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Toxicity Questions

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Safe to take expired Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen?

Posted 15 Jul 2014 by GriffinDelta 9 answers

I have a bottle of 5/325 hydrocodone APAP oral tablets prescribed to me on December 8, 2011. I kept them in their original orange bottle with the lid fastened on. Another thing, they were in a closed drawer in my bathroom roughly 10 feet from the shower. I was wondering if they would cause any ...

Accidentally took 2 of the same med! Should I be concerned???

Posted 30 Dec 2013 by PurpleButterfies 3 answers

I took a norco 10/325 at 4:30 pm, and again at 5 pm when it was time for me to take a different prescription. I simply picked up the wrong med and didn't realize it until immediately after I swallowed it! Should I be concerned? I take a lot of prescription medication, much of which has a ...

Is there a difference between Ritalin SR and Ritalin LA?

Posted 16 Jan 2018 by davemichael 1 answer

Both 10mg. I am pretty sure there must be some because ever since my doctor told me to move from the SR version to the LA I have experienced severe confusion. It took me 4 years to realize it was Ritalin LA that had been causing me those symptoms. It took me that long to find out because I had ...

Tendonitis - Cipro toxicity induced tendinitis. Any suggestions?

Posted 26 Dec 2017 by JarrodR 1 answer

... treatment I woke up and could barely walk with pains in my knees and ankles. I went back to the doctor and he put me on steroids and nsaids. My condition only got worse. A week later Dr tested me for arthritis and put me on arthrotec (a NSAID for arthritis). Tests came back negative for ...

I take 1250 lithium every night. Two months ago my lithium levels were 0.8 whereas today my results?

Posted 31 Jan 2015 by Tayfirs 3 answers

... came back as 1.51. I've been told by one person that that is "quite high" and another person told me it is "extremely / dangerously high". Which is it? Thanks!

Can lithium carbonate be re introduced to a patient who at one point had a lithium toxicity?

Posted 10 Feb 2017 by BRYAN68 3 answers

The does was 900MG, the lithium level got up to I believe 7.1. Dialysis was run and the lithium has never been reintroduced. Is it possible to reintroduce lithium slowly for a patient who has not been on it for nearly 5 years? I am only asking for informational reasons. Thank you!

300mg lithium toxicity possible or nah?

Posted 16 Sep 2018 by Ash259 1 answer

I just started lithium 150mg twice a day. Because I am at such a low dose should I not have to worry about toxicity? I’ve read a lot about this drug but I didn’t see anything about toxicity with low doses.what do you think?

Has anyone been on 200mg / day of amitriptyline for migraines?

Posted 29 Sep 2018 by annemarie1000 0 answers

My sister was for over a decade. Then suddenly and unexpectedly, she died at the age of 57. Coroner's report said cause of death was acute amitriptyline toxicity. We can't understand how that could have happened. It does not seem that she overdosed. but wouldn't she have had side ...

Does anyone know if the contrast dye Omnipaque 240 causes gadolinium toxicity?

Posted 8 Dec 2017 by Molly Larsen 1 answer

My husband went into acute renal failure twice after having scans with the use of Omnipque 240. He had other problems such as cognitive forgetfulness, change in voice, hallucinations, rash, burning sensations, ringing in ears, and more. He asked for a lab test and doctor doesn't want to ...

Solifin 5mg(solifin sulfate) uses and its toxicity?

Posted 3 Aug 2014 by maxell121 1 answer

Hello,I want to know the detail info about drug solifin 5mg, in solifin sulfate form? is there any official page on drug description?

When amiodarone is taken with digoxin and digoxin toxicity occurs, which one is decreased??

Posted 28 May 2015 by needs to know 2 answers

which of the two med is altered to relieve digoxin toxicity. Is amiodarone dose decreased or is digoxin decreased???

Just found out I have toxicity in my eyes from taking plaquanil. I have had lupus,sjoens and other?

Posted 25 May 2016 by stinggold1 1 answer

Wondering if anyone else have this problem?

Ive been on lithium forever but recently became pretty active and drink plenty of water. Sometimes I

Posted 1 Jul 2014 by tiinyDancers33 1 answer

... mistake my thirst and May be over drinking h20. How much is enough, and how much could cause toxicity and dizziness nauseated sickly hott pins and needles, headache side effects etc ect?

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