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Truvada - Side Effects?

Posted 8 May 2017 by BostonJS37 0 answers

I started taking Truvada for PREP three days ago and the only significant side effect I am experiencing is severe heart burn. Has anyone else had this? I have been popping over the counter Rantidines like Tictacs. Thanks!

Is it effective to take half a pill of Truvada daily?

Posted 10 Apr 2016 by Sylsam 0 answers

Is it effective to take half a pill of Truvada daily? Would that be easier on the system for side effects issues?

Suspected drug allergy rash?

Posted 28 Feb 2016 by meroosher 1 answer

I have recently took Truvada as part of a nPeP treatment. After a few days in I started to experience a severe rash which kept on worsening. My rash includes small white bumps, small red bumps, raised sensitive area of skin, and bumps whick look like mosquito bites. I suspected ithe drug triggered ...

Tivicay+Truvada vs Triumeq?

Posted 31 Dec 2015 by zagreb 0 answers

i have some skin paplosis My CD4 are more tjen 800, my VL not detecabile. Dr want to change my therapy from Tivicay/Truvada to Triumeq. what you think?

Truvada - are there any cures for constant gas and frequent bathroom trips?

Posted 25 Oct 2015 by mt4 0 answers

been taking this for 3 weeks, i am HIV negative, in excellent health. Have been suffering from extreme gas, and frequent bowel movements, no loose stool or diarrhea, but just going a lot.

Abacavir/dolutegravir/lamivudine - Side effects of Dolutegravir?

Posted 23 Oct 2015 by sonik 0 answers

I have switched medications 4 months ago to a new regime of Dolutegravir and Truvada. The first 3 months were experienced side effect free virtually. However in the past 3 weeks I have been experiencing bouts of nausea, vomiting and headaches. Is there such a thing as cumulative side effects? The ...

I started Isentress + Truvada nor NPEP. I just realized the bottle for isentress says to take one?

Posted 8 Mar 2015 by Beitar 1 answer

... table daily but my research says it should be twice daily. I have been taking one less pill a day for 6 days for my 28 day treatment. Is such treatment still supposed to work the way it should even if I start the twice a day isentress right now? How bad could this have affected this treatment?

What effects does rayatz ,truvada and norivr have on toxic mold?

Posted 23 Jan 2015 by MistySNOW1 1 answer

antivirals norvir,eruvada and reytaz,do they help fight toxic mold in the body? i was exposded to stachybotrys chartarum,aspergillis

Hi, I started taking Truvada last Wednesday and Sunday I started having a lot of flu like symptoms,?

Posted 4 Mar 2014 by Drielle 4 answers

... to which I took OTC pain meds (Tylenol & Aspirin) but it didn't help with the leg or back pain. I will throw in that I was assaulted and taking Truvada & Isentress is part of the hospital's protocol to prevent HIV infection. Yesterday my back and legs started hurting pretty ...

What are the side effects of taking 2 doses of Truvada at the same time?

Posted 28 Jul 2010 by erockdw 1 answer

I forgot whether I took my dose of Truvada at my regularly scheduled time. So, assuming I forgot to take it, I took one aproximately 4 hours later. I'm concerned that I may have taken it twice and am wondering if this could cause any serious adverse reactions?

Can I eat a small salad and then take the Atripla right after, or I have to wait 2hrs after?

Posted 16 May 2013 by frazier3d 2 answers

I been on my treatment for 2 months know truvada, Preziesta,and Noviror. My doc just switched me to Atripla and today is my second day on it. I'm use to taking my meds right after a meal. Please give me some advice on what i should do!

Truvada price?

Posted 21 May 2013 by ntatua 1 answer

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