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Renal, Mesenteric, FMD cause high bp. Please comment on drug Tekturna?

Posted 26 Apr 2017 by SJJOHNSON 0 answers

Has anyone experienced memory problems?

Which pharma insurance plans cover Tekturna?

Posted 27 May 2014 by Learning2vest 1 answer

Signed up for AARP/United plan during medicare window last year when they included Tekturna in formulary. Went for 1st refill this Feb and learned they had dropped coverage of Tekturna at end of last year. Locked in to paying total cost for a year. Nasty!

Has anyone had peripheral edema (swelling) of the legs and ankles on Tekturna HCT?

Posted 24 Apr 2012 by WVdancer 1 answer

I have been taking Tekturna HCT 150/25 for the last 4 months. Previously on Triamterene HCTZ. Have had increasing peripheral edema (swelling) in my ankles and in my calf. Anyone else having this problem?

Saizen - anyone having hair loss issues?

Posted 25 Dec 2011 by guscrocco 1 answer

is saizen the same as tekturna and diovan

I have had a lot of hair loss on Tekturna - anyone else?

Posted 18 Dec 2010 by goldhorn 4 answers

On Tekturna and Diovan - had hair loss - switched to Valturna - had hair loss, however found out that Valturna is a combination of Tekturna and Diovan - no wonder it continued. Now back on Tekturna only - hair loss is less, however ongoing. Anyone else lose hair on these drugs? Checked with ...

Can you take Tekturna with grapefruit?

Posted 13 Apr 2011 by dmholcomb 1 answer

Tekturna treats high blood pressure.

Valsartan and gout?

Posted 9 Dec 2009 by caleb1876 1 answer

I was taking tekturna, monopril and hydrochlorthyozide with no side effects - my doctor switched me to valturna hct and I immediately got a very severe gout attack my research indicates the valsartan in the valturna may be the cause - am I right?

Is there a generic version of tekturna?

Posted 24 Jul 2010 by KENGALLRI 1 answer

Side effects of hyzaar and tekturna?

Posted 29 Aug 2010 by kc fu 1 answer

my wife (age 79) has been taking the above medicines for years. her blood pressure became 180mmhg or more while lying down, 140 or less while sitting and 90 - 73 while standing. please tell me whether it could be the side effects of hyzaar and/or tekturna both. thank you very much for your guidance ...

Why do I get a sore throat on benicar, crestor and tekturna?

Posted 30 Jun 2010 by mocymama 1 answer

ok, I didnt want a STUPID answer to my question. I KNOW it is a side effect, I have talked with my dr., he has changed my meds. I was wondering WHY does a medicine give you a sore throat?

I recently suffered from de-hydration and was taken off of all my High Blood Pressure medications.?

Posted 11 Dec 2009 by tlizzie 1 answer

... Now my BP is high again and my feet and hands are swelling. I was told to go back on Lotrin and Labetalol and Maxide, but not Tekturna. When I take the Maxide, I get a bad backache

Why is frequency of severe rash (entire body) after 2 weeks on Tekturna kept secret ?

Posted 15 Jun 2010 by suffered 2 answers

Is the the answer as followes? Side effects listed seemingly appear designed in a way to sell, rather than arouse fear by openly reporting the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth ? !!!

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