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Can I get pregnant if he didn't go inside?

Posted 23 Jun 2015 by Jlr__23 7 answers

I know there is such a thing as pre ejaculation... We didn't have sex but we were close. I'm not sure on how this works being that I am a virgin and new to all of this but I'm late on my period and idk if it's because of this. He never went inside but his genitals were rubbing ...

I haven't had my period in almost 7 months? (I'm a virgin)?

Posted 9 Jun 2014 by musiclover236 1 answer

I'm 15 and a virgin but I haven't had my period in 7 months. This has happened before but longer (maybe like 9-ish months the first time then it was every month-till now). Some of my family/friends say that its because I'm still growing. I got my first period when 13 and a half (in ...

I haven't had my period in 2-3 months?

Posted 3 Aug 2014 by Octoberbaby96 2 answers

I'm 17 and I've had my period since I was 11; they've been regular for about 5 years. I'm still a virgin, so I can't be pregnant. Between last September and June (9 months) I gained 30 pounds but it's august now and I feel like if it was because of that they would have ...

Light period 2 months after taking plan B, is it still affecting my cycle or is something wrong?

Posted 3 Jan 2016 by pbj101 1 answer

Somewhere around mid September I was fooling around with my boyfriend and he ended up ejaculating on my stomach and breasts. HOWEVER we did not have sex at all, in fact I'm still a virgin. But out of fear that some sperm might have gone to my vagina I took plan B. I got the hormonal bleeding ...

Is it my period or something else?

Posted 16 Jun 2015 by L_ba 4 answers

My period was on 18 may and On 8 june i had s_x with my bf for the first time (i was virgin) and the condome broke, i took plan B one step after 12 hours and i had no side effects at the same day but now yesterday i think my period started but different from usuall it's light and i'm not ...

Can I be pregnant three days before my period without ejaculation?

Posted 20 Jun 2017 by lolalalou 1 answer

I tried having sex with somebody three days before my period. However he didn't stay much inside me because I was hurting so much (I'm virgin. And probably still am. Technically. I couldn't stand the hymen getting broken). He told me that having sex with condom would hurt more so I ...

Whats the probability of getting pregnant?

Posted 1 Feb 2017 by Binn 1 answer

Hellow all me and my gf had sex 2 days ago it was quick she still virgin i did not ejaculate on her but still afraid if there maybe something she s waitin for her periods 1/07 after 6 days , so if her periods not on time what should I do she did not use any pill cause i dont know where i can find ...

Sexual Intercourse - Recently, I had sex with my boy friend and am still a virgin. He tried entering

Posted 17 May 2017 by Karubie 1 answer

... me but I was too tight and he couldn't go further. We tried both the vaginal and anal intercourse but either wasn't going,added to the fact that even as he was trying to, it was hurting so much and I tried and relaxed but I couldn't open up more for him to enter. Is it because I ...

Can she get pregnant this way?

Posted 30 Oct 2014 by kekewestside 1 answer

"I had a sexual thing with my girlfriend 14-15 days after her last period happened , so it should be around her ovulation day , she is a virgin and we did not have intercourse and i did not ejaculate on her we had oral sex and I ejaculated outside and cleaned my self then 30 minutes later we ...

Chronic UTI' is not providing any answers?

Posted 7 Sep 2015 by aenglis6 2 answers

So I am a 23 year old female. I had my first UTI when I was 19. It was not caused by sex. I was still a virgin. Because I was unfamiliar with UTI's I let it go untreated too long and it turned into a kidney infection. With antibiotics, I was treated and healed within a week. Ever since then I ...

Plan B One-Step - Plan B One step- first time taking it, I'm worried and have questions!?

Posted 17 Jan 2016 by Uf42 1 answer

... day i was fertile and me being a worry person about getting pregnant (im a virgin, unless putting the very tip in me counts) took Plan B one step (for the first time). After two days i bled a drop or two of brown blood, which looks like old blood, and about 7 days counting the incident with the ...

We had just rubbing and tried to have sex as I am virgin on 8th day of my period(10 November) had?

Posted 2 Dec 2014 by ruhaab 1 answer

... eco right after... Started spotting dark brown on 20 November lasted till 27 november and again had it rubbed and tried to have sex .. Took ecp again on 27.. My perids were due on 1st December... Bright red spotting started on 30 November and now its 2nd December.. I am not getting flow.. Is ...

Plan B One-Step - I'm a virgin, but I'm going to see my bf on the 21st, and the 22nd is the date?

Posted 11 May 2017 by Saraloren 2 answers

... when I'm going to be on my period, which I don't wanna be because I'm seeing him for the first time and I wanna be comfortable, is it possible if I take plan b to delay my period the day before my period? Which is the 21st

Confused after condom broke and took Plan B?

Posted 28 Jul 2018 by Romebordeaux 1 answer

I am in a long distance relationship with this guy and I sacrificed to go visit him. I am a virgin and I didn't want to engage in any sexual activity however things happened I was nervous all the time. He never fully penetrated me as it was too painful for me and the condom broke twice as I ...

Could I be pregnant?

Posted 8 Sep 2014 by Hairspraygirl235 2 answers

Hi, I was a virgin until recently and me and my boyfriend decided to have sex. I have been on birth control for over a year now, but sometimes I forget to take it at my regular time. The night we had sex I think I took it an hour or two early. We used a condom also. It has been almost 3 weeks and ...

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