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Periactin - Is it otc? Where can I get it from USA?

Posted 20 Apr 2015 by cuzcuz73 3 answers

Can you buy it over the counter or does it have to be a prescription? I suffer from weight loss due to stress and it gets so bad I get migraines everyother day. I can't sleep or eat. I'm afraid by the time I snap out of it I will be so little ppl might think I was on drugs

Periactin and weight gain?

Posted 13 Apr 2012 by Jccc22 2 answers

I'm 22 years old 6'5" and 155 lbs. I'm really skinny obviously but I take 15mg of adderall xr daily and I have no appetite at all after I take it. I have tried to force myself to eat but I just can't do it. I have an insanely fast metabolism as it is so I already had ...

I have lupus, and fatigue. My doc gave me caffeine pills they didn't work what can I take?

Posted 24 May 2014 by Turtle tree 5 answers

I am feeling depressed feel like my doc isn't listening to me. Why didnt the caffeine pills work? I need answers

Trying different weight loss drugs?

Posted 13 Jun 2018 by XSEnergie 0 answers

I am a male in my early 40's and have been overweight since my mid 20's. In the past year my doctor and I have discussed my weight, eating habbits, work routine, exercise, etc. I said my biggest thing was from noon to bedtime I'm constantly hungry! I feel I could eat a meal and an ...

Phentermine - Hey everyone ~ I just joined the group today & am very happy to be here. I started my?

Posted 16 Mar 2013 by gramycindi 2 answers

... 1st RX on 3/14/13 & being able to chat w/others already taking will be a great comfort !

Levothyroxine - I have underactive thyroid?

Posted 5 Jan 2016 by Andrea saunders 2 answers

I was diagnosed 6 years and for 5 years been on levothyroxine 225 micrograms . I had blood test done week later i rung for results and ive been adviced to see gp . Im currently on the sick due to brake down , im currently under primary mental health Always put on weight , fatigued depressed . In a ...

Taking phendimetrazine to help lose weight, can anyone give me some tips to help lose weight?

Posted 1 Feb 2011 by labady42 2 answers

I just started takeing this phendimetrazine 35mg and my blood pressure went up 165/115 can I this so i told my doctor so she gave me the ones to take three times a day its doing better as for weight ,i havent lost much yet only 2 pounds i weight 214lbs ,i really need to get this weight off me ,i ...

I want to know why I am losing rapid weight loss?

Posted 22 Nov 2012 by Wildsugar 3 answers

I am 29 years old and 5'9.. when I was 18 I got pregnant and I only weighed 115 and I have weighed about 140 for the last 10 years but about 12 months ago I weighed 140 and today I weighed my self and I was 114.. I am very healthy person and I take no medications and I have not had an appetite ...

Phentermine - Losing and getting the weight back! :)?

Posted 9 Aug 2016 by deusa702 1 answer

Im afraid of getting the weight back once I lose it. Im 194LBS and my goal is 146lbs, I dont care how long it will take, but I need to lose that weight. Im exercising, eating right, for the past year I toke the gluten off my diet so was meat, not all meat, I still eat fish. Does anyone have the ...

Where do I get cyproheptadine medicine?

Posted 28 Oct 2018 by Kristy sinha 0 answers

After looking at all the reviews. I want to use cyproheptadine for weight gain. But I don't know where to buy the product?

Ive been on topamax 100mg twice a day for migraines for a couple of years, lost alot of weight and?

Posted 17 Jan 2011 by missy4 1 answer

and then jsut stooped losing, now i have gained and dont like it, dr says its stress, not so sure

Weight Loss/Failure to Thrive - I am taking zoloft,ativan, and risperdal, ive lost so much weight.?

Posted 30 Mar 2011 by JDA838 2 answers

... Now I need to know how to gain it back? Ive tried several different vitamins,supplements. Nothing Works! But then i heard about periactin pills. DO THEY REALLY WORK for weight gain?

Cyproheptadine - how can I gain weight because my metabolism is extremely fast?

Posted 13 Aug 2018 by harrysteyn 1 answer

i eat and over eat but dont gain any weight, im 6.4" and weigh 150, and would like or love to weigh at least 50lbs more, how can i do this

Periactin - Will this prescription work?? I am looking like a holocaust victim here?

Posted 13 Feb 2015 by chriscaden 2 answers

I'm so tired of being too thin. I used to be a healthy 110 to 115. Now I'm lucky if I'm 95. After my son was born my appetite just diminished. I just pray that this is a miracle pill that will help!!

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