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What are the side effects of taking 2 doses of Truvada at the same time?

Posted 28 Jul 2010 by erockdw 1 answer

I forgot whether I took my dose of Truvada at my regularly scheduled time. So, assuming I forgot to take it, I took one aproximately 4 hours later. I'm concerned that I may have taken it twice and am wondering if this could cause any serious adverse reactions?

What medications can produce a false positive for amphetimines?

Posted 23 Dec 2009 by probation67 2 answers

I am on H.I.V. meds and ,lipitor, prochlorperizine, penicillin,citalopram and take acetiminaphen

Is it safe for me to take tylenol with truvada?

Posted 7 Apr 2011 by antonio_45 3 answers

I'm presently taking truvada, and my pain management doctor gave me percocet 10/325mg to take for the chronic pain I have with my back but I want to know is it safe for me to tylenol if I get a headache?

Hi, I started taking Truvada last Wednesday and Sunday I started having a lot of flu like symptoms,?

Posted 4 Mar 2014 by Drielle 4 answers

... to which I took OTC pain meds (Tylenol & Aspirin) but it didn't help with the leg or back pain. I will throw in that I was assaulted and taking Truvada & Isentress is part of the hospital's protocol to prevent HIV infection. Yesterday my back and legs started hurting pretty ...

Is it safe to take meloxicam with hiv meds;norvir,prezista and truvada occasionally for kidney pain?

Posted 25 Sep 2011 by 1longdarkknight 1 answer

Which pain medication is best for kidney pain in an hiv+ paient on norvir, prezista and truvada?

Allergic rxn to Truvada &stocryn , my face red and swollen with puss. What will relieve this?

Posted 24 Jun 2012 by natjnr 2 answers

What should I do tobring down the swelling and stop the pain on my face'

Truvada - Does Travada cause any problems to the liver like creatinine levels to increase?

Posted 5 Sep 2012 by mickey55 1 answer

... increase from extended usage over a period of years.

What type of herbs should I avoid when taking haart meds for hiv?

Posted 21 Apr 2011 by ken D. 1 answer

I, am taking - norvir,truvada,lexiva. I, am trying to bring my ph level primary doctor suggested green drinks. I, have a product called greens first. when i checked there web site, it does not give me any info on this matter. can you please help me.I am concerned about drug - ...

I have been taking Truvada+Edurant for six weeks now. Right after starting this regimen I noticed my

Posted 28 Sep 2011 by marylee5511 1 answer

... knees were becoming so weak that I couldn't stand up without a support. I also noticed that my feet became very sensitive so that I can't walk without wearing thickly padded shoes. My fingers are numb and feel swollen all the time, especially after a night sleep. I think these ...

Could these HIV medications cause the hemarthrosis?

Posted 11 Jul 2010 by mitchecy 1 answer

hemarthrosis after meniscus repair , pt on isentress,truvada

What effects does rayatz ,truvada and norivr have on toxic mold?

Posted 23 Jan 2015 by MistySNOW1 1 answer

antivirals norvir,eruvada and reytaz,do they help fight toxic mold in the body? i was exposded to stachybotrys chartarum,aspergillis

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