) their lunches. This lets them make their own choices and helps them learn about nutrition, according to Manisha Vaidya, a...

Obesity and 'Spare Tire' Raise Hispanics' Odds for Early Death

Posted 11 days ago by

MONDAY, Aug. 12, 2019 – Excess weight, especially a "spare tire" around the middle, increases the risk of an earlier death for Hispanics, a large new study suggests. The study found that for every 5 point increase in body mass index above 25, the risk of dying prematurely went up by 30%. Body mass index (BMI) is an estimate of a person's fat levels based on height and weight. BMI that falls...

Why You Should Make Family Meals Part of Your Busy Day

Posted 13 days ago by

SATURDAY, Aug. 10, 2019 – Family meals are a recipe for healthy eating in kids, nutritionists say. "Research shows that families who regularly dine together are more likely to eat more fruits, vegetables and fiber and are less likely to eat fried foods," said Kristen Gradney, a dietitian nutritionist and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. "Eating together promotes healthy...

Personal Trainers' Top Tips

Posted 16 days ago by

THURSDAY, Aug. 8, 2019 – Ever wonder what top trainers tell their best clients? Personal trainers excel in mapping out individualized exercise programs. And they also offer insights that can help fitness buffs stay motivated. Here are some of their best tips: Remember the cliche "Rome wasn't built in a day" and take a long-term view of your goals. Just as you can't lose 10 pounds overnight, it...

Fast-Food Joints on Your Way to Work? Your Waistline May Widen

Posted 17 days ago by

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 7, 2019 – McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, KFC: If you pass by these and other fast-food outlets on your daily commute, weight gain might be the result, new research shows. People tempted by more fast-food restaurants going to and from work tended to have a higher BMI (body mass index) than people who didn't, the researchers said. The study involved more than 700 female...

New Tool for Med Students: 'Fat Suit'

Posted 18 days ago by

TUESDAY, Aug. 6, 2019 – Can skinny doctors ever understand what it's like to be fat? A German medical school believes they can – after they treat patients wearing "fat suits." Having patients don fat suits may help teach medical students about obesity and uncover their biases against patients struggling with their weight, the researchers say. They said reducing doctors' negative attitudes about...

Try Yellow Peas for Protein Punch

Posted 18 days ago by

TUESDAY, Aug. 6, 2019 – In the quest for more plant-based protein sources, yellow peas have been getting a lot of good press. And the number of packaged foods enhanced with this "pea protein" has tripled in the last few years. But dried split peas, whether yellow or green in color, were an excellent food choice long before they achieved their overnight superstar status. A mere quarter-cup,...

3 Ways to Improve Your Eating Habits

Posted 18 days ago by

TUESDAY, Aug. 6, 2019 – You've made the decision to improve your eating habits, but where should you begin? It can seem overwhelming at first. One way to approach new lifestyle habits is to map out the improvements you'd like to make and tackle them one at a time, over a week or two, before making the next change. Here are three steps to schedule on your calendar: Start by making better food...

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