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Tylenol Extra Strength Questions

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Is it safe to take two 800 milligram ibuprofen?

Posted 23 Jan 2016 by krsyluv84 1 answer

I have a bad tooth ache and took 2 500mg tylenol extra strength. Its been 5 hours and I want to take 2 800mg ibuprofen. Is it safe or do I have to wait the whole 6 hours?

I take 6 Tylenol extra strength at a time for tooth pain, sometimes 3 times a day. Today got up ate?

Posted 31 Dec 2016 by Jaime1725 5 answers

... breakfast and couldn't eat all of it and now have pain in the middle of my stomach. Then sneezed and had blood in it

Can you crush tylenol extra strength and put thru a feeding tube?

Posted 3 Mar 2012 by jlwwills 1 answer

My husband has feeding and I have ran out of his pain medication and I wanted to know it is ok to crush tylenol extra strength caplets 500 mg. and how many can I give him in a 24 hour period.

How common is it to have itching as a side effect of taking Tylenol Extra Strength for a year?

Posted 14 Oct 2016 by jannacat 2 answers

I've been taking Tylenol Extra Strength for a year due to a fractured shoulder.

Is it safe to take one 50mg tablet every 6 hours with Tylenol Extra Strength 500 gel caps?

Posted 9 Dec 2017 by katrina e kathary 1 answer

Is it safe to take one 50 mg Tramadol tablet every 6 hours with two Tylenol Extra Strength gel caps?

Could I take a Tylenol Extra Strength of 500mg?

Posted 3 Nov 2017 by Jackie mena 1 answer

I breastfeed my 2 year old and i have a headache and all i have is Tylenol Extra strength. Is it OK to take it while I breastfeed?

Can you take Tylenol Extra Strength during the day while taking Xyrem at night?

Posted 21 Nov 2011 by nerkie 1 answer

I wake up after taking Xyrem and I have immense pain in my shoulder and arm. I'm pretty sure I may have fallen down the stairs or something, but I can't remember. Well, I took some Tylenol Extra Strength (acetaminophen, 500mg) to tide the pain, but now I'm reading sites that say that ...

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