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Supartz - can it be used for rotator cuff operation gone bad?

Posted 16 days ago by Redcat24 1 answer

Operated twice,infected,high amount of scar tissue... severe chronic pain resulted!!

When you stop using Osphena, does the tissue dryness immediately return?

Posted 14 Nov 2016 by Joan Farmer 0 answers

I have suffered from painful intercourse for years. Went through menopause in my early 40s. I am now 68. Lubricants do not seem to help. My doctor thinks I am a good candidate for osphena. I am hesitant because of the side affects and the price. Is there a generic brand? My plan D will not cover ...

2 weeks out from L5-S1 spinal fusion with discectomy. Is it normal to feel like there is a stick?

Posted 26 Oct 2016 by guidobmb 2 answers

... where the fusion is and almost like a ridge of tissue at the top if you lean forward and then straighten? The pain has gotten better, but I have a numb feeling all the way down my legs to my feet and especially in my left big toe. I was told this would get better with time as the nerves heal. I ...

Three weeks after removal of stitches, our doctor recommends injecting our son with kenalog?

Posted 29 Oct 2016 by Traceg 0 answers

to help break up scar tissue and flatten the area. This is a 11 yr old and the site is under the eye near the cheekbone. Is it worth it to inject this now?

Ultrasound and internal bleeding question?

Posted 17 Oct 2016 by Anonymous1981 1 answer

Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me if internal bleeding on an ultrasound would hide the organs/tissue beneath the bleeding so the person reading the ultrasound could not tell if there was a mass causing the bleeding. Thank you!

Why am I continuing to have hot flashes after quitting tamoxifen?

Posted 18 Sep 2016 by Tearl56 0 answers

Five and a half years ago, I had IDC and DCIS. I had a mastectomy. My Dr. Thought I would be a great candidate for tissue testing. It would be able to determine what my chance of a re-occurrence would be. After it was completed, my chance of a re-occurrence was at 2.3 percent. It was determined ...

Spotting or bleeding while on the patch?

Posted 22 Sep 2016 by Tlay2015 0 answers

Hello I have been having light cramping for the past two or three days and I'm hoping I'm not pregnant. I went to the bathroom and notice the tissue had bright red blood on it so I wiped two more times and same thing. I am on the orthro patch but last week I was late putting it on but I ...

Mixed Connective Tissue Disease - Hi everyone, Ive been married to my wife for about 3 years. Ever?

Posted 29 Aug 2016 by jreiter 1 answer

... since ive known her, she has had bad back/neck pain and has consistently seen a chiropactor and had regular massages. Her muscles, particularly in the back and neck have been "knotty". She has been in alot of pain since ive known her, but shes always been an active person. Several ...

Just wondering if anyone gets fevered & flare after a deep tissue mass?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Sheole 0 answers

If so what type of auto immune disease so you have. Thank you.

Tessalon - Is there another Rx tablet which can be used as a substitute to benzonatate 200 mg.?

Posted 7 Aug 2016 by Croniccough 1 answer

... capsules? I am a senior and part D Medicare does not include benzonatate for coughs. My cough is from scar tissue in the lungs, not a cold. I'm looking for a substitute on my health ins. formulary. Medicare denied me after I sent an appeal. The Rx is $135. Per month! I am on a SS fixed ...

Miss Sassy/Trisha My doctor has advised me Lazer surgery is not approved in Louisiana. The only?

Posted 21 Jul 2016 by Trisha70 1 answer

way to get rid of scar tissue and adhesions. My insurance will not approve Lazer surgery. Please advise me what I should do. If I do cutting it will not help but only get worse. I am 71 years old with a disabled daughter and no family to help her. Please if anyone has a answer please let us know. ...

Can Adnormal vaginal bleeding cause blood on tissuse only when wiping?

Posted 15 Jun 2016 by DolphinChick7 0 answers

Can Abnormal vaginal bleeding cause small amounts of blood between periods & be seen on toilet tissue after when wiping? It happens every so often I thought it might be a Uti but haven't had any systoms? I just had tubes tied & have been spotting or bleeding since but it has stopped ...

I just had lumpectomy and with 3 lymph nodes lighting up . No cancer found in lymph nodes and?

Posted 31 May 2016 by ditzy gran 0 answers

Surrounding tissue free of disease after lump removed. Dr. Recommended Anastrazole. I am already on pain meds for containt joint and back pain. Already problem sleeping. I am afraid of side effects but of course want to be pro active any suggestions. I just turned 70 and want quality of life.

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