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I was just prescribed tramadol, flexeril, and phenergan for my migraine headaches. Has anyone else?

Posted 24 Jun 2011 by esa111226 25 answers

... used these medications to relieve migraines? I have debilitating migraines and I've tried every medication used specifically for this condition. To name a few... Imitrex, Frova, Treximet, Maxalt, zomig, bupaand the list goes on. All were uneffective. Also in an effort to prevent them i was ...

Does treximet have caffeine in it?

Posted 26 Jul 2016 by Pert09 0 answers

How long after taking exception for migraine can I take treximet?

Posted 30 May 2016 by Kolpy42 0 answers

I was just making sure waiting 6 1/2 hours between was long enough??

Can I take Treximet while taking fioricet?

Posted 26 Aug 2013 by monkmonk 1 answer

I'm been having migraines again for the past two days any remedies to help it go away?

Posted 30 Oct 2012 by alexisglover 3 answers

I have something called complex migraines and I take esgic tablets and treximet so far but when it gets bad and they last for days and I start to get the stroke symptoms I get nervous my doc likes well that's the meds you have to take I'm like really :-\

Migraine - Does treximet suppose to make you feel jittery, shaky and weak?

Posted 10 Nov 2010 by lizzyb620 2 answers

I take treximet for my migraines. I only take it when I am at home because it makes me feel weird. It takes away the pain, but I get the shakes, hot then cold to where I shiver and dizzy

How is treximet different from imitrex?

Posted 19 Jun 2009 by doctorova 1 answer

I get headaches because of weather changes usually. I have suffered from allergies and barometric pressure for years. One doctor told me to wear cotton at the end of my nose. I also inaled vapor.

Last night I felt a severe migraine coming on and took my medication (Treximet). I have these once a

Posted 30 Dec 2010 by dizzy3 3 answers

... week. Ususally I catch them before they are bad and can function in daily life. Last night I drank a cup of Chamomile tea after I took the Treximet. Woke up at 3am dry heaving and stabbing pains in my stomach. Been feeling dizzy, sick to stomach and slight headachy (?) all day. I think the ...

Does anyone know if it is possible to get more than 9 Treximet pills in a prescription?

Posted 26 Feb 2011 by Chevelle 1 answer

It gets very expensive. My copay on my insurance is now $65.00

Treximet info?

Posted 30 Dec 2010 by dizzy3 1 answer

Does anyone know if Treximet depletes any vitamins in your system, ie... steroids deplete the calcium in your bones? If it does, what could they be so that I may supplement them.

How do you know if it is migraines that you are having or headaches from something else?

Posted 18 Oct 2009 by mjmadigan 8 answers

I have suffered with severe headaches for several years and can not seem to find out why. I have a headache every day, but, of course, some days are almost unbearable! I've been to doctors and some say migraines, some say definitely not. So, how does one tell???

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