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Supplementation Questions

We found 10 questions associated with the 'Supplementation' topic.

Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation and Deficiency - Hello everyone. I am a 23 year old guy. Recently?

Posted 7 May 2013 by sky27 3 answers

... about 3 months back just on a random day I started having muscle pain and severe fatigue. I used to feel sleepy all the time. I almost slept for 15-16 hours in a day and then also would get up as I have not slept. I started having tingling in legs and severe leg pain. I can't even explain ...

Vitamin B12 Deficiency - VitB12 deficiency and folic acid supplementation: dosage?

Posted 25 Sep 2012 by Numabiena 1 answer

I live in Thailand and am having trouble finding an english speaking doctor who knows something about this condition. My Vit B 12 levels were 49. Regarding folic acid, I am confused as to how much I should take. My doctor is not interested because I have chosen to take B12 tablets, rather than ...

Herbal Supplementation - can one do a toxic cleanse while taking tablet for high blood pressure and?

Posted 31 Jan 2013 by mill_y 1 answer

... diabetes. The cleanse would like to do to do maybe a aloe vera one

Vitamins - Which form of magnesium supplementation is most bio available & best to take?

Posted 17 May 2014 by Aunty Renee 1 answer

I am referring to tablets, caplets, pills, powder, etc. for a mature female adult.

Can I use supplements to come off 25 mcg of thyroxine?

Posted 6 Aug 2016 by Jenna Rose 0 answers

I went a bit low in 2012 and my doctor reluctantly put me on the minimum dose of 25 mcg of levothyroxine per day. I have been on this dosage for 4 years, now. I have felt better and my read-outs are normal but I'd like to come off it if possible as, since then, I have learned that most of our ...

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