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Thyroidectomy Questions


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Does clomipramine cause severe fatigue and weakness. I only take about 10mgs for a few days?

Posted 16 Oct 2017 by L1sp 4 answers

I've only taken about 10mgs at night for a few days and already feel extremely weak with absolutely no energy. I've had a total thyroidectomy and take levothyroxine every morning. I can't take any ssris as one of them made me suicidal and had very bad reactions to every one I took. I ...

Why thyroid levels keep changing?

Posted 6 May 2011 1 answer

Had my blood work this wk and my thyroid level was down again. I do not have a thyroid. My level stayed the same for 7 yrs. After I had my breakdown it drops everytime I get my blood work, I started at 100mcg and it has changed 4x, now I'm on 50mcg. I ask the doc why, he said it was hard to ...

Can I safely use amitriptyline?

Posted 23 May 2017 by Cathy T 2 answers

I had a complete thyroidectomy take synthroid. I also have glaucoma. I have fybromyalgia and my pain is not well controlled

I've just had a fully thyroidectomy and found after operation it was cancer. I've been wait 3...

Posted 14 Mar 2018 by Kazbar70 1 answer

... weeks for results. Just got them back now. I don't need to have RAI treatment but still need to be watched closely. I'm on 100mg levothyroxine. Does this mean I am cancer free ? Or can depending in blood tests I may still need to have RAI treatment. My head is still all over the ...

Armour Thyroid - I just had a total thyroidectomy :?

Posted 28 Jul 2015 by 4christina 2 answers

Hi- my thyroidectomy was done about 3 weeks ago, I'm not feeling right, cold feet, tingling finger, crying alot, depressed, I have gain 11 pounds !!! The doctor started me on levothyroxine but Friday he told me to start Amour Thyroid 120mg, how long before I should notice a difference?

I am post total thyroidectomy since 2009. I have been on Synthroid name brand only (tried generic?

Posted 27 Sep 2015 by Carolleej2 2 answers

... first three months and felt unstable) since then. I was started on .175 and became toxic within a year. I was then lowered to .137 & did well for a while. Two years ago I was pout back up to .150 but last summer my TSH comes from 0.5 to 2.95. My integrative medicine doctor decreased my ...

I had thyroid cancer and had a total thyroidectomy. I now take 100 levothyroxine every day?

Posted 14 Mar 2017 by SuzieQ2 2 answers

I have gained 16 pounds. I don't feel well anymore. I want to stop taking this med bit am afraid I could die. Can I stop taking it and be okay?

Levothyroxine - How will body respond if I stop taking for 1 week?

Posted 24 Dec 2017 by smilingtiff 0 answers

I take 100mcg. tablet once daily for hypothyroidism. I had a total thyroidectomy done few years back. I have 1 week of pills left & 1 week of no pills before I see my thyroid doctor & its no refills. I see him week of January 8th, 2018. I don't want to call & then doctor might ...

My TSH is undetectable on ANY dose of T4...WHY??

Posted 20 Jun 2014 by Sharon sharon 1 answer

I had a total thyroidectomy due to Hashimoto and cancer 10 yrs ago and it has been awful since the removal. On ANY dose of T4 my TSH is ALWAYS .0004 Currently I take only brand name 50 cytomel and 25 synthroid. (I'm prescribed 50 t4 but t4 makes me too anxious) The only way the TSH has ...

Is it safe to adjust the 100 mcg dose of synthroid by not taking the pill two days a week?

Posted 23 Feb 2016 by wncmountains 1 answer

My TSH level is not stable yet after thyroidectomy so doctor is adjusting the dosage by telling me to not take the 100 mcg dose on Sunday and Wednesday. Is this dangerous to miss two days? I think it is best to have a stable dosage from day to day. Why not use say a 50 mcg pill three days a week ...

Hypothyroidism - after thyroid removal - total thyroidectomy many years ago. They want to lower my?

Posted 28 Nov 2016 by Jeannine Rush 1 answer

... dosage. Lower dose makes me so slow? Why? Because of the results of the lab tests. They say it does not fit the levels on their charts.

Levothyroxine - I want to know how to deal with my reaction to Synthroid following my thyroidectomy?

Posted 28 Aug 2017 by ReganPollock 1 answer

My T3 and T4 levels are mid range but my TSH level has rocketed to 50. My endocrinologist has recommended upping my dosage to 75, but this is making me feel very unwell - dizzy, bad headache, tingling in my fingers, heart pain. I would like to go back to 50 mcg or preferably even lower, but ...

Anxiety Post Thyroidectomy?

Posted 4 Jul 2018 by Tromayor 1 answer

Hello, I am 5wk post total thyroidectomy and partial parathyroidectomy taking 137mcg if levothyroxine and 1500mg of calcium. My question is has anyone ever experienced severe anxiety? I'm so anxious I've had to leave work and go home to lay down. My mind just won't stop and I get ...

Thyroid Disease - What Now? Biopsy procedure could not be performed ???

Posted 18 Dec 2013 by MsTracyMarie 1 answer

... due to the largest nodule miraculously disappearing in 2 months. I was told that this happens, but having known about this nodule for nearly 7 years and it disappearing was astonishing to say the least. I prayed it away, and now I am left with an enlarged thyroid that is large enough that I ...

Is it safe to take Lugol (strong iodine solution) by mouth?

Posted 6 Sep 2014 by EAOrhii 1 answer

I am scheduled to have thyroidectomy and my surgeon prescribed this medication. The pharmacist that dispensed it instructed me to apply it topically to the surgical site. When I read the insert, it said orally. I called the pharmacist back and he told me that it is usually for topical use but it is ...

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