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Testim - Im using androgel 1.62 but it costs too much ...looking for similar testosterone?

Posted 30 Oct 2012 5 answers

... medication that costs less

Next Steps... Testim and insurance?

Posted 27 Sep 2012 6 answers

I had complained to my doctor about loss of sex drive and weak erections... he checked the usual suspects via bloodwork and my test came back with a 192 value on testosterone... (300 to 1000 considered normal). He prescribed me 50mg(1 tube of testim daily). After 90 days, I visted him and said the ...

How long does it take for Testim to start improving libido and ED?

Posted 25 Jun 2012 2 answers

I'm 69 and Testim (5mg) was just recently prescribed for low testosterin. How long should I expect to have to take this ointment before I see some increase in libido and recover from ED? Currently finished my 2nd week! It is unbelievably expensive so the timeframe for continuing without ...

Can anyone compare testim to androgel?

Posted 13 Aug 2009 3 answers

My health plan does not cover testim, yet doctor recommended.

Testim - When to apply? Does a.m. or p.m. make a difference?

Posted 13 Jul 2012 1 answer

Instructions state to apply Testim in the morning. However, when reading several forums some users indicate the smell is not entirely pleasant. I am new to it and only on my 3rd day. I have a quick routine to get out the door each morning and don't want to add another thing to do or slow me ...

Effect of T gel (Androgel, Testim) on erection rigidity, ejaculate volume and refractory period?

Posted 9 Nov 2014 1 answer

It is reassuring to hear that transdermal T gels (Androgel, Testogel and Testim) can significantly improve sexual function. Specifically, I would like some feedback on the effect of these transdermal testosterone gels on the following aspects of sexual function: 1) Rigidity of erection upon sexual ...

Is there supposed to be grit in my 5 mg Testim tube? Most of it is clear gel, but I feel the grit?

Posted 22 Jun 2011 4 answers

... when I wash it off and sometimes when I apply it. Has it gone bad? How can I tell? The crimp on the end of the tube says "09/12" and it's now 06/11, so it should still be good, right?

Have many people switched from Testim to Androgel or visa versa, and if so, what was your?

Posted 22 Sep 2011 1 answer

... experience? What symptoms did you experience, or NOT experience, that made you or your doctor desire to switch medications? Just how many alternative testosterone medications are out there? Any other favorites to consider? (I've heard there is one for under-arm roll-on or pump usage. ...

My doctor is switching me from Testim to Androgel 1.62 gel. Are there any major side effects ?

Posted 27 Oct 2012 1 answer

I have 30 testim 1gm tubes left to use up. I'm thinking of keeping them in my gym locker and the Androgel pump at home, using one or the other each day. Any problem with mixing and matching? I'm thinking the tube allow for controlled amounts applied each day, but the pump is more subject ...

What happens if you apply Testim gel to the thigh rather than the shoulders?

Posted 20 Nov 2012 1 answer

Why not the abdomen?

How long does Testim remain active on clothing? Does washing/dry cleaning remove 100% of it?

Posted 4 Sep 2011 2 answers

Just started on Testim. I am worried about transfer through contact with clothing to my wife or kids. I wash my casual shirts in a standard washer/dryer. My Work shirts are dry cleaned and pressed. I told my wife I would wash my own shirts to be safe, but is that enough? Also, does the testim go ...

Testosterone - offensive odor?

Posted 10 Mar 2012 2 answers

i just started using testim 1 week ago, have been on the cyp shot 1x week for 8 years. the problem is that my wife cant stand the smell that it leaves. she said its musky and sickening. what to do, have you heard this before, thank you

Testim - If I smell it... am I transferring it?

Posted 29 Oct 2012 1 answer

38 Y/O Male with starting T level of 230. Three days on Testim. My question is this... I shower in the am, apply as directed, sit in front of a fan for a couple minutes, put a undershirt on and then another, washing my hands and making no contact along the way. But, we smell it ALL over the house. ...

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