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Is it normal to miss your period when you first start using birth control?

Posted 14 Apr 2011 by AP2012 2 answers

I am using Trinessa Birth Control for bad cramping and heavy periods. This is my first cycle of it and I have still not started my period. I only have 3 more days of the inactive pill. I know I am not pregnant because I am not sexually active. I've heard it is normal and I have also heard that ...

Cramping before period while on birth control?

Posted 25 Jul 2012 by ggxlly 4 answers

I started taking trinessa for the first time on July the 8th. Me and my boyfriend were having oral sex on the 13 and I took plan b the following day because I thought that maybe some sperm could have gotten in me and it was during the time I ovulate. I had sex on the 16 and used a condom but ...

Trinessa - What are the green pills for and do I have to take them?

Posted 21 Mar 2012 by kittykatmariah 2 answers

I'm taking trinessa birth control, and I'm on my first pack, second week and I'm not sure what I do with the green pills.

Do I need to wear condoms while using the birth control method TriNessa?

Posted 5 Nov 2012 by zimbabwe93 2 answers

My boyfriend and I had sex Friday night without a condom. I have been taking TriNessa for just over 2-weeks now. Saturday I also took the morning after pill, but I am just a little concerned that I may be pregnant. I'm not worried about him having STD's since he has been tested. So my ...

Why are the trinessa birth control pills colored differently for different weeks. I began taking it?

Posted 1 Sep 2009 by Dasistheis 1 answer

... two days ago and started with the white pills. Was that a mistake? And how long does it take before the pills are considered effective?

I had unprotected sex, then the next day took my pill 3-5 hours late?

Posted 27 Feb 2012 by smariea4716 1 answer

I take the trinessa pill and i was wondering if i could be pregnant. I'm usually pretty good about taking the pill at the same time every day but there were a few days i was a couple hours late.

I messed up birth control can I be pregnant?

Posted 12 hours ago by NM22 0 answers

I missed a day here and there and never double up. I got my period when I had a week left of my Trinessa. I stopped taking the pill waited for my period to be over and started a new pack. Could I be pregnant?

TriNessa - I skipped my 6th and 7th pill. Am I still protected?

Posted 3 days ago by Memac100 0 answers

Can i just pick back up after skipping 2 days and still be protected? Can i take the 2 missed today and take the third at regular time?

TriNessa - Swollen legs and feet?

Posted 20 days ago by Dayjiac 0 answers

Hi i would like too know has anyone taking trinessa experience water retention in legs and feet? I have been on this pill almost 3 weeks and this is what has been happening.

TriNessa - Can I skip my period?

Posted 21 Mar 2017 by Mtelliott 0 answers

If I take the next pack early will my period stop?

Birth control and daylight savings, did I mess up?

Posted 3 Apr 2017 by Alexusannx33 0 answers

Hello, I've been on Trinessa Lo for nearly a year now. I've been taking it perfectly, at 4PM every single day, without any misses or lates. The clocks sprung forward in early march, and I just took my first active pill of my new pack the day prior to the clocks going forward an hour. I ...

Anyone who also takes Trinessa or a triphasic birth control, please help?!?

Posted 14 Feb 2017 by Mariannev 1 answer

Hi, I have been on trinessa birth control for a few years now and I absolutely love it. Never had a problem with it. In January, on the 19th I was supposed to be on my "week 4" of my pills aka my period. Instead I accidentally started my new pack, so I skipped my period week. That ...

TriNessa- Missed Periods??

Posted 9 Jan 2017 by mcjuanita 0 answers

This is my second month on TriNessa. I haven't missed a single pill from the start. My period tracker on my phone says my period was supposed to start on January 3rd however I did not reach the placebo pills in the pack until January 6th. It is now January 9th and I still haven't gotten ...

TriNessa - Does it affect my birth control if I am a couple hours early or late taking the pill?

Posted 14 Dec 2016 by 1296bbr 0 answers

I have set my desired time as 2pm but I am someone that doesn't have a set schedule every day. Some times I am at school or working or busy and some times I just simply forget. About every day I am an hour or so late or early when taking my pill. Does this affect the birth controls accuracy or ...

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