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Tinea Pedis Questions

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What other antifungal cream can be used in place of Naftin HCL?

Posted 6 Aug 2012 by sharlew2012 2 answers

Naftin HCL is a prescription drug, need to know the best over the counter cream to use instead.

Absorbine Athletes Foot - I've had this for 2 weeks and thought the tenactin and vinegar soaks were?

Posted 28 Dec 2013 by Anne Marie Jackson 1 answer

... curing it, but it came back with a vengeance this afternoon. Itching so bad that it is more like a stabbing pain. I'm soaking in vinegar and about to put tenactin on. Any thing to ease the pain more directly?

I am having erectile dysfunction after taking terbinafin 250 mg O.D. for four weeks?

Posted 10 Sep 2013 1 answer

I am 52 year male. I was prescribed terbinafin 250 mg once daily for oncomycosis combined with tinea pedis. After four weeks, three days back I noticed that I am having difficulty in getting erection. Although after manual stimulation I am getting erection. I have stopped taking terbinafin. Can ...

Im taking hair skin and nail vitamins. Will these counteract terbinafine oral antifungal?

Posted 22 Dec 2012 by moniloza29 2 answers

im taking hair skin and nail vitamins that contain biotin and silica will these counteract or make terbinafine that i take orally for foot fungus not work as well.

I need a cure for my athlete's foot Any suggestions to a way where it wont effect my birth control?

Posted 22 May 2012 by arianab3 3 answers

Lutera is the birth control I am on.

Does Lotrimin use cause painful blisters?

Posted 28 Jun 2010 by WJL 1 answer

I've been using Lotrimin to treat athlete's foot for a little over a week. The itching and redness have gotten better, but there is now a very painful circular area on the bottom of my foot that feels like a blister, but isn't swollen. Any suggestions?

Can this cream be used for athlete's foot?

Posted 25 Sep 2009 by LZeleznak 1 answer

The cream would be betamethasone dipropionate.

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