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Can the shingles vaccine cause a genital herpes outbreak?

Posted 13 Nov 2014 by artsyrsc 18 answers

I got my vaccine on a Friday, felt headachy and rundown all weekend. By Tuesday I was getting an outbreak. I hadn't had one in a pretty long time and I take acyclovir when I do. Coincidence or a side effect of the vaccine?

Hepatitis B - my husband is hbv positive. his last lab work showed the virus was undetected in every

Posted 30 Aug 2013 by bg1952 1 answer

... test except for 1. I am in the process of getting the vaccine. will he still be infectious? will we always have to use condoms and no oral sex? would appreciate any clarification on this subject . the dr. said as long as his test results are this good he won't get sick. I know you can ...

Shingrix - Is the virus for this vaccine grown on human embryo cells?

Posted 22 May 2018 by Edward W Green 0 answers

This is apparently the case with Zostavax.

Are rare side-effects of Shingrix likely to be encountered more severely with the second dose?

Posted 24 Apr 2018 by Drugscr 0 answers

I am concerned that the severe side-effects I experienced from my first Shingrix vaccine (debilitating lower back pain, painful axillary lymph nodes, great toe joint pain) in addition to a very sore, hot vaccination site may re-occur or be worse with the second dose/injection. In your experience, ...

I just took the yellow fever vaccine, is it OK to drink alcohol in a few hours or should I waittill?

Posted 16 Aug 2016 by Rowmii 1 answer

... the next day? Craving a glass of wine

Tice BCG Vaccine - bcg with 137mg levothyroxine any side effects?

Posted 15 Jan 2018 by frankdrost 0 answers


Rotavirus Vaccine - Does this vaccine cause reflux to flare up?

Posted 9 Jan 2018 by Ohiomom13 0 answers

I've read babies with reflux have particularly nasty flare ups of the reflux following this vaccine.

May a HBV positive people take yellow fever vaccine ? Could it affect the immune system?

Posted 28 Dec 2017 by cat777 0 answers

May a HBV positive people take yellow fever vaccine ? Could it affect the immune system?

If a person is allergic to egg which anti rabies vaccine is preferred?

Posted 7 Nov 2017 by fancy_hancy24 1 answer

a case of cat bite and all the ani rabies vaccine consist albumin and the person is allergic to egg and sulfa drugs! please reply urgent ASAP!

My sister was given yellow fever vaccination one month ago. Just she was confirmed 2 months pregant.

Posted 1 Nov 2017 by Rafi-Jareena 1 answer

Will there be any affect on her pregnancy?

With new medications and vaccines, Has anyone ever been cured of herpes?

Posted 3 Oct 2017 by dianaraney 2 answers

I know that it is supposed to be incurable but i think they can cure a lot of illnesses but they wont for fear of collapsing the economy. Pharmacies, doctors, hospitals would go out of business.

Valtrex - How to treat my first case of shingles pain? I'm 72. Did not have vaccine. I live alone?

Posted 5 Sep 2017 by Pamela Janis 1 answer

Burning between & under shoulder blades. Amy activity causes shortness of breath. Sporadic needle - like pain in feet, arms & legs. Rash appeared 8/23. Valacyclovir prescribed 8/28. Rash subsiding while pain increasing. What other Rx could I take? Will Advil help?

Liver Cirrhosis - After getting (reversed) hbsag negative, could a healthy person...

Posted 29 Sep 2017 by GHM3266 0 answers

... consume alcohol in moderate quantities after 6 month completion of vaccine period? Male 42years. 70 kg weight.

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