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Tourette's Syndrome Questions

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My son has just started 1mg Orap after trying lots of different meds and nothing works.

Posted 23 Oct 2017 by Rosewood26 1 answer

My son is now 12 and had tourettes since 6 but they very bad now. Orap is our last hope.

Pain - Does anyone have what I can only describe as, jerks or sudden movements unintended, from?

Posted 13 Nov 2017 by Shysheila 0 answers

... lower back down the legs, making it impossible to sleep or lay in bed without looking like you've got body tourettes?

Older adult with Tourette's. Taking Intuniv for three weeks. Sleep issues?

Posted 9 Sep 2017 by J Lynn 1 answer

I have been taking Intuniv for Tourette's for three weeks. Most side effects are subsiding, except for insomnia. I take Intuniv at night before bed along with 100 mg of Trazodone. Before starting the Intuniv, I slept well. Now, I go to sleep, but wake up in a couple hrs. May go back to sleep ...

Can Topamax help a child with Tourette's and ADHD?

Posted 18 Aug 2017 by Shicole85 0 answers

So far what I have researched informs me that medications for ADHD will cause his tics to become more severe? That there is no cure for Tourette's. He is in a lot of pain nightly from jerking... he needs relief but I'm so scared it's going to worsen with medication. Any information ...

I am on Topamax for tourettes disorder my tics are out of control?

Posted 21 May 2017 by CCOD 4 answers

Topamax is giving me really bad side effects and they are not helping to suppress my tics in the slightest! Why is everyone seeming to have good results with this medication but I'm having such a ruff time with it? I'm loosing all hope of any medical treatment that will work and I'm ...

Clonidine - Will it make you like a zombie?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by Ticmeoff 1 answer

I've had complex tourettes with adhd and obsessive compulsive behaviors (that in nature feel like any other tic-must be performed or happen) . I've been untreated for 38 years til 8 months ago. I could cry at relief. 60mg of extended release ritalin has made them minimal (less I've ...

Tourettes and having children?

Posted 11 Mar 2017 by Leo_169 2 answers

Growing up I found my tourettes so difficult. There would be bullying at school, odd looks in public and people constantly saying it was something I could stop. Even as an adult this continued throughout every day working life. It's one of my struggles every day and it is only now I have ...

For people who took guanfacine and changed to a different medication, what worked better for you?

Posted 1 Jan 2017 by RiegM 0 answers

My son is taking guanfacine now, and it seems to work for a few weeks, then not so much. We have had to increase dosage regularly. I wondered what else people have found that supressed tics while not just making them a zombie all day. Thanks.

Clonidine - Moaning sound. Help me?

Posted 8 Dec 2016 by Gregnikolettos 0 answers

I have started moaning uncontrollably and its like a tick. I have no idea what to do and my dr dismissed it saying it will go away. I am going nuts pleaser help. I'm moaning all day. Who do I go see for specialist treatment

Aripiprazole - How has the side effects been with being out of it or sleepy or even having energy?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Jmgkab 0 answers

My husband just got put on this medicine. He has tourettes syndrome, ocd, and adhd. He works a full time job on rotating shifts and is concerned that it might be making him sleepy. The medicine he was on before gave him energy and made him able to concentrate on one task at a time. The dr wants him ...

What medications work best for motor tics (form of tourette's)? Your help is much needed!?

Posted 11 Feb 2016 by StarGlitter 0 answers

Can anyone make recommendation of what works well for motor tics, or how you control them, i.e., head jerking and clearing throat (tourette's). I have tried a few medications that the doctor prescribed, but all with terrible side effects. Buspar (the smallest dose at 1x a day) worked very ...

Buspirone for 10yr old for tics?

Posted 30 Sep 2015 by bambirose1971 1 answer

My son is 10 and over the past few years his tics have become more frequent and random it seems. We don't want him to hurt himself and are having him examined for Tourette's/Asbergers. Dr suggested buspirone, but after reading the side effects, we are anxious about it. We don't want ...

Sort of "Compulsive" blinking?

Posted 14 Sep 2015 by Divinate 2 answers

Compulsive is the best way I can describe it... I have the urge to blink, it feels similar to somewhere between one of those restless nights of sleeping, and what I'd imagine tourette's syndrome to feel like. I have the overwhelming urge to blink, a lot of the time in rapid succession; I ...

Has anyone had sucess going off, then back on topamax for wt loss?

Posted 30 Jan 2015 by jenny430 2 answers

i was on topamax for my tourette's, lost 60lbs, have gone off and gained back the wt., want to lose again, will it work twice?

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