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Vaccine Questions

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Does the BCG vaccine for TB help with COVID-19 (coronavirus)?

Can a TB (tuberculosis) vaccine be used for Covid-19 (coronavirus)?

Can the shingles vaccine cause a genital herpes outbreak?

I got my vaccine on a Friday, felt headachy and rundown all weekend. By Tuesday I was getting an outbreak. I hadn't had one in a pretty long time and I take acyclovir when I do. Coincidence or a side effect of the vaccine?

What are the side effects of the flu vaccine?

What are the side effects of the flu shot?

What are the side effects of the HPV vaccine?

How quickly can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Why can't the dengue vaccine Dengvaxia be used in people who haven't already had dengue?

Dengvaxia is approved in the U.S. for use in people ages 9 to 16 years who live in dengue areas and who have already had dengue. Why is that?

Is the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine recommended for Remicade patients? Any research on the efficacy…

... of the COVID-19 vaccine for Remicade patients?

Has anyone taken a Covid-19 vaccine while taking Xeljanz XR?

Just started taking Xeljanz XR. Doctor wants me to get Covid -19 vaccine. I do not know which one to take (Pfizer, moderna, or J&J) or what to expect as far as side effects as a RA patient on Xeljanz XR.

I just took the yellow fever vaccine, is it OK to drink alcohol in a few hours or should I waittill?

... the next day? Craving a glass of wine

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML).

How do the Covid-19 vaccines interact with Tasigna? Is one brand safer than another to take?

Hepatitis B - my husband is hbv positive. his last lab work showed the virus was undetected in every

... test except for 1. I am in the process of getting the vaccine. will he still be infectious? will we always have to use condoms and no oral sex? would appreciate any clarification on this subject . the dr. said as long as his test results are this good he won't get sick. I know you can... read more

Has anyone had side effects from tetanus vaccine?

I had the shot 2 months ago, felt lightheaded and foggy within minutes, it's been down hill ever since... weakness, exhaustion, vibrating in legs and neck area, buzzing in my head, and confusion. Today I became very emotional, sobbing, not like me at all. Dr. sent me for bloodwork, waiting for... read more

Lorazepam with the Pfizer vaccine?

Does this cause a reduction in the dosage? Or does the Pfizer Covid vaccine increase the effectiveness of lorazepam?

What reaction is there between diazepam and the Covid vaccine?

I am getting my first dose of the anti Covid vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) and a few hours later I need to take a few drops of diazepam. Do these two medicines cause a reaction? Is it OK if I take the drops after getting the vaccine?

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