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Hypothyroidism - After Thyroid Removal - I am 28yrs old having my second "thyroid storm" due to?

Posted 15 Apr 2012 by Lacy241422 35 answers

... hyperthyroidism. An ultrasound revealed I have a fairly large goiter on my thyroid an my symptoms from the hyperthyroid are worsening so, doctor has decided its best just to remove my thyroid. I was wondering if there was anyone out there with something similar to my case. How did you feel once ...

Epididymitis - Does epididymitis ever go away??

Posted 3 Mar 2013 by Daniel74 24 answers

I'm going on 5 months of having epipdidymitis... already been to a urologist, I've had the ultrasound and been on antibiotics 3x's. I'm confused and feel like I'm being defeated. Plz Help I do not have any STD'S... pain does decrease when I lay down. Urologist keep ...

Still no period after 9 months of having Mirena removed?

Posted 12 Nov 2014 by Inkedbeauty 42 answers

My Mirena has been out for over 9 months, & not 1 period. I have had blood work done for pregnancy, my thyroid, & other possible issues. We have had scans done & an internal ultrasound to ensure its not cancer, all came back fine. Could this have been caused by the mirena? I have looked ...

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - What foods should I eat and avoid?

Posted 3 Feb 2013 by baconbb 4 answers

Is there a list. My blood is fine but the fatty liver showed up in a ultrasound. B.B

Hello, all, I have been sick for the last month or so. Stomach pain and?

Posted 6 May 2011 by Springer10 21 answers

weight loss from not being able to eat. Well, my doc believes it's Gallstones. On the 10th I go I go in for an Upper GI/ultrasound and from there surgery to remove my Gallbladder. I won't be here very often until then, but wanted to let those who know me that I love each and every one of ...

Can I take a tramadol for pain before surgery?

Posted 25 Jul 2018 by CVelasco 1 answer

I had a Ultrasound, I have a cyst and a gall stone lodged into my liver. I am scheduled to have surgery in 2 days to remove my gall bladder. I had taken a tramadol to help relieve the pain. I do know I cannot take aspirin or Tylenol before my surgery. But, is it safe to take tramadol before my ...

Ovarian Cysts - what are my birth control options?

Posted 11 Jun 2011 by painsucks19 5 answers

I'm 35 and I've been diagnosed via ultrasound with two complex ovarian cysts, one on each ovary. I've also had cysts rupture monthly with every cycle for the last 3 years. The pain is excruciating and it's having an effect on my life (work, school, etc.) After 3 months of ...

Will flomax help with passing a stone that is over 1cm?

Posted 4 Mar 2016 by feeling miserable 1 answer

My doc prescribed flomax for a kidney stone but I first wanted to see if it would pass without the use of this drug. It's been almost 3 weeks and I have still not passed it. The ultrasound that I had yesterday shows it being over a cm in size. I have to get it surgically removed next week but ...

Pregnancy - ok, my problem started in, july. the last normal period I saw was may 26 2011, june, no?

Posted 18 Nov 2011 by coregal75 3 answers

... period, july 6, pinkish brownish light blood, aug, sept, oct, nov same light pinkish brown blood. i am 36 i know this is not my period. gone to the doctor, ultrasound and urine tests done, not pregnant. ok, why do i have the linea nigra? waist pain, restless legs? heavy and swollen breast, dark ...

Crohns disease, just diagnosed & stressed to the max.... and throwing up, is this the crohns?

Posted 13 May 2013 by deann0615 6 answers

I found out about a month ago that I have crohns disease. I ended up n the er for back pain they did some tests did an ultrasound and a ct of my abdomen looking for kidney stones and told me I had crohns. I go next week for more tests to confirm the diagnoses. I don't know if its the stress or ...

Has anyone had a biopsy done on a thyroid nodule - what should I expect?

Posted 27 Jul 2011 by smileyhappy 3 answers

I went for an ultrasound on my thyroid today. They found a 13mm nodule on the right side. Now I have to get a biopsy done. Has anyone here had this done? Is it usually benign or not? Wondering what to expect. Thanks for all responses. Smileyhappy :)

Mirena - I had an IUD implanted, a year later pregnant, could it have moved and made me fertile?

Posted 24 Feb 2013 by goldmoon1 1 answer

My doctor never gave me an ultrasound, and said it just fell out. I never noticed it fall out. Could it have moved location in my body and made me fertile?

Lupron Depot-Gyn - My daughter a 23-yr-old female that has been diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain.?

Posted 20 Oct 2015 by anksmom 2 answers

... Doctors have not be able to find a reason for the pain. She had an ovarian cyst removed a couple of months after the pain started, but the pain still didn't go away. Ultrasounds and a CT scan haven't shown any problems. The lastest gyn doctor she saw for a second opinion said that ...

I am taking milk thistle, now my stools are a dark green. When I discontinue, they go back to norma?

Posted 11 Feb 2017 by peyton18 1 answer

normal. I am thinking the milk thistle is doing it's job. Agree or disagree? My AST is elevated to 54 and my internal med Dr. has me stressed out over this. He will repeat in a month. Ultrasound scheduled.

Duodenitis/gastritis - Is it normal to have such a bad pain in the back with gastritis?

Posted 25 Oct 2018 by Sarah7 0 answers

I did an ultrasound because my doctor was 100% sure that I have gallstones or kidney stones. But it was negative. I suffer from gastritis since I'm 15. Now, I'm 25 and it didn't get better. Right know, I'm just taking natural medicine. Hopefully it works.

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