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Pharmacy - Can a pharmacist ask what your diagnosis is and say she won't fill script until doctor?

Posted 20 Apr 2013 by Zappajvp 17 answers

... calls and tells her the diagnosis and why you take the medication. It was for 90 vicodin Es that aren't abused and only prescribed by one pain management doctor. Isn't there some privacy law and its none of the pharmacists business it the doctors?

Acetaminophen/Hydrocodone - Wich one is stronger Vicodin ES 7.5 (750) or Lortab 7.5 (325)?

Posted 15 Dec 2011 by millsbuck 1 answer

I was on vicodin everyday for 6 yrs. for fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and now it doesnt help at all cause Im immuned to it so my doc just changed me to the lortab but isnt it basically the same thing just less tylenol in it? So far I havent felt a difference but only been on the lortab for 1 day ...

I can only take Vicodin ES or Vicodin brand name. The generic versions have zero effect on me. I've?

Posted 23 Jul 2012 by LarryLangley 8 answers

... had the same problem with Flexeril a medicine for back pain which they stopped making the brand name. Does anyone know of a Drug store still providing Vicodin, Vicodin ES in brand name or any manufacturer details? I take this medicine for severe migraines I've had for 15 years. Without, I ...

What are the differences between Vicodin, Vicodin ES and Vicodin HP?

Posted 5 Jul 2011 by minou9 1 answer

I am taking Hydrocodone/APAP 5/500; My Rx label also states "Vicodin" and "Danbury". The pill description: White oblong capsule, scored, with Watson 349. I just want to know the differences of the above three and which one my particular prescription falls under. Note: I assume ...

Need a good pain med for plastic surgery recovery. Had gastric bypass and can't handle Vicodin ES?

Posted 4 May 2014 by adriennespitzer 1 answer

Can't take Vicodin Es or Dilaudid. Causes major stomach pain. Norco isn't strong enough. Any suggestions?

How long will 1 Vicodin ES stay in my system?

Posted 2 Feb 2012 by sillywabbit 1 answer

I haven't taken anything in over a year, just this one. I'm 5'1" &135lbs. Any ideas? Thanks!

How long does 2 year old vicodin stay in system?

Posted 28 Feb 2012 by peanut99 1 answer

I feel soo silly for asking but it is driving me nuts... On Thursday evening around 11:50 to 12am I was given a 2 year old vicodin es to help with a bad foot. On Monday around 2pm I had a pee test. I totally forgot I took that pill! I am 5' 3" 137lb and walk alot thanks to my job. Could ...

How long does it take for vicodin es to disappear from your system?

Posted 2 Nov 2011 by ozzy_fan 1 answer

how long does it take from the day u stop taking vicodin es for it to be completely out of your system?

How long does it take for 17 vicodin es to leave your system?

Posted 3 Oct 2011 by danielle777 2 answers

will 17 vicodin es be out of your system in 11 days?

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