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Do I have a brain tumor please help? really imporant?

Posted 24 Jul 2015 by juliasamantha457 4 answers

Hi Im a 17 year old female, I am overweight. and im very scared that I might have a brain tumor, the left side of my head sometimes hurts, like it's not a headache type of pain but it's more like a dull pressure type of headache, now it's usually not worse in the morning, but usually ...

Serious pain after cortisone shot!?

Posted 10 Oct 2015 by Ashleetaylorx3 2 answers

I just received my first shot in my left knee today. I had knee surgery almost 2 years ago to remove a benign tumor. However the pain came back and the doctor said that there was no tumor growing back but it was weak, tight and very inflamed. He suggested a cortisone shot and 1. I almost passed out ...

Taking Keppra after removal of a benign meningioma?

Posted 5 Jun 2017 by Lionmother 1 answer

My husband was having partial seizures about twice a month. An MRI revealed a brain tumor - a benign meningioma in his right temporal lobe. It was completely removed and the area causing the partial seizures treated. He has been weaned off of Keppra by his surgeon, but the neurologist feels he ...

I'm having surgery in five days. I have a script for tramadol and a migraine pill?

Posted 24 Aug 2016 by Rbnrthwll 3 answers

I've been told I should only take Tylenol before the surgery but I'm in a lot of pain. My surgery is to remove a pituitary tumor that is causing severe pain and nausea. Can I take anything else?

Votrient - How soon did you notice side affects?

Posted 29 Nov 2017 by Pathfinder123 2 answers

I will be starting Voltrient tomorrow, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in both kidneys having large tumors. How soon did the side affects start?

What expereinces are there after stopping 800 mg of Votrient?

Posted 17 Jan 2016 by Cgr11 2 answers

I have been on 800 mg for 5 years and tumors in lungs and lymph node have shrunk to nothing. Minimal side effects, but enough to make me want to stop. Anyone who has similar experience and has stopped taking it... What has been the result?

My mother took Harvoni and also was cured. However was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor?

Posted 28 Jun 2017 by Daniobrien 3 answers

She had it removed and was told to have a mammogram and a colonoscopy done because some people are finding more tumors. Has anyone else found out they have cancerous tumors since taking Harvoni.

Gabapentin making pain worse?

Posted 25 Nov 2015 by Theangrymountain 2 answers

Hello was diagnosed with a myxopapillary sacral ependymoma (pelvic tumor the size of a softball) and am currently waiting on surgery. I have hydrocodone for back and leg pain, but I have stabbing nerve pains in my penis and anus and bladder that aren't going away. The gabapentin just makes it ...

I have a pressing pain in the left eye. MRI shows that there is left eye exophthalmos but no tumor?

Posted 21 Feb 2016 by ninoko 1 answer

i have a pressing pain in the left eye ... MRI shows that there is left eye exophthalmos. Doctors say that there is no tumor. i do not know what to do .. my eye doctor says that my eye is in a good condition, there is no sigh of decrees of sight, but pain and little enlargement is still there. can ...

Accutane - Should I finally trust my doctor and try this?

Posted 13 Apr 2016 by jacklynns91 2 answers

I had brain tumors when I was a teenager, so the side affect for "increased cranial pressure," scares me. My dermatologist has been recommending I go on a small dose of this for years and years now. It's the last thing, and only thing we haven't tried. At 24 my cystic acne is ...

Nivolumab - I am to start opdivo tomorrow. After reading all the side effects and how it didn't?

Posted 28 Dec 2016 by mmballard 2 answers

... help anyone, I am considering telling the doctor no tomorrow I have non small cell lung cancer. Have been fighting it for 4 years. Radiation was given first and then chemo. At one point all tumors appeared gone, but have returned and additional chemo has not worked well.

I am a 53 year old pre menopausal female. I am having a hysterectomy soon because of fibroid?

Posted 26 Jan 2017 by 321Christine 2 answers

tumors found in my enlarged uterus with an ultrasound. My question is: should I keep my ovaries if they are still healthy and doing their hormonal job so I wont be thrown into full blown menopause. I would be open to bioidential or natural hormones ... but I have factor V liden blood disorder and ...

My adult son has been on Keppra for about 15 months. He had one seizure (needed CPR) and a brain...

Posted 27 Apr 2018 by Cardinal1970 1 answer

... tumor (benign menangioma) was immediately diagnosed. 98% of tumor was removed... the rest was too close to the optic nerve. He has severe headaches, numbness in arms and legs, some personality issues, and extreme fatigue. He has now needed to take medical leave from work. All tests are negative ...

Mirtazapine use with brain cancer recommended?

Posted 2 Jan 2016 by RG Friend 1 answer

Friend has glioblastoma and was prescribed Mirtazapine for depression. Had surgery to remove tumor, undergoing radiation at tumor site on right side of brain. Is Mirtazapine best prescription for this case?

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